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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow is much, much worse than John Cena vs. The Miz. Anyone that says otherwise is just someone who absolutely hates either or both of them... and, it's still ridiculous that you say Cena vs. The Miz was worse. It was still a pretty horrible match though.

Lawrence vs. Bam Bam isn't even the worst for me.. Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna is by far.

The best is either Austin vs. Rock II or Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior.

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Taylor main evented, and Bam Bam made him look like a million $. Taylor was a well conditioned athlete, and it overdelivered on what it could've turned into.

Sid vs Undertaker on the other hand..

The Undertaker is a legend, one of the best ever, and even he couldn't get a decent match out of Sid. The match was slouchy, slow and both guys had ZERO chemistry. It certainly didn't help them that they had to follow what is widely considered the greatest Wrestlemania match in history. If the crazy rumor turns out to be true, Sid crapping himself that night would only further seal the deal that this was the shittiest WM main event both literally and figuratively.
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

You guys all forgot triple h vs Jericho. The crowd was dead and came to see hogan .vs. the rock.

Lawrence Taylor was huge at the time, I can't knock wwe for that. You guys know how bad wwe was in 95 in terms of finance?

Sid vs taker is well up there too.

It seems people saying cena the miz are 15 year olds, triple h orton was worse than that for sure.

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

from the modern times, wm 25 or 27
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Miz vs Cena instantly was on my mind.

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Lawrence Taylor

Undertaker vs Psycho Sid

Miz vs John Cena

HHH vs Orton

Out of these four;

I pick LT vs BBB
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

The Miz vs John Cena.

It's not even close. Bam Bam vs LT isn't even BAD by it's standards, and the SID main events (while MEH) aren't as bad as anybody says. MIZ-CENA is truly horrendous on every level imagineable.

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Miz vs Cena, even Rock's well anticipated return couldn't save this one. What the heck were they thinking? Do they really think anyone cares about a Miz vs Cena match? Everyone that year was expecting/hoping for Cena/Punk to headline WM, which would have been a great match and the promos would have been great too, and all in all it wouldn't have felt like a joke.

And lol at people mentioning Rock vs Cena. Yeah it didn't feel as 'dream match' as it did when Rock first returned, but it was still a great main event. The crowd was hot, the match was also great unlike what many people were expecting, it still felt like a really big match, and the ending was also unexpected and well executed. Nice try, but this was by far not the worst WM main event, not only will the casuals disagree with you, but majority of IWC will too.

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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Wrestlemania 27

1. Nobody cared
2. The match was boring
3. Cena was clearly off his game and was half-assing
4. Miz had the upper hand the majority of the match against Cena which looked ridiculous
5. Lame, predictable ending most of us all saw coming
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Re: Worst WM Main event of all time

Refresh my memory as then15 year old marks say cena vs the miz but what about the one that ended with hogan and warrior fighting off papa Shango and Sid? That has to be top 5. And hogan vs yoko.
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