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Proc 11-16-2012 02:21 PM

WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by Proc (Post 12285600)

Obviously the pre-show match was taken off the card. This was a 5 match card. For further notes see bottom of results.

WWE Fourm Championship
Proc (11) © vs. Dragzila (11)
A well fought Forum Championship worthy match. Both men have to go to their limits and are totally exhausted as the bell rings for the time limit draw. Proc has held the WWE Forum Championship since Wrestlemania and defends it for another time. The champ is hardly able to raise his hand in triumph as suddenly Camaster2004 runs down to the ring and cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

WWE Forum Championship
Proc (11) © vs. Camaster2004 (14) +3 Cash-in bonus
Camaster2004, who only had one squash match the entire night kicks Proc, who already has had 5 matches throughout the night right into the face. The Champ tries to defend himself, but is too weak. Camaster2004 finishes it. Camaster2004 wins. New Champion!

World Heavyweight Championship

WWEESky (12) © vs. SuperJabroni (11)
SuperJabroni, who probably made the debut of the year last month, has to show why he deserves to be in the World Heavyweight Championship match in the second match ever for this company; and he does. But in the end it is not enough. WWEEsky comes back strong from last month's performance and retains his WHC. WWEEsky wins.

United States Championship
New Guy © (12) vs. Netty (12) vs. WWEESky (12)
Match of the Night for sure! Unbelievable. One false finish after the other, fans are on the edge of their seat; they can't believe what they are witnessing. As new_guy hits netty with a chair, netty himself hits WWEEsky with the ring bell, right as WWEEsky bashes new_guy with brass knuckles. All three of them fall to the mat, lying in a triangle-position they all pin each other. First triple-draw ever! Draw.

Intercontinental Championship

Proc © (11) vs. Captain Obvious (12)
Captain Obvious was built up well as #1 contender. He was in the match he won to get this spot becuase he pinned Proc a couple of months ago in a non-title match. This time the title is on the line and the match is even better. In the end we have a new and well deserved Intercontinental Champion. CaptainObvious wins. New Champion!

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match IC vs. US
hanshanshans911 (10), Gimmicky (12), #Mark, Dj234 (8) and Turbo120 (9) vs. DX-bender (9), TheUltimateSmark (10) , ICameToPlay, Hordriss (9) and AnimeWrestlingDonuts (10)
Sole survivor and new #1 for the Intercontinental Championship Gimmicky Gimmicky wins

Tag Team Titles

RKO.Net vs. New Trouble
RKO.Net made a deal with New Trouble about a stipulation in their Tag Team match at Survivor Series.
It will be 2 out of 3 falls contest:
1st Fall : First Blood Match - 1st wrong prediction means your team loses
2nd Fall: Submission Match - Which team will have the most right predictions wins a match
"If needed" 3rd Fall: Elimination Tag Match - Based on the order of eliminations for the survivor series match, they choose the order of eliminations (i.e. Rhodes 1st, Kofi 2nd ....)and you get a point if you picked the right person in the right spot. The team with the person with the highest score wins

These two tag teams made up these rules by themselves. To my understanding:
First Fall: New_Trouble wins. 3 guys had their first prediction wrong AirTroublein619 had his first prediction correct and takes it for his team.
Second Fall: R.K.O.Net wins. R.K.O. Net has 6 correct predictions, New_trouble only 5
Third Fall: Draw. Both teams predicted the order of eliminations correctly for one pick only (Netty: Sandow, New_guy: Ziggler)

I am waiting to hear back from the teams, but to my understanding this is a draw.

