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The Rock 4 10.26%
John Cena 34 87.18%
HHH 23 58.97%
Brock Lesnar 13 33.33%
The Undertaker 34 87.18%
CM Punk 4 10.26%
Jack Swagger 9 23.08%
Alberto Del Rio 26 66.67%
The Shield 31 79.49%
Big Show/Orton/Sheamus 4 10.26%
Dolph Ziggler/Big E Langston 16 41.03%
Team Hell No 18 46.15%
Jericho 11 28.21%
Fandango 24 61.54%
Tons of Funk 27 69.23%
Team Rhodes Scholars 8 20.51%
Henry 4 10.26%
Ryback 31 79.49%
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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Some of the matches are going to be:

The Rock vs John Cena II (WWE title match)
The Undertaker vs CM Punk
Brock vs HHH II
Orton vs Sheamus
Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz or Jack Swagger or both for the US title

I'm not sure about the WHC match but you know its going to involve two or more of these guys : Dolph Ziggler,ADR,Big Show,Ryback.I'm hoping its Dolph Ziggler as champion (cashes in sometime before wrestlemania) vs ADR one and one with Dolph going over and then have Big Show vs Ryback with Ryback going over.

We Want Edge
Smackdown! Fave Five: AJ Styles, Bray Wyatt, The Miz, Ambrose , Randy Orton.
RAW Fave Five: Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns.
Current Overall Fave Five: AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, The Miz.
All Time Fave Five: Edge,The Rock,Undertaker,Kane, Shawn Micheals
The post is Rated R
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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

This is a combination of what I expect and what I'd prefer

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Damien Sandow vs. R Truth vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Christian

Ryback vs. Big Show

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

3 on 3 Elimination Tables Match
Sheamus & Team Hell No vs. The Shield

World Heavyweight Title Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

No Holds Barred
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Streak Match
CM Punk vs. Undertaker

WWE Title Match
The Rock vs. John Cena

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Expect for punk/taker, I'm most looking forward to Ortons heel turn. Could care fucking less about HHH/Brock. Cena/rock I understand why they'll do that again. Makes assloads of money

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

Sheamus vs Orton and HHH vs Lesnar... , Punk vs Taker eeh is cool and all but I wanted Lesnar vs Taker or Cena vs Taker.

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Probably Bray would slap you for saying that, fans this days have no fucking respect for the Undertaker.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
As they shouldn't, he hasn't earned it. He took a dump on the face of the best talent on the roster and said "fuck you, I don't have to do SHIT but show up and pin you after you carry the entire program". Disrespect begets disrespect. Undertaker is a selfish, arrogant, broken down old has been who can't give it up, who doesn't give one shit about the next generation of stars and helping the company that made him thrive. It's always all about him.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

i do not do not do not want rock vs cena 2. it was one of the most overhyped letdowns of 2012.

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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

so much for the "once in a lifetime"

Mod note: Do not put this shit back in your sig. If you do you'll be banned. No need for baiting here.

My note: Oh gee. Cant people stand up for themselves without mod support?
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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

Rematch of a Lifetime.
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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

My thoughts on the four rumored big matches:

Sheamus Vs. Randy Orton = Boring.

Taker Vs. Punk = If it happens, Punk gonna lose cause it is Taker.

Lesnar Vs. HHH = Yeah that makes sense. Build up Lesnar's heat by hurting HHH....just so he can lose to HHH, who is already a legend and is already as big as he is ever going to be. Yup!

Rock/Cena II for the WWE Title = Well most of us saw this coming. I saw it coming the second Rock went over last year. Not overly excited.


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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

I guess that means well also get Ziggler vs Del Rio hm sounds good to me
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Re: Top 4 wrestlemania matches/ Reason for Orton losing on raw

So they're gonna do hot potato with the WHC unless Ziggler cashes after Wrestlemania.
I'm not very excited about those matches,they're only to have Cena's and Trips' wins back.
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