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The Rock 4 10.26%
John Cena 34 87.18%
HHH 23 58.97%
Brock Lesnar 13 33.33%
The Undertaker 34 87.18%
CM Punk 4 10.26%
Jack Swagger 9 23.08%
Alberto Del Rio 26 66.67%
The Shield 31 79.49%
Big Show/Orton/Sheamus 4 10.26%
Dolph Ziggler/Big E Langston 16 41.03%
Team Hell No 18 46.15%
Jericho 11 28.21%
Fandango 24 61.54%
Tons of Funk 27 69.23%
Team Rhodes Scholars 8 20.51%
Henry 4 10.26%
Ryback 31 79.49%
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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Opening Match: Intercontinental Championship Match

Wade Barrett vs Damien Sandow

After breaking up with his tag team partner, Damien Sandow finds that it is finally time for redemption. Wade Barrett, uninterested in him at first, denied his challenge last Raw, until Damien Sandow proved himself by defeating Kofi Kingston in a pinfall match. Now proven worthy, Damien Sandow fights for the title against Wade Barrett.

Damien Sandow wins the title and turns face after finishing Wade Barrett with a Terminus and multiple Cubito Aequets.

World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler (with Big E, AJ) vs Mark Henry vs Chris Jericho

After a surprising return on the night after Elimination Chamber, Mark Henry has no patience as he seeks the World Heavyweight Championship almost immediately. He interrupted a grudge match between Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho, brutally attacking both contestants. Dolph Ziggler called him out on this and seeks revenge, giving him the title opportunity Mark Henry wants, but not so fast. Chris Jericho also appears and questions Dolph Ziggler, asking him if he's afraid of Y2J. Vickie quickly announced that the Wrestlemania Match will in fact, be a triple threat match.

For the match itself, the central conflict is between Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho, as they waste no time trying to get Mark Henry out of the way, but Mark Henry came prepared. As this was a no disqualification match he brought with him the same chair Big Show used on Sheamus and vice-versa, the huge one. He used that chair on both Ziggler and Jericho multiple times before he also accidentally hit the ref, giving Big E Langston the opportunity to hit his finisher on Mark Henry, making Henry's head collide with the chair as well. Ziggler gets the pinfall and retains the championship.

Rematch Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match: Ryback, Team Hell No vs The Shield (w/ Heyman)

Ryback has yet again been struck by The Shield, as they interfered his Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship in Elimination Chamber between Himself, The Rock, and CM Punk. The Shield has also interfered Kane and Daniel Bryan's title match against The Primetime Players, but for some reason they attacked Kane and Daniel Bryan instead of the Primetime Players. This calls for a rematch from their previous MOTY encounter, as Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Ryback are hungry for revenge.

This match will be just as brutal as the one before, and there will be much more close calls than there was before. The Shield though, had a screw-up though, countless times before WrestleMania, Dean Amberose has been calling himself the best member of the group, causing a conflict with him and the other 2 members. At one moment Rollins was about to get the pinfall on Bryan before Amberose gets him off Bryan and goes for the pin, this gave Ryback enough time to clear the ring and stop the pinfall and hit the ShellShocker on Dean Amberose on a table. Ryback and Team Hell No won the rematch. Paul Heyman tries to calm the group down and he gets himself prepared for Lesnar's match and CM Punk's.

The Twist of Events: The Rock (Champion) vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)

Following Royal Rumble, John Cena has been nothing short of a spectacle for his fans. Prepping himself in countless promos with The Rock and Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar, after his upset of a win against HHH yet again, has set his eyes on the title. Lesnar, also having a history with John Cena pulled a vicious F5 on Cena before the match alongside a Komura lock, injuring Cena. The Rock quickly comes out and tries to pull off his famous Rock Bottom on Lesnar, but he couldn't even lift Lesnar up, Lesnar smiles and pulls off his F5 on The Rock as well.

Rumour has it that The Rock soon has filming to do for his new Blockbuster movie, leaving rumours of him losing the title. John Cena says that this isn't the case.