Tag Team Match
Rising Force (19) (I Curry I + TheVoiceless) vs. Shining_Wizard1979 + Proc (20)
Shining_Wizard1979 and Proc finally win this tag team competition

US Division
Hordriss (9) vs. R.K.O. Peep (12) Some people say Hordriss' career high point is long gone by. Will he ever come back strong? R.K.O. Peep doesn't care either way. He delivers strong and wins the match. R.K.O. Peep wins.
BrothersofD3struct (9) vs. TheUltimateSmark (10) TheUltimateSmark's aftershow promo speaks for itself. No luck for BrothersofD3struct. TheUltimateSmark wins.
Pwoper (11) vs. DTB1986 (6) Dtb1986 dissapoints big time. What was wrong with him tonight? Even the ring rats want nothing to do with DTB1986 after tonight. Pwoper does well and collects an easy payday and the Win aswell. Pwoper wins.
TheVoiceless (9) vs. Netty (12) Two of the figure heads in Tag Team Predicting clashed in singles competition. TheVoiceless loses like he did in his tag match. He already trys to forget this event and focuses on the next one. Netty wins.
Ho Ho Inc vs. Gunner14 (9) With a performance like this one may think Gunner14 even needs his friends for this one. Gunner14 wins
Shining_Wizard1979 (9) vs. new_guy (12) Shining_Wizard1979 can't really perform in recent history. Atleast Proc carried him to a tag team win, but in singles competition he stands no chance against new_guy. New_guy wins.
WWEESky (12) vs. DX-bender (9) As mentioned before WWEEsky comes back strong from last months event and shows other people who got a bad day how it is done. DX-bender is under pressure to finish the year strong. WWEEsky wins.
N-Zone (12) vs. SuperJabroni (11) Great match. N-Zone wasn't able to reach his goal quite yet but with matches like this he will get another chance soon. SuperJabroni wasn't able to take home any victory tonight, but performed himself into the heart of the fans. N-Zone wins.
DogSaget (6) vs. Mr. Rick (11) Mr. Rick debuts against some indy jobber. Thanks for coming and see you next month. Mr. Rick wins.
Jax89 (12)vs. MrMeki (9) As always the newbies have to fight each other. MrMeki was quite nervous but didn't do too bad. Jax89 on the other hand didn't miss one beat at all and got a nice ovation when his work was done. Jax89 wins.
Mcote900 (11) vs WallofShame (13) Very impressive performance by WallofShame. Mcote900 doesn't need to be ashamed of himself, it could have been way worse. WallofShame wins.
Telos (10) vs. AnimeWrestlingDonuts (10) AnimeWrestlingDonuts can't ride the lightning from last month but stays unbeaten in singles competion. Telos wasn't good or bad, he was just there. Draw.

IC Division
SinJackal (11) vs. CaptainObvious (12) Very nice match, but the new IC champion is fired up and takes this one home too. SinJackal came close, but what a night for CaptainObvious. CaptainObvious wins.
Proc (11) vs. #Mark Atleast this match the former champ could win. Proc wins.
SarcasmoBlaster (8) vs. Dragzila (11) Dragzila saw this division match as a warm up for his title match later on. SarcasmoBlaster tried to upset the #1 contender, but failed. Dragzila wins.
Dirtsheet88 (8) vs. Gimmicky (12) Dirtsheet88 is on a streak and it is not a good one. Gimmicky, the new #1 contender for the IC belt is on a streak too. And it is a good one. Gimmicky wins.
Sonicslash (12) vs. Turbo120 (9) Well performed by Sonicslash who did not have too many troubles putting Turbo120 away. Another day another chance, but tonight Sonicslash takes home the W. Sonicslash wins.
Hanshanshans911 (10) vs. Kane-UK (9) Although not the match of the year for neither of those guys hanshanshans911 is on roll and keeps rollin' fast. Whatever obstacle is put in front of hanshanshans911 he gets through it. It ain't pretty, but it works. Hanshanshans911 wins.
Camaster2004 (14) vs. AirTroublein619 (5) Camaster2004 kills AirTroublein619. This is the biggest night in his carreer. After one year it all comes full circle for Camaster2004. Camster2004 wins.
I Curry I (10) vs. Daniel.Bryan (11) Close battle. Both man do well, but after a 10minute match I Curry I has to tap to Daniel.Bryan's spicy submissions. Daniel.Bryan wins.
Anark (8) vs. X-bailey (10) Not a good match. Anark lost in his debut and X-bailey wins what could be his last match ever. X-bailey wins.
Dj2334 (8) vs. 010101 (10) 010101 is hungry for competition. He didn't do too well tonight, but it was good enough for Dj2334 who could not live up to his usual standards. 010101 wins.
the_modern_myth (8) vs. Adyman (8) Worst match of the night. What a return for the_modern_myth, what a debut for Adyman. The_modern_myth shows he needs strenght in numbers and Adyman shows he needs some training. Draw.
Big_Man (12) vs. JohnnyC55 (8) The returning Big_man wins against the debuting JohnnyC55. Big Man solidifies his claim for a title shot and JohnnyC55 probably should meet Adyman later on. Big_Man wins.

