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Re: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena - Ladder Match

Maybe if Cena wins the title he'll stay away from Rock and we wont get that match again. So actually I'm good with him winning.
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Re: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena - Ladder Match

I have a feeling WWE just doesn't care for Ziggler, which is too bad. He's great in the ring, is coming into his own on the mic, but I have a feeling that Pyro's feeling about him cashing in before the match with Cena is true. They'd give him another short ass reign, to make him look like a bitch and Cena's the hero again.

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Re: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena - Ladder Match

If Cena wins then fuck it for Dolph until proven otherwise. Either that or another good build for a rising star is on the way. But I'm not sure Cena is gonna be booked to look weak against Dolph going it to face maybe Rock or whoever. But damn, this will be an interesting one, and the PPV just took a step up.

But if the reports about Ziggles taking a majority of the first part of 2013 with Orton are true, then maybe. And Shield is probably working for Ziggler.

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Re: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena - Ladder Match

Guys Doplh's winning don't worry Cena has pinned him twice on Raw already.

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Re: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena - Ladder Match

I want Ziggler to win, but Cena will probably win.
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Re: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena - Ladder Match

Let me guess WWE just couldn't let their superman end the year with a failed cash in of money in the bank so instead he's going to bury Ziggler and his chances of a push.

Seriously though if Cena wins FUCK WWE!

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TLC ppv make or break for Dolph Ziggler?

Well if you watched raw the money in the bank contract is on the line in the TLC match of Dolph Ziggler Vs John Cena, i think this match will make or break his zigglers career, if Ziggler wins it does show him to be a main eventer in some extent even though his build hasn't been the greatest he would have a big victory the biggest in his career against the top dog of the company,i can see to things playing out if he loses, firstly he loses and Cena wins the world title and wwe creative creates a different build up to Ziggler, or i can see Ziggler losing and is forgotten in the main event picture for wresltemania season and continues in the main event after or just gets misused similar to guys like del rio. I feel even though they build him a different way to the title after tlc, losing to cena will be like 20 steps backwards for him

I think Ziggler wins in some cheap way and cashes it in on this night.

post what you guys think
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Re: TLC ppv make or break for Dolph Ziggler?

No, Cena is winning the briefcase. No way he will lose after some consecutive losses.

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Re: TLC ppv make or break for Dolph Ziggler?

I hope it makes him. Dolph can, pun intended, steal the show at TLC and hopefully will.

I do think it would be make or break, though. They have the perfect opportunity to propel Dolph Ziggler at that PPV into the main event; Have him beat Cena AND the winner of Show/Sheamus for the title and it's a huge instant change. If John Cena wins it wont create anything new. He will still be fueding with Ziggler about the whole AJ thing.

Perfect outcome for me at TLC 2012 would be Dolph Ziggler defeating John Cena with help from AJ, then picking the bones of the Chair match and becoming champion. The next night he can lose Vickie, and head to Smackdown with AJ.

I don't want him to end up losing, then his next PPV match is the Rumble where he has some un-neccessary bump over the top rope and ends up in some sort of multi-man match at Mania again.

I also don't want to see Cena & AJ VS Dolph & Tamina on PPV. Jesus.
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Re: TLC ppv make or break for Dolph Ziggler?

They have not built up Dolph very well to be honest. When you build a person to be the next world champion they should be on a tar or at least be made to look like they belong in there with any of the wwe's top guys. Comparing his eventual rise to the rise of Jon Jones and you can see , where i am coming from. Jon was groomed as a star , he won fight after fight and beat all the best guys on his way there , people believed that he was the next world champion at light heavyweight and that the champion would have a hard time with him. Comparing that to dolph , Dolph is always losing to the top guys orton, cena, cm punk , sheamus and has not been protected so that when he does cash in his briefcase it would have the most impact and swing all the odds in favor of Dolph so he can be the biggest star possible, which is beneficial to them. So even if he wins at tlc, that does not undo the damage they have done and the momentum they squandered with him throughout the year.

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