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Re: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

Originally Posted by MarkyMark88 View Post
Since when does having a few midcard title reigns under your belt mean something bad? Is Barrett ready for main event? Maybe
But WM is right around the corner. There is going to be so much going on that a Barrett push would just get lost in the shuffle. Might as well make him a champion for te meantime.
Since having midcard title reigns haven't meant anything, ie, as long as they've existed. It doesn't matter if his push is lost in the shuffle behind Cena/Rock, Punk/Undertaker, etc, as long as the end result is a WHC reign. And a world title push would definitely be less lost in the shuffle than an IC title reign. The IC title is barely even going to get noticed.

Originally Posted by MarkyMark88 View Post
Also, going back to my original statement. Remember when wrestlers use to stay around midcard for a few years and get a few midcard title reigns and THEN get pushed to main event? Triple H, The Rock, HBK, Stone Cold, Edge...all had at least 2-3 years as a midcarder winning other titles edited they won the big one. Did wonders for their career IMO.
Yeah.....that doesn't happen anymore, it's a completely different era. They push everybody to the moon now, Sheamus, Ryback, Del Rio, etc. Barrett is better than all of them, he should've gotten the same opportunity instead of having his talents wasted in the midcard. And don't say the Nexus push was as important as a world title, it wasn't.

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Re: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

I'm dreading this match, I really don't wanna see Barrett holding a Title that is beneath him, but I doubly don't want to see him do a clean job on PPV to a much inferior talent. The only acceptable outcome to this match for me would be Barrett saying "fuck it" and destroying Kingston, getting DQ'd, at least he looks strong that way and doesn't have to carry around the midcard belt.
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Re: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

Manchester! LAR LAR LAR

Oh alright Preston then....
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Re: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett


Not that the IC title means anything these days, but it would help Barrett more than it is helping Kingston.
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Re: Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

Kofi Kingston's high-flying athleticism and Wade Barrett's brawling style could make for a very well-balanced match-up. But fun match or not, I'm still against this. I feel the latter is far above the mid-card scene and should already have been pushed as SmackDown's top main-event heel. Win or lose, he's doomed. Having him win this match would be bad. It would just continually keep him in the mid-card position, and he would just have another rushed, forced, and forgettable Intercontinental Championship reign like last year - ironically against the same exact guy. Having him lose this match would be bad. His credibility would decrease drastically. So with those two being said, we can only hope he loses via disqualification, a count-out or something.

If anyone should be our very own Intercontinental Champion, it's none other than Damien Sandow himself. Could you imagine how wonderful the classic white/black title would look around his waste? Not to mention, he would resemble a Golden Era character very much so. With the injury of Cody Rhodes (who was holding him back from a well-deserved singles push), this would've been the perfect opportunity to provide him with this push.

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