Notes: 15 points were available. No perfect score. Lowest score AirTroublein619 (5). 46 total players.


Here we go! Survivor Series is coming up; it is THE place for winners to prove their dominance, for former losers to come back strong and for newcomers to make an impressive debut.

All results will be posted within 24hours after the event. Everyone is welcome to join in!

This is a long post and it will get longer and longer as the weekend goes on so to make it easier for you here is a short table of contents:

1) WWE Card
2) Rules (overview)
3) WWE Forum Championship Card
4) Last year
5) Last Month's Results

1) WWE Card

Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler - Traditional elimination-style tag match: Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, and Team Hell No vs. Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, and Team Rhodes Scholars (This match counts even if Rhodes gets replaced)
World Heavyweight Championship Match - The Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus
WWE Championship Match - CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback vs. John Cena
United States Championship Match - Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth
Divas Championship Match - Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn
Pre-Show Match - 3MB vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

To my knowledge this is a 6 match card. This means you can post six predictions.

2) Rules (overview)

Predict the outcome for each of the six announced matches. Your most confident prediction gets 6 points, your least confident prediction gets 1 point. Every number from 1-6 has to be used once. Possible predictions:
  • Pick the winner
  • Draw
  • No Contest

If a PPV match is changed or cancelled this prediction is cancelled too.

Your predictions must be posted 30min before the PPV starts.

If you have any questions ask in the thread or send me a pm.

3) WWE Forum Championship Card

WWE Forum Championship
Proc © vs. Dragzila
Dragzila was the unhonored fighter over the last couple of months. He won his matches one after the other in a very impressive fashion. He didn't bother with the comebock of the legends, but kept his mind set on his ultimate goal. Upset he didn't get his shot any sooner this Sunday Dragzila has the chance to become the new Forum Champion.

World Heavyweight Championship
WWEESky © vs. SuperJabroni
SuperJabroni made one hell of a debut last month. First month in, only man with a perfect score. This Sunday we will see wheter SuperJabroni is a fluke or the new World Heavyweight Champion.
WWESky will have to step up his game big time to keep his hands on the World Heavyweight Championship.

United States Championship

New Guy © vs. netty vs. WWEESky
WWEESky performed horrendous in his #1 contenders match last month, but won it either way. Some people think because of his work last month WWEESky should lose his contender status, but because he held the title as long as he did before he gets his shot.
Netty has a streak going, winning his US division matches one after another. Beating people like gunner14, DTB1986 and Shivi. Can he now win the big one?
New Guy won his US Title back last month. How long is his reign going to be this time?

Intercontinental Championship
Proc © vs. Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious pinned Proc in a non-title match 2 months ago and won his triple-threat match for a place in this championship bout.
Many people believe this is the champions hardest defense so far.

Tag Team Titles
RKO.Net vs. New Trouble
RKO.Net made a deal with New Trouble about a stipulation in their Tag Team match at Survivor Series.
It will be 2 out of 3 falls contest:

1st Fall : First Blood Match - 1st wrong prediction means your team loses

2nd Fall: Submission Match - Which team will have the most right predictions wins a match

"If needed" 3rd Fall: Elimination Tag Match - Based on the order of eliminations for the survivor series match, they choose the order of eliminations (i.e. Rhodes 1st, Kofi 2nd ....)and you get a point if you picked the right person in the right spot. The team with the person with the highest score wins

Tag Team Match
Rising Force (I Curry I + TheVoiceless) vs. Shining_Wizard1979 + Proc

The Modern Myth & ??? (w/ El Dandy) vs X-Bailey & Gunner14
- Steel Cage Tag Team Match
- Proc Suspended in a Cage outside the ring to prevent his interference
The comeback of these people put some butts in the seats. The next chapter of their brutal feud happens this Sunday. It will be a bloody sunday...