On to the match, Brock Lesnar falls victim to many Rock Bottoms and Altitude Adjustments, but he isn't intimidating for nothing, as he made sure to devastate both the Rock and John Cena as well. After pulling an F5 on Cena on BOTH announcement tables, Brock Lesnar was about to get the pinfall before the Rock interfered. Cena is down for the count and is not getting up for the rest of the match. Lesnar, battered and bruised, Rock, tired and hopeless, pull off the match of their careers. The victor is Lesnar, pulling a Komura lock on both of the Rock's arms (allowed since this is a no DQ and no interference match), in which spreading rumours afterwards that the Rock's arms have both been broken (in reality he really has to film a movie), and will not compete for a long time.

Rumble Match for the United States Championship:

Antonio Cesaro has been undefeated as Championship, and as he calls himself the King of WWE the weak before WrestleMania, he sets up a tournament in which he calls "The Kings Tournament" for the title. He prepared the list of his victims for the battle.

Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth vs Antonio Cesaro vs Cody Rhodes vs Christian (returns) vs Santino Marella vs Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger vs The Great Khali

Christian wins after his surprising return, pinning down Cody Rhodes with his finisher.

Main Event: The Undertaker vs The Best In The World, CM Punk (w/ Paul Heyman and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar)

The Undertaker interfered CM Punk's title match against The Rock, the Monday the week after Elimination Chamber. He called CM Punk an ungrateful sonofabitch, and he said that Punk needs no more chances after a decent 400 day run. Punk retaliates the day after by calling The Undertaker out for appearing only two-three times a year and getting paid handsomely for it. The Undertaker wastes no time pulling a Chokeslam on CM Punk and offering him the WrestleMania match. Punk accepts.

The Undertaker also laid his eyes on Brock Lesnar, who has defeated Triple H viciously on Elimination Chamber, saying that soon enough his time is next. Lesnar laughed it off.

The match ends with The Undertaker pulling a combo of a Chokeslam followed by a Tombstone, with Punk's head colliding with a chair, but Punk breaking the pinfall. Punk was about to end the match with a GTS before The Undertaker slyly gets off Punk's hold on him and returns his Finishing Move, The Last Ride, with Punk going through not one but two tables. Lesnar does not interfere with the pinfall, and Undertaker gets the win. Lesnar then pulls off his famous F5 on The Undertaker. WrestleMania ends with it being Brock Lesnar's night.

The Juggernaut, The Diva, The Manipulator
Credits to CHAMPviaDQ, Confuzzled

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Pre Show Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal
Wade Barrett(c) vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas vs Santino Marella vs The Great Khali vs The Miz vs Evan Bourne vs Ted Dibiase
(The final 2 left are the returning Evan Bourne and current champ Wade Barrett. Evan comes very close to eliminating Barrett but Wade is the eventual winner)

Tag Team Championship
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Hell No(c)
(Mysterio and Sin Cara defeat a disfunctional Team Hell No leading to their disbanding and a 2-month rivalry)

Mark Henry vs Big Show
(Mark Henry returns and costs Big Show the World Heavyweight Title at Elimination Chamber. The next Smackdown he makes his official return and calls out Big Show saying that he was the cause of his injuries. Mark Henry wins the match)

US Championship
"The Real All American" Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro(c)
(these two have a patriotic feud. Swagger as the face fights for America, Cesaro as the heel banters Swagger numerous times leading up to their match, calling him a typical American pig etc. Swagger wins the Match)

3 on 3 No DQ Tornado Tag Team Match
The Shield vs Orton, Sheamus & Ryback
(The shield continuously interfere in their matches. As a result orton, sheamus and ryback join forces to finally put a stop to them. Booker T sets the match for mania. The shield manage to single out 1st orton then sheamus and manage to incapacitate both men which effectively leads to a 3 on 1 handicap match. Ryback more than holds his own though as he bides time for his partners to revive. In the end though orton and sheamus come back into the match and the 3 of them completely dominate The Shield leading to Ryback winning the match via pinfall)

