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Re: Your top 3 wrestlemanias of all time

Originally Posted by BrosOfDestruction View Post
Haven't seen any before 14 so I'll just rank the ones I've seen.

1. WM 17
2. WM 19
3. WM 21

The first and second choices were really easy but had to think quite a bit on the third. Angle/HBK, Orton/Taker and MITB 1 swayed me towards WM 21 tho.
This. The fact that I was 7th row floor for 21 doesn't hurt either.

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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

No mention of WM's 1-13 yet?
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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

17,18 are my top 2. Can't really think of which one is #3. WM10 was great too though(main event sucked, but ladder match and bret-owen were great)

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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

1) WM17
2) WM19
3) WM24

First two are obvious, and for the third one, it comes down to it being an all around great show. Starts with a great opener between JBL and Finlay, has an awesome MITB, the HBK/Flair match was awesome, the triple threat WWE Title match was great, the Show/Mayweather match was great for what it was and what was expected, and Taker/Edge delivered a borderline classic in one of the best Mania main events of all time. The show was just so well rounded and had so many great/fun matches, it was and still is an easy pick for me personally as number 3.

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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

1) WM19- I'm easily please and love pretty much nearly every WM, but 19 is in a league of it's own, fucking AMAZING event! Rock/Austin, Hogan/Vince.. how could it go wrong?

2) WM24- Remember this was the one I was most excited for and it was amazing.. Flair/HBK, Taker/Edge, Orton/Cena/HHH.. awesome!

3) WM4- Think I'm the only one that's mentioned this so far.. LOVED the whole tournament concept, my favourite of all time Savage won it, everyone thought it would be Hogan winning it but what an ending!

Not too sure why WM14 is getting some mentions, got quite bored of that. WM17 was good, TAD overrated but good. I generally enjoyed WM9, 11 was pretty shit! WM20 would have been in my top three as it has my favourite match ever on it being the main event.. but the midcard and the Lesnar/Goldberg match brought it down a bit. Honorable mention as well to WM26 and 28!

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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

1. WM 17
2. WM 24
3. WM 3 because it is history

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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

1)WM 15
2)WM 17
3)WM 19


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Re: Your Top 3 WrestleManias of all time

1 - Wrestlemania 3
2 - Wrestlemania 18
3 - Wrestlemania V

Those three were great, 17 was a close 4th
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