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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

The Hall of Fame is shaping up to be better than Mania itself.
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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-27 12:17:58

There are plans to have 1-2 more inductees for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class. Ivan Koloff and Kamala's names have been discussed. The company has reached out to at least Kamala about being inducted.

As I noted in the PWInsider Elite section, Bruno Sammartino's induction will headline the ceremony. The company hopes to have Arnold Schwarzenegger induct him, something Bruno intends to talk to Arnold about when he is inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame during the Arnold Classic.

In regards to the other scheduled inductees, it's expected that Terry Funk and/or Jim Ross (possibly both) will induct Mick Foley. The company is considering Maria Menounos for Bob Backlund as the two are friends and obviously, WWE would love for the celebrity rub. Sgt. Slaughter's name has also been brought up for Backlund as has, interestingly enough, Roddy Piper.

In speaking around to those in the company, it was believed Donald Trump would most likely be inducted by a member of his family, possibly Ivanka Trump.

There's no word on Trish Stratus' inductor yet, although as I noted in the Elite section, Lita and/or Dave Finley would make the most sense. They could also go with Edge as they are both from Toronto and were trained by Ron Hutchison at the same school.
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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

Ivan would be nice. Met him once. Really great guy. Love the HOF class this year though.
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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

I know Bruno was once "the man" the face of an era and money maker but he turned his back on the buisness whilist Mick Foley has given everything and more to the WWE the fact Foley isn't headling his own Hall of Fame is appaling to me as a fan.
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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

^The same reason Hulk Hogan headlined Hall of Fame even though he tried to destroy WWE by joining WCW
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Re: f*cking disgraceful

Originally Posted by Danjo1986 View Post
Celebrity wing. It gains mainstream attention. If you watch the story of Wrestlemania dvd you'll see how the original idea was mixing wrestling and celebrities (WM1).
As much as people shit on celebrities, they were one of the main factors which made WrestleMania 1 a success. If it weren't for the mainstream involvement of Mr. T ( who was in the main event), Cyndi Lauper, Liberace, Muhammad Ali, WrestleMania would probably have never done as well as it did.

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
I also can't believe how much you let Cena ruin your own lives by doing what he does.

You all may make fun of people with "IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!" for the young kids or marks or whatever, but you guys are even worse than them. You have this deep-seeded legitimate rage for Cena and his fans to the point where you let it affect your day to day life.

Grow up. Seriously.
If you don't understand why John Cena wins all the time, maybe professional wrestling is not for you.
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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

Not sure how I feel about this...

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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

What about Bam Bam Bigelow for next place?, he's from New Jersey, could have Lawance Taylor induct him if WWE want?
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Post Re: Mick Foley to be inducted to WWE HOF

ECW itself should get it's own side in Vince's Area Of Popularity, because if not for John Heyman and ECW for Vince to rip off there would never have been an Mind-set Era and WCW would have put the WWE out of company.

Every ECW entertainer created ECW what it was. They all are entitled to a identify in the ECW side of Vince's Area Of Popularity.
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Re: Official WWE Hall Of Fame Discussion Thread

If they want an even more star studded WM class what better year then now to put in Demolition easily the biggest WWE Tag Team not already in the HOF.

It's not like they won't have enough teams to put in over the next decade since just from the 80s -early 90s era alone you still got Freebirds,Midnight Express,Rock N Roll Express,Buschwhackers,Steiner Bros,Bulldogs,Quebecers,Hart Foundation, Rockers.
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