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match IC vs. US
hanshanshans911, Gimmicky, #Mark, Dj234 and Turbo120 vs. DX-bender, TheUltimateSmark, ICameToPlay, Hordriss and AnimeWrestlingDonuts
5 people of each division fight eacht other. All of them are currently not involved in their respective title picture. All of them won their division match last month (Hordriss had a draw but is a established upper-carder) The winner of this match gets a shot at their division's title next month!
Rules: this is a Traditional Survivor Series match which means the rules are just as they were last year.
- Team with highest scoring individual wins.
- Any member on the winning side with a higher score than the losing teams highest score has survived.

Division Matches

I'd like to remind everybody that these division matches carry their importance too. They are one of the factors determining the next #1 contender for the division titles. All results are saved by myself and are important for months to come. One of many examples: Big Man has legit reason for a shot at his division title, but was gone for some time. If he performs well in his division match this Sunday he will probably get a title shot at TLC. Other examples are netty, CaptainObvious or Dragzila. Chose wisely!

All "veterans" got their division match booked and officially announced. As always, people who face each other in division matches didn't do so over the last couple of months. All newcomers have to fight each other. Card will be updated as soon as people predict.

US Division
Hordriss vs. R.K.O. Peep
BrothersofD3struct vs. TheUltimateSmark
Pwoper vs. DTB1986
TheVoiceless vs. Netty
Ho Ho Inc vs. Gunner14
Shining_Wizard1979 vs. new_guy
WWEESky vs. DX-bender
N-Zone vs. SuperJabroni
DogSaget vs. Mr. Rick
Jax89 vs. MrMeki89
Mcote900 vs. Big_Man

IC Division
SinJackal vs. CaptainObvious
Proc vs. #Mark
SarcasmoBlaster vs. Dragzila
Dirtsheet88 vs. Gimmicky
Sonicslash vs. Turbo120
Hanshanshans911 vs. Kane-UK
Camaster2004 vs. AirTroublein619
I Curry I vs. Daniel.Bryan
Anark vs. X-bailey
Dj2334 vs. 010101
the_modern_myth vs. Adyman

4) Last year
There is a lot of talk about the return of some of this company's biggest legends. Some of the newer players may be confused by what those old guys are fightin about. Funny thing is some of their problems are years old so I thought it would be fun to look back in history. This was last year's Survivor Series

5) Last Month's results

Originally Posted by Proc (Post 12201306)
Results Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell WWE Forum Championship
Proc (c) (18) vs. New_guy (14)
Proc beats new_guy again! Proc proves why he is the WWE Forum Champion since WrestleMania and New_guy can't challenge for this title until spring 2013. Who is going to be the new #1 contender? Survivor Series is only 3 weeks away! Proc wins.

World Heavyweight Championship
WWEESky (c) (13) vs. DirtSheet88 (9)
The #1 contender for the WHC always is last month's highest scorer. Who would have thought that by watching that match? It only can go up from here on: WWEESky wins.

US Title
Shining_Wizard1979 (c) (10) vs. new_guy (14)
Another match, another stinker. A very short title reign for Shining_Wizard1979 who took the belt off of new_guy at Night of Champions. New_guy comes short in his Forum Championship match, but wins back the division's title: new_guy wins. (New Champion!)

#1 Contender's match for the US Title
N-Zone (9) vs. WWEESKY (13)
No. Just no. Matches like these should not crown a new #1 contender for anything, but a XPW title. This is not XPW. Leading into Survivor Series there will be quite some controversy about who New_guy is going to face for the US Title.

IC Title
Proc (c) (18) vs. I Curry I (14)
Considering most other matches on the card this could be seen as a high light. I Curry I gets some nice spots in, but in the end doesn't even come close. Nice try, now go back in line. Proc wins.

#1 Contender's triple thread match for the IC title
CaptainObvious (14) vs. Gimmicky (13) vs. DirtSheet88 (9)
CaptainObvious got his place in this match because he beat champion Proc last month in a non-title match. After winning this match too he truly deserves a shot at the division's title. That's some nice build up heading into Survivor Series!