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler(c)
(After Henry costs Big Show the title at Elimination Chamber he gets real angry and takes out his frustration on Alberto Del Rio. He hits him with WMD then throws him out of the ring and Chokeslams him through the Announcers table. This Leads to Ziggler cashing in his Money In The Bank Contract and winning the title after Big E Langston drags Del Rio back into the ring. Jericho wins the number 1 contenders elimination chamber match. On Smackdown Alberto Del Rio comes out wanting his rematch which leads to Booker making this match. Dolph Ziggler retains the title after pinning Del Rio)

Submission Match
Brock Lesnar vs Triple H
(Triple H seeks revenge against Lesnar for breaking his arm and Mr McMahons pelvis. He comes out on Raw to call Brock out and informs him that he has been training in MMA during his rehibillatation. During the weeks leading up to the event Triple H exhibits a devastating new submission hold. This isnt enough to overcome Lesnar though who I believe will win the match with the Kimura as he has just signed a new 2 year deal with WWE. It makes more sense to have him win than Triple H)

Best in the world vs Best streak in the world
CM Punk vs Undertaker
(storyline is kinda obvious here. CM Punk continues to go on about being the best in the world even after losing his WWE Championship rematch at EC. Undertaker returns on Raw saying that you cant claim that til you have beaten me on the grandest stage of them all. During the weeks leading up to their match Punk calls Taker a fraud and a fake who makes guest appearances and gets overpaid and over respected for it etc. Taker keeps the dmstreak alive and wins the match)

WWE Championship
John Cena vs The Rock
(Obviously gona happen and i am pretty sure Cenas gonna get the win back as The Rocks is only a part timer. Myself and the rest of the WWE Universe have been wrong many times before tho)

Alternate Main Event-obviously if Taker isnt ready to go for this Mania then Punk goes into the WWE Championship Match and it Becomes a triple threat between Punk/Cena/Rock. Cena stills win the title

Major Aftermath
-After Rybacks dominating performance he gets pushed as the number 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. He feuds with Ziggler for 2 months, involving Big E Langston heavily. Rybacks fails in his first attempt to win the title but wins it at the 2nd PPV after Wrestlemania. He then defends it til finally we get Ryback vs Lesnar for the WHC at SummerSlam
-Brock initially goes after the Cenas WWE Championship after deafeating Triple H but fails to win it
-Cena defends the title for a year and dominates the WWE setting up a genuine threat to Undertakers Streak at WM 30

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Originally Posted by haribo View Post
Grammar. Use commas where used.

Or the fact Edge is wrestling. Then I rebuttal with Bret Hart.

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

WWE Title
Rock(c) vs John Cena vs CM Punk
This one is pretty self-explanatory, Rock retains at Elimination Chamber, Cena is the Rumble winner, Punk weasels his way into this match. These three have been intertwined for the better part of two years, this match needs to happen. I see Cena coming out the Champion here.

The Streak
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs The Undertaker
I don't care how they do this, but this is a match I've wanted to see forever, they have the opportunity to do it at Mania, why pass this up. Undertaker obviously wins here. Onto Cena vs Undertaker at WM30.

World Heavyweight Title
Chris Jericho(c) vs Dolph Ziggler
Have Jericho win the WHC in the Elimination Chamber after Big Show screws Del Rio shortly after being eliminated himself. During Jericho's celebratory promo on Raw, Ziggler comes out and announces he is becoming the first man to cash in the MITB at Mania. Zigger who will be undoubtedly cheered by the smark crowd defeats Jericho on his own in a show stealing match.

Six Man Tag
The Shield vs Orton & Sheamus & Ryback
Shield keeps on attacking these three leading to this match at Mania. Orton and Sheamus' feud boils over here when Orton screws his team, hitting the RKO on Sheamus before walking out. Ambrose covers Sheamus for the win.

Street Fight
Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo
After costing Del Rio his WHC at the Elimination Chamber, Del Rio challeges Show to a Street Fight, which after delivering another beatdown to Del Rio, Show accepts. Del Rio beats Show here in a brawl to end it all.

WWE Divas Title
Kaitlyn(c) vs AJ Lee w/ Big E Langston
This just seems like a logical match, ex-best friends, Wrestlemania is in AJ's hometown, her man Ziggler is looking to become WHC at Mania, she wants a title of her own. Big E interferes to make sure AJ walks out as the new Divas Champion.

