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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

I think Randy Orton vs Triple H could've been a lot better than it was. Implementing the disqualification stipulation and even having Triple H go over killed it more than anything.
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Cena vs. Miz, hands down. Even putting Rock at the end didn't really save it, still the worst main event match ever.
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

I would like anyone saying Cena .vs. The Miz to watch any of these. I know it's tough, you guys weren't born around then, but go download it or buy these events:

-Hogan .vs. Sid Justice
-Hogan .vs. Yokozuna (don't care what anyone says, this counts as a main event whether they like it or not. Could not be anymore ridicolous than this)
-Bam Bam .vs. LT (I have a hard time putting this on the list, let's be realistic Taylor looked good in the ring compared to someone like Floyd Mayweather/Snooki and he was huge during a time WWE was bad)
-Taker .vs. Sid (this is easily worse than Cena .vs. The Miz in terms of hype, match quality, etc)
-Triple H .vs. Jericho (can't believe this has only been listed once outside of my shoutout, the smarks will never admit it)
-Triple H .vs. Orton

Hell, was Triple H .vs. Batista even that great? I think it was not bad, but not as good as Cena .vs. The Miz.

I would even say Stone Cold .vs. The Rock the first match was a bit lame. Their match a month later was the bigger match which is sad. Same with that Wrestlemania 2000 match, why wasn't it The Rock .vs. Triple H instead? Backlash 2000 felt like more of a Wrestlemania than that farce.

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Worst WM main event of the 2000s: The Miz vs. John Cena, WWE title, WM 27. Miz could not carry his end against a more big match pro like Cena. The anticipation for the Rock made the match seem like filler. Undertaker and Triple H's match earlier was just better and easily match of the night (and even had pyro to end -- typically to ending most WM shows).

The 1990s: Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow, WM 11 - TIED WITH - Yokozuna vs. Hulk Hogan, WWE title, WM 9. Both were just bad matches. I think these kind of matches are telling of the quality of big main events getting better as the years went on. Not one of these guys were great in the ring but they had the presence and charisma to sell tickets.

The 1980s: Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy, WWE title, WM 2. It was the most forgettable of the five WMs in this decade.

FOR THE RECORD: I think anyone is crazy to say Rock vs. Cena was a horrible main event and/or match. Just nuts -- I suppose nothing short of a Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan 2 hour Iron Man match would suffice huh? Smarks.


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Post Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

WM 2000 WWF Championship fatal four way

HHH v Show v Rock v Foley

Rock should have won

by far the worst WM ME ever

WM 2000 was by far the worst WM ever!

That easily gets my vote!

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Rock vs. Cena? Jericho vs. HHH? etc. You make me laugh! Some have said the crowd noise was quieter due to the open stadium setting. Either way, it was technically a very strong effort. The main event of WM18 was a let down but then then build was crap.

Lawrence Taylor vs. Bigelow exceeded expectations. It also led to a face turn.

Hogan/Bundy was poor. Hogan/Andre was techincally atrocious. But the magic of Hulkamania was in full force.

'Taker vs. Sid was crap, but at least 'Taker became a true champion.

Hogan vs. Sid gets my vote. Not only technically awful, but Shango was late. It ended confusingly, in a DQ and Warrior returned with such a loss of muscle mass people thought it was an imposter!
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sid/Hogan or bam bam/Taylor

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

its depressing seeing so many children called rock/cena the worst match

atleast the rest of the world loves that match Thank God its only a few on this site that dont and disses

too many kids on here havent seen a mania main event beyond beyond 2007 me thinks..

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

11 gets mentioned a lot. Bam Bam, as good as he was, made LT look great in the match.
2 crappy main events come to mind (pretty much shared thought) - Hogan/Yoko & Cena/Miz.

Credit to CJ
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

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