Tornado Tag Hell in a Cell for the Tag Titles
New Trouble(c) vs All Comers
Rules: The team with lowest single points gets eliminated. The last team left leaves as Tag Team Champions.

New Trouble took on quite some challenge and came just this close to retain their belts. But after a long and bloody brawl RKO.net's hands got raised. Stuff like this raises the bar in the tag division. Netty and RKOPeep win. (New champions!)
Explainaition: New Trouble's lowest single points were 14 (more than most others) RKO.net's lowest points are 15.

US Division
Hordriss (14) vs. BrothersofD3struct (14) Entertaining match, nothing special. BrothersofD3struct comes back from last month's worst performance, Hordriss underperforms. They meet in the middle: Draw.
DTB1986 (14) vs. Netty (15) Good match! The US division shows quite some action here in the beginning. The match was made by that awesome finish people will remember for a long time... atleast till Survivor Series: netty wins.
Shining_Wizard1979 (10) vs. Gunner14 (11) Gunner called it the return of the king, some angry people on the internet called it the return of the crap. Maybe the pressure was too much for Shining_Wizard1979. Tagging with Proc, losing the US title to new_guy and then competing against the former bookerman himself; Shining_Wizard1979 moved like he was frozen. Both will need to step up their game big time to survive on this roster. Gunner14 wins.
New_guy (14) vs. WWEESky (13) The division's most anticipated match. Champion vs. Champion in a non-title match. Meh. It was, what it was. Could have been worse, but a lot better too. new_guy wins.
DX-bender (16) vs. N-Zone (9) N-Zone's push obviously came way too early. The creative staff takes care of this failure sending N-Zone back to development by DX-bender hitting one signature move after another. DX-bender wins.
TheVoiceless (14) vs. TheUltimateSmark (16) A match which would be a good match on any other given night becomes a stand-out match on this night. Hard hitting, good psychology, well sold by TheVoiceless: TheUltimateSmark wins.
RKOPeep (15) vs. Pwoper (14) The match that went before was hard to follow, but these two did well. Nice to see some guys can deliver even on bad shows. RKOPeep wins.
SuperJabroni (21) vs. Getstokedonit (12) What a debut! Shockmaster this was not. First night in, best performance of the night. Superjabroni, welcome to the place where the big boys play. SuperJabroni wins.
IcametoPlay (16) vs. Dunk20 (14) Well done guys. Keep it on and there will be a bright future for you. IcametoPlay wins.
UnOficially (14) vs. Kregnaz (13) Close fought battle between two newcomers. A first step up the ladder for sure: UnOficially wins.
Mcote900 (11) vs. BuCC (6) The winner needs to step up his game, the loser gets send back to the indys. What else needs to be said about this „match“? Mcote900 wins
Azuran (14) vs. Hbk2112007 (14) vs. AnimeWrestlingDonuts (16) Only triple threat in the division matches and one of the nights better matches. AnimeWrestlingDonuts delivers an impressive debut; all three of them get their round of applause. AnimeWrestlingDonuts wins.