United States Title
Antonio Cesaro(c) vs Mark Henry
I think this would be one of those matches where Cesaro would be able to show up his incredible strength. Henry returns as a face coming to the aid of someone while Cesaro is beating them down setting up the match. Henry puts over Cesaro here.

Intercontinental Title
Wade Barrett(c) vs Christian
I'd love to Christian come back, I'd love to see the IC title be defended at Mania, so this is a no-brainer for me. I can see these two having great chemistry.

Tag Team Titles
Team Hell No(c) vs Mysterio/Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars
This would be a great opener for WM29, these three teams have incredible chemistry with each other. I'd give Team Rhodes Scholars the victory here.

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

^You do realise Rhodes Scholars split on Smackdown this week right?
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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

WWE WrestleMania 29

WWE Title
The Rock (C) vs John Cena vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Title
Ryback vs Big Show (c) (Ziggler cashes in on Ryback afterwards to win title)

No Holds Barred/No DQ/Unsanctioned etc.
Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

The Undertaker vs Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Title
Ladder Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs Chris Jericho

United States Title
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Jack Swagger - Face

Sheamus vs Randy Orton (Heel)

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Originally Posted by Old_Skool View Post
WWE WrestleMania 29

WWE Title
The Rock (C) vs John Cena vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Title
Ryback vs Big Show (c) (Ziggler cashes in on Ryback afterwards to win title)

No Holds Barred/No DQ/Unsanctioned etc.
Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

The Undertaker vs Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Title
Ladder Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs Chris Jericho

United States Title
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Jack Swagger - Face

Sheamus vs Randy Orton (Heel)

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

I think that this is very likely to be the card. With Ryback being the runner up in the rumble it is likely that he will get a WHC title shot and i can see Ziggler cashing in on him. I dont think it will be taker/ziggler tho. If punks not gona be the one to take on the streak this year then either we'll see jericho/taker or takers not right for WM this year(and probably only has 1 more match left in him) and we'll see his final match next year at the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania. 1 scenario i can see happening tho is ziggler puts the briefcase on the line against jericho again in exchange for jerichos career after jericho torments him over the next month but this time jericho wins and he cashes in on Ryback

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

I already posted my card of what I how I would like to see Wrestlemania 29 booked, involving the mega money match of Rock/Cena/Lesnar for the WWE Title. However, I know that's not going to be how things shake out...so I figured I'd make an actual prediction of what the card will look like.

The Rock(c) vs. John Cena vs. CM Punk

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (w. Paul Heyman)

Alberto Del Rio(c) vs. Mark Henry

Ryback vs. Big Show

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler (w. AJ and Big E Langston)

Sheamus, Randy Orton, The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes(c) vs. Goldust (w. Dusty Rhodes)

Kane & Daniel Bryan(c) vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Playas vs. Wade Barrett & Antonio Cesaro

Blood. Urine. Vomit.

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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Wrestlemania 29 Card

WWE Championship

The Rock (c) v John Cena

Streak Match

The Undertaker v CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio (c) v Daniel Bryan v Chris Jericho

HHH v Brock Lesnar

Sheamus v Randy Orton v Dolph Ziggler

US Championship

Antonio Cesaro (c) v Jack Swagger

Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett (c) v Ryback

Divas Championship

Katelyn (c) v AJ Lee
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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship (Triple-Threat Match)- Del Rio (c) vs Orton vs Sheamus

WWE Championship (Twice In a Lifetime: The Rematch)- Rock (c) vs Cena II

(I Quit Match)- Brock Lesnar vs Triple H II

(Streak Match 21-0 or 20-1)- Undertaker vs CM Punk

(Grudge Match)- Big Show vs Ryback

(Grudge Match)- Kane vs Daniel Bryan

(First Time Ever)- Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio

WWE Intercontinental Championship- Wade Barrett (c) vs Richie Steamboat w/Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

WWE United States Championship- Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Christian

(Grudge Match)- Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

WWE Divas Championship- Kaitlyn (c) vs AJ w/Big E. Langston
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