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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Team Rhodes Scholars - 7
Antonio Cesaro - 6
Kaitlyn - 5
Dolph Ziggler - 4
Big Show - 3
Wade Barrett - 2
The Shield - 1

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Hey gunner. Me and 01010 are a tag team. I think a name like binary slash is good.

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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC


X-Bailey has still not been medically cleared, he is still undergoing physiotherapy


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Not removing until:

[X] Rhodes takes a Midcard Title
[X] WWE Make Punk credible and push him to main event status
[ ] Cena turns heel
[X] Christian wins WHC/WWE Belt
[ ] Rhodes gets Main Event Push
[X] Ziggler gets Main Event Push
Added 14/2/10
[ ] Sandow holds a title
[ ] Brian gets push for Main event once again
[ ] WWE Give Barrett something worthwhile to do!
Added 23/1/13

Marking for:-
Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan
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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

7. Rhodes Scholars
6. Cesaro
5. Ziggler
4. Barrett
3. Sheamus
2. Ryback + Hell No
1. Kaitlynn
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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

If I read it correctly, my division title defense requires both an outcome prediction and the performance/card order (both overall and selected matches).

Outcome (winners) Prediction

7. Cesaro
6. Rhodes Scholars
5. Ziggler
4. Big Show
3. Barrett
2. The Shield
1. Kaitlyn

Performance/Card Order (1-4) of selected matches

1 (first). Divas Battle Royale
2. Sheamus vs. Big Show
3. Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars
4. Team Hell No/Ryback vs. The Shield

Overall Performance/Card Order (1-7)

1. Divas Battle Royale
2. Sheamus/Big Show Chairs Match
3. Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars
4. Kingston vs. Barrett
5. R-Truth vs. Cesaro
6. Team Hell No/Ryback vs. The Shield
7. Cena/Ziggler ladder match

Please let me know if I had to add anything else to have a valid entry.
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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
Oh yeah btw I am not sure if gunner knows but I am R.K.O peep
I just found out that he rename our tag team.We are RKO.net ...But that's Gunner-man who publicly hates me...

...Another me is what there will never be...

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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Layla vs. Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox vs. Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Aksana vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Cameron vs. Naomi "Santa's Little Helpers" battle royal for the #1 contendership to the WWE Divas Championship - 2
Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship[1] - 3
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Wade Barrett Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship - 4
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract - 6
Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) and Ryback vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns) Tables, Ladders and Chairs match; decided by either pinfall or submission - 1
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth Singles match for the United States Championship[18] - 5
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) - 7 x2

Time for me to show the world why i am the best in the world, i won this forum championship by cashing my money in the bank briefcase in and now people are looking at me like i am an easy target, you can all think what you like because i know what i am and that is the forum champion. I am holding a title that some of you dream that you will hold but never will, i have been one of the main eventers in this business since my debut one year ago and that is not going to end tonight. Once the final bell has rung, and my name is announced as the winner, i will be holding my defended forum championship and my newly won world heavyweight championship, BANK ON IT!!!

WWE Forum Championship
Titles: 2x:Peoples Champion(Current), Mr.MITB(1st Anniversary MITB)- Cashed In, Tag Team Champion w/Turbo120

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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Match order

Pre show - Divas Battle Royal
Mysterio/Cara vs Rhodes Scholars
Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth
Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Big Show vs Sheamus
Team Hell No/Ryback vs The Shield
Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena


Rhodes Scholars - 7x2
Cesaro - 6
Ziggler - 5
The Shield - 4
Sheamus - 3
Kofi - 2
Kaitlyn - 1

is going to Wrestlemania!

Currently "marking" for

Sheamus, Orton, Barrett and Ziggler
Not Removing until

[ ] Wade Barrett wins a World Title
[ ] The Miz becomes a 2 time world champ
[X] Dolph Ziggler gets a world title push
[X] A new title belt replaces the spinner belt
[X] Cody Rhodes put into the main event scene

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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

any one have idea when i will get any title chance?
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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Originally Posted by netty View Post
Gunner at TLC I will set the score between us to 2-0.You will pay for your injustice against me.Ladder match against you,Tag Team title match against Proc and ShiningWizard,and normal tag match against ObviousMasters .Don't tell me that is just a coincidence.Now I know that you want make my life a living hell.

My picks:
7 Antonio Cesaro (x2)
6 Kofi Kingston
5 Dolph Ziggler
4 Team Rhodes Scholars
3 The Shield
2 Big Show
1 Kaitlyn
Yeah, well don't say some of us don't have your back, you can't pick Cesaro as your boost, only a combatant in Kingston/ Barrett, ReyCara/Rhodes Scholars and Show/ Sheamus.

Polly fucking Anna...
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