IC Division
010101 (17) vs. Proc (18) Very nice match. 010101 impresses, but in the end Proc shows why he is a true champion: Proc wins.
SinJackal (10) vs. #Mark (12) First stinker on the card. JR is in a loss of words, Cole trys to safe it as first, but gives up quickly while JBL tells warstories from days gone by. This match doesn't deserve a winner: #Mark wins.
CaptainObvious (14) vs. SarcasmoBlaster (11) Last month CaptainObvious pinned Proc in a non-title match. This time he wasn't as strong, but it was good enough for his division match: CaptainObvious wins.
Dragzilla (20) vs. Dirtsheet88 (9) Dragzilla was upset he wasn't involved in the title picture. He changed this by destroying the Dirtsheet88. The veteran leaves broken, Dragzilla achieved his goal: Dragzilla wins.
Sonicslash (9) vs. Hanshanshans911 (15) hanshanshans911 squashes his oppponent. Just a quick beat up, sonicslash stands no chance. Will hanshanshans911 finally get his big push? Hanshanshans911 wins
Dj2334 (18) vs. Kane-Uk (12) No matter how good Kane-UK's dentist is, after DJ2334 is finished, the doc will have to yank'em all out. Dj2334 shows no mercy and is still hungry for more: Dj2334 wins.
Camaster2004 (13) vs. Turbo120 (16) Turbo120 shows how much camaster2004 hurt his feelings by not opening the thread in time. And Turbo120 has a lot of feelings. Quite entertaining match: Turbo120 wins.
AirTroublein619 (17) vs. I Curry I (14) Well thought out match. I Curry I gets killed in his comeback and AirTroublein619 walks away like a man who came one step closer to his goal. Nice performance, the crowd is happy: AirTroublein619 wins.
Daniel.Bryan (12) vs. Gimmicky (13) That was disappointing. Some fans thought this could be a very good match, but they were very wrong. Go back to Hulu+ Gimmicky wins.
MrMetis (11) vs. Bully Dully (12) Only newcomers match in the IC division. Performances like these will not give either of those guys a title shot. Try again. BullyDully wins.

Notes: 45 players. Lowest Score BuCC (6), one perfect score Superjabroni (21)
New players had to fight each other.

I understand that some of you are upset they didn't know who they were facing in their division match before the event. This was because of the reasons discussed earlier on in the update. I will do my best to avoid this happening again.

Have Fun

Curry 11-16-2012 02:27 PM

Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series
Show - 5
3mb - 3
Punk - 2
Team Foley - 1
Cesaro - 6
Eve - 4

Roy Mustang 11-16-2012 02:34 PM

1 Attachment(s)
So we found the 3rd man this Sunday? Interesting. Predictions to be posted later

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Proc 11-16-2012 02:38 PM

Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series
There was a lot of stuff going on over the last couple of weeks. My old friends and foes came back.

At first I was very happy to see them - all of them. Unfortunately some of them are not who they used to be. It saddens me to see what they have become. I was accused of many ugly things althought I am pouring my hard out for this company. Do you people even realize that English is not my first language? It's hard to come up with all of this stuff. But now I get accused of booking myself to the top - this is just ridicoulus.
You think I am out there to screw you over? Why the fuck would I do so? But whatever, I see the good side of things. You want me to watch the match in a cage hanging over the other cage? Well, that's fine by me. I ain't got nothing to lose, but will have the best seats in the house.
I will be locked in that cage in front of the whole world. Everyone will see that I have nothing to do with this and am not out there to screw anybody. I wash my hands like Pontius Pilate.

TheVoiceless 11-16-2012 02:50 PM

Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series
Show 5
3MB 3
Punk 4
Team Foley 2
Cesaro 6
Eve 1

TheUltimateSmark 11-16-2012 02:53 PM

Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series
Can. You. Feel. The POWWWWERRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!

6. CM Punk
5. Team Foley
4. Cesaro
3. Shaemus
2. Kaitlyn
1. 3MB

Man of Tomorrow 11-16-2012 04:01 PM

Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series
1. Show
2. Kaitlyn
3. 3MB
4. Team Foley
5 Cesaro
6. Punk

Dragzila 11-16-2012 04:05 PM

Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series
Finally, a shot at the big prize! It is now or never, may the best man win (Y)

Roy Mustang 11-16-2012 05:48 PM

1 Attachment(s)
6 cesaro
5 eve
4 cm punk
3 3mb
2 team foley
1 big show

Elimination predictions:

Rhodes (or whoever may replace him) by orton
Kofi Kingston by Damien sandow
Daniel Bryan by Damien sandow
Damien sandow by Kane
Kane by dolph ziggler
Alberto del rio by the miz
Wade Barrett by orton
Dolph ziggler by the miz

Survivors: the miz and randy orton

sonicslash 11-16-2012 06:14 PM

Cesaro- 6
Team foley-4
Sheamus-1 (Ziggler cash in)

Today I am so hungry for a championship. I haven't tasted the accomplishment of winning the gold, but I want it. I crave for it. I dream about it. I it my one true goal. When the PPV rolls around, I know that it's showtime and there is nobody on this forum that can stop me.
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