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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

That shit better go off. I'm seeing a little "You can't shee me" interference at the Rumble or maybe, swerve dat' shit, Brocky getting involved. We get Brock - Rock at Mania and Cena - Punk for that title. Book 'dat shit.

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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

What if the plans for him to "close out" are not about involving him in the match, but the post match ? Wrestlemania to end with Punk standing tall in the ring.

Or perhaps (in a less likely situation) the plans are for him to wrestle Taker for the streak and they would have Punk/Taker go on last ?
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?





A Triple Threat with CM Punk involved would be a huge let down. I'm tired of seeing him in Triple threat matches.
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

I heard Alvarez talking about this yesterday, I don't know what source he got this from but he quickly mentioned how it could change, so expect it to, even if it is the plan. There's no way in HELL Punk is in the last match at WrestleMania. He should be, but that's not the way WWE operates. I believe CM Punk referred to Vince McMahon "screwing over his best performer" about a week ago, that's what it is to a T.

Originally Posted by Mr. Saint Laurent, MLW Radio - Episode 168: WHO IS THEY
When WWE was struggling, it's Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the main event going 60 minutes, people are leaving during the main event of WrestleMania, you can check the video tape, and Hall and Nash have both told me that Vince said that night, that he would rather have a half full arena cheering for the guy that he says to cheer for, than a full arena cheering for whoever they want.
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

I'd be worried if he closed out WM.

He said recently that's pretty much the only thing left he feels like he hasn't done. Plus he always goes on about retiring 'sooner than people think'.
Originally Posted by Rocky Mark View Post
it seems people on here only know how to complain...
punk wins the title at mitb, complain
triple h returns , complain
zack ryder gets a role that garuntees he'll be on tv on a weekly basis , complain
punk goes over cena AGAIN , complain
kevin nash returns , complain
jennifer aniston gives you a blow job , complain
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

No. I'm a Punk mark but it wont happen. He was at his peek last WM and the best he could manage was the penultimate match. CM Punk is the number 2 man, the refreshing alternative to Cena. He wont ascend that.

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Eduardo Gaff
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

Also if Rock wins the title at RR like everyone assumes, they're going to need something for Raw in February not to mention the February PPV. I don't think Rock will wrestle on that PPV and may not make weekly Raw appearances in February.

So having a Cena/Punk program (again, I know, but what can you do) to help pass February through, building towards a triple threat WM main event, is not a terrible idea.
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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

I sure hope not. It's now enough of Cena vs Punk vs (third man). Hell, they might as well put them in a triple threat with somebody at the Royal Rumble and then do Punk/Rock/Cena at WM29 just so they have had triple threats at all big four PPVs.

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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

I'd mark, but Vince wouldn't let it happen.

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Re: CM Punk to close out WM?

i am all for it if it means rock vs punk vs cena

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