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Re: worst royal rumble ive ever seen

1995 was just as bad, 1999 was pretty weak too, but it was certainly the worst in a LONG time.

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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

It was a pretty good match.

Although, some superstars should have had better showings.

Cesaro did nothing note worthy, should have got an elimination or 2.

I hate how WWE build up Kane as one the greatest Royal Rumble performers, but the past few years he's had some terrible showings, he and Bryan should have teamed up for a little longer and eliminated more guys before eliminating each other.

Dolph Ziggler had an incredible performance and any Ziggler fan complaining because he didn't win, are delusional.

Chris Jericho's return was the biggest surprise.

Godfather should have had more time, have his moment beating up a couple of guys, than be eliminated by Ziggler.

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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

I don't think Ziggler should have been number one. I think Ryback should have been number 1 or number 2. Then have a low card guy be 1 or 2 with Ryback and have Ryback throw him out with ease and have like 3 more low card guys come in one after another getting tossed until maybe Kane comes in and its him and Ryback in the ring one on one. Ziggler and Cena should have been the last two left in the Rumble and have it look like Ziggler is about to win until he makes a mistake and gets tossed that way it makes Ziggler look good because he almost made his promise true to have a chance to win both world titles at Wrestlemania
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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

My reaction to Cena winning, "meh"

I don't consider myself a Mark or a Smark, just a Pro-Wrestling fan.
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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

pretty average rumble.. i think the last few years have all been better. this one didnt seem to have very well timed spots and nothing really stood out, the best thing was jericho. and the last 3 guys in had no drama whatsoever. i liked bryan and kanes part tho, but they should of done more in the rumble than that.

it seemed the general pattern of this years was a guy comes in, hits his finisher, or throws some guys out if he is cena, shaemus or the ryback. then just wait for the next guy to come down and repeat, was kinda boring and sloppy.

if anyone has any links to any boris alexiev (santino marrella in OVW) matches send me a pm!
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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

I honestly can't believe people are saying this Rumble sucked. And if you think this was the worst one ever, you clearly haven't seen that many. Fuckin' ridiculous.
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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

I don't give a shit if it was predictable, I enjoyed Royal Rumble 2013. My only gripes:
- Dolph not cashing in.

- Cena should've entered at an earlier number.

- Punk needed one more Rock Bottom before being hit with The People's Elbow so the finish wouldn't have been so weak.
Hate Cena all you want, he deserved to win again.

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Re: What Number do you want to win tonight?

Originally Posted by SimbaTGO View Post
i am not a fan of those numbers, but a number between 10-19 would be great, coz we just had 2 participants with those numbers winning it till now (jim duggan 13 (just 20 participants in that rumble 1988, it was the first rumble). and HBK 18 in 1996).

i think the winner will be a person with one of those numbers.
i just wanted to point out, that although i dislike the winner, i was somehow right that this year a number between 10-19 will win. it was Cena number 19.

Thankful for CM Punk making me watching WWE again.
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[] CM Punk wins Royal Rumble
[] CM Punk and Daniel Bryan main eventing Wrestlemania in an iron man match (and so creating epic stuff as e.g. misawa and kawada did in their matches)
[] WWE pays tribute to Mitsuharu Misawa

Punk holding the title for 434 days was epic. it was the greatest reign in the history of wrestling (but not the way the reign ended):
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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

When are the buyrates released?

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Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

We're ignoring the very problem that RR Steve Blackman!!

Everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man!
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