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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Eurgh, I loathe the names they give to PPV's these days. Turn EC back into No Way Out, Extreme Rules back to Backlash (they can still keep the concept for both of these) and scrap Hell in a Cell! Or at least rename it Armageddon.

Hopefully the "To be decided" PPV in Chicago is King of the Ring.

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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

I might make the trip to Philly. I'll be done with school by then and won't be living in Philly at that point but I'll still have my apartment there until August 1st. I'll probably just go down for the weekend and move out then. At least the PPV gives me something to look forward to.
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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

King Of The Ring as the June PPV would be amazing.

If it were up to me, this would be my PPV schedule:

January - Royal Rumble
February - Elimination Chamber(I like the concept, and the idea of determining the #1 contender for either the WWE Title or the World Title at Wrestlemania in an Elimination Chamber match is good I think)
March - Wrestlemania
May - Extreme Rules
June - King Of The Ring
August - Summerslam
September - Night Of Champions
November - Survivor Series

Do away with the Money In The Bank PPV and have the King Of The Ring winner face the WWE Champion or World Champion at Summerslam. I would obviously do away with Hell In A Cell, as well as TLC because I've never been too fond of a December PPV. Come to think of it, this might be my PPV schedule in Universe Mode in WWE '13.

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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Haven't been to a philly show since either Survivor Series 06 or when Kurt Angle won the WHC at the battle royal on Smackdown! so really looking forward to Money in the Bank since my interest peaked into wrestling again this year.
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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Get Rid of the MITB and HIAC PPVs, put MITB matches back in WrestleMania and if you want a HIAC match on a PPV so bad (I think that there was only 1 or 2 in last years PPV), put it in WrestleMania, Survivor Series, etc.

Over the limit we all know has always been a lackluster filler PPV, so i'm kind kind of mixed on that but at least it gives some space between NoC and Survivor Series.

They just need to seriously cut down on these PPVs. OTL and HIAC in one month (I guess to make up for March not having a PPV) is overkill.

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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Canada getting fucked over again. :favre

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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

January - Royal Rumble

February - Saturday Night's Main Event TV Special

March/April - WrestleMania (Have MITB Ladder Matches here)

April/May - Extreme Rules

June - King Of The Ring

July - The Great American Bash TV Special

August - SummerSlam

September - Night Of Champions

October - Backlash

November - Survivor Series (Have Elimination Chamber Matches here)

December - Saturday Night's Main Event TV Special

That's ideal for me. So basically use the TV specials (maybe make them "commercial free" shows) to build to the biggest PPVs - Royal Rumble, WrestleMania & SummerSlam. Get rid of EC, MITB, HIAC and TLC. Those gimmick matches can be used to help make other shows special.

MITB is great because it easily puts more people on the the Mania card with the opportunity to wow the crowd and it's an exciting spotfest - every Mania should have one.

Hell In A Cell should be for well-built personal feuds. Not because it's that time of the year again.

Elimination Chamber, much like in 2002, can be use as a concept & draw to Survivor Series. I don't feel that the Elimination Tags are enough of a draw anymore with much less focus on tag team or just team feuds in general. You can still have one or two on the undercard but with Elimination Chamber at the top the show would be more compelling in this era. Plus I don't like PPVs in between Royal Rumble & WrestleMania.

Bring back the King Of The Ring Tournament. Put some thought into making the tournament a big deal and add more participants into the mix. More superstars get TV time and they are actually have an easy angle to run for most on the roster that are not currently involved in championship feuds.

So my idea will lead to less PPV but more build, creative thought into the angles & characters would come along with that which should translate into bigger PPV buys and interest from the fans. Realistically, WWE will continue with over saturating PPV market. Maybe those TV specials could be taped PPV specials for a cheaper price. Yes TNA is doing it this year but WWE did it first back in the 90s when they had "In Your House" PPVs so maybe they could use those PPV strategy again.

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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Needs more MSG/Barclays. Hopefully we get some live RAWS. Buffalo is too far from me. Although, I probably shouldn't be complaining since we got Survivor Series in November 2011, TLC in December 2012, and Wrestlemania in April 2012.

Stop giving SummerSlam to LA! Rotate that shit.

PPVs Attended:

Survivor Series: November 20, 2011. Madison Square Garden. I was chanting The Rock's name!

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Wrestlemania XXIX: April 7, 2013. Metlife Stadium
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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Elimination Chamber would be fine as its own Pay-Per-View if it was one match only and they changed it to later in the year when they didn't have to be cautious due to WrestleMania being the next PPV. I don't see why we couldn't just have No Way Out as the PPV for the Elimination Chamber and use another gimmick in February. I'd love to see Fatal Four brought back.
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Re: WWE Releases Complete 2013 PPV Schedule

Looks like they have 2 PPV's in October again. They should just name the June PPV Vengeance.
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