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Re: Elimination Chamber (2013) Feb 17

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Raw elimination chamber will be to determine who faces Rock at Mania.

Cena, Punk, Bryan, Kane, Miz, Orton
I would take away Miz and put Ryback instead.
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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

I dont see Sheamus being in that 6 man chamber match. See him more involved in the World title chamber match

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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

6 Man Tag Team Elimination Chamber
John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus vs. The Shield.

(I only just noticed every1 else has already said this. lol)

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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber
Alberto del Rio (c) vs. Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth

United States Championship Match
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz

Divas Title Match
Kaitlyn (c) vs. Tamina

Tag Team Title Match
Team Hell No (c) vs. Rhodes Scholars

Six Man Tag Elimination Chamber
John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback vs. The Shield

WWE Championship
CM Punk vs. The Rock

I was really struggling to name superstars who could compete in the WHC Elimination Chamber. It wouldn't have been that hard if I didn't have Sheamus involved in the 6 man tag, so I had to just threw R-Truth in there. I didn't want to put Ziggler on there neither just because he has the briefcase and I don't think he'd involve himself, if he does get involved he'll cash in at the end. Kofi is there just to be the spot monkey.

Kaitlyn will defend her divas title and most probably retain it. If she loses it, it will be because she will end up probably losing it to AJ at Wrestlemania or at least defending it against her at Wrestlemania.

I think Rhodes Scholars will finally win the belts at Elimination Chamber. I hope the feud isn't over between the two teams. I don't know who else they could feud with and I'd be interested. Unless they somehow make it a tag team Elimination Chamber match with a team placed inside a pod etc. They have enough tag teams to do it.

I would LOVE this six man tag to happen. Would remind me of the War Games they had in WCW and I absolutely loved them. I just don't think it will happen. It would be great to see The Shield win and get over that way but with Cena being involved in the main event could they have him lose? Even if he doesn't get pinned? I'm just afraid that if it does happen they will get buried like there is no tomorrow.

And then comes the main event between CM Punk and The Rock. CM Punk picks up the victory leading to The Rock getting the rematch at Wrestlemania which will also involve John Cena and hey presto, you have a triple threat match for the WWE Championship.
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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

WWE Championship
The Rock vs C.M Punk

6 Men Tag Elimination Chamber
John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback vs The Shield

Divas Championship
Kaitlyn vs Timina

Heath Slater vs Kofi Kingston

Unified Tag Team Championship
TeamHellNo vs Rhodescholars

United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz

Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho vs Big Show vs Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

I have hard time seeing them take Sheamus off the WHC Chamber match (unless Henry finally returns)

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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

WHC Elimination Chamber:
Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Big Show vs Orton vs Barrett vs Mysterio(not like WWE needs reason why he deserves the spot)

WWE Title:Rock vs Punk(since it's already announced...)

Cena,Ryback,Miz vs Shield

Ziggler vs Jericho

Kane/Bryan vs Rhode Scholars

Kaitlyn vs Tamina

Cesaro vs Kofi? for US title

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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

Brock lensar defeats triple h

The brock lesnar helps punk win the title over the rock

wrestlemania brock vs rock , and cena vs punk
make it happen please
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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

Rock (WWE C) vs CM Punk
EC Shemus/Cena/Ryback vs The Shield
EC Del Rio (WHC) Vs Orton vs Ziggler vs Big Show vs Jericho vs Kingston
Bryan/Kane (TTC) Vs Rhodes/Sandow
Lesner vs HHH
Cessaro (USC) vs Miz
Barrett (IC) vs Bo Dallas
Katlyn (DC) vs Tamina

Let's get Lesner vs HHH out of the way, Rock and Punk end either in NF or Punk takes it back.... Orton goes berserk, turns heel after losing to Jericho in the Chamber, leaves Ziggler to come back and cash in his briefcase, and take the title. Orton then gets gonged the next night after begging for someone to step up to him. Fresh off win for Ryback and Cena, Ryback goes after Lesner. Shemus and Barrett continue their feud into WM.

For WM29

Rock (WWEC) vs Cena vs CM Punk
Ziggler (WHC) vs Jericho
Lesner Vs Ryback
Undertaker Vs Orton
TLC Bryan/Kane (TTC) vs Rhodes/Sandow vs Mysterio/Sin Cara vs Kingston/TBD
Del Rio vs Big Show
Barret (IC) vs Shemus
HHH / NAO vs The Shield
Cessaro (USC) vs Miz
Katlyn (DC) vs AJ

The Shield get a DX sendoff at WM. Tag team TLC with Rhodes/Sandow finally winning at WM. The Miz gets the US title off Cessaro. Del Rio and Big Show finish their grudge. Ziggler and Jericho get the match of the night set-up. Ryback gets his WM moment over Lesner. Cena takes the title by pinning Punk. Undertaker and Orton deliver the goods....
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Re: Elimination Chamber 2013 Match Card Predictions

I'd honestly like to see this instead of the "tag" elimination chamber being spoke of.

Punk / Rock for WWE Title

Elimination Chamber for WHC

Elimination Chamber for title shot at WHC @ WM29

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