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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

My only real problem is the storyline there is no real reason for the two teams to go to battle, and the side story of barrett being owed one by heyman makes NO sense now
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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

The switch to the triple threat is a better business move, but changing after 1 week with the way they did it just looked bad. It was a knee jerk reaction after second guessing themselves, they just should have disguised that a little better.
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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

The only thing I hope happens through this whole mess is Heyman's favour to Barrett ends up as some sort of Punk/Barrett feud.

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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

I don't care about this report at all. Changing the Survivor Series main event was awful TNA-like booking. WWE are in a real hole right now, with saying they're going to do stuff one minute and then totally forgetting about it. It was bad enough in the days of Katie Vick and the mysterious moving briefcase when these things happened once every couple of months but now they're happening on a weekly basis and it's making me turn away.



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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

It was definitely the right call, I was wondering why the WWE title wasn't on the line in the first place, thinking that they had some big planned storyline, but seeing that the teams were merely only other feuds going on at the time.

Ziggler and Foley have been feuding before, they could have easily just had Ziggler and Foley making the teams in the first place, but they had Punk out there and totally changed the dynamic of the match the next week. I would rather the feud for this 5 on 5 match be done by having Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars finding partners in comedy segments over a few weeks.

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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

From the very beginning they should have go with the Ryback v Punk v Cena match. I even call it BEFORE HIAC. I supposed that Ryback was going to lose that match in the Cell one way or another and that will set the triple threat match at SS.
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Re: Report On Why WWE Overhauled Survivor Series Main Event

Originally Posted by tyciol View Post
If the people they're naming the teams after don't have to actually be competing in them, I say name the heel team 'Team Vicky' (since her showstealer is now essentially leading it, plus she had some earlier almost-chemistry with Del Rio) and have Edge return to manage the face team ('Team Edge') since he could help point out her hypocrisy about criticizing people for fraternizing, himself and Ziggler being examples of her own toe-dipping.

Not to push out Foley or anything but having him there doesn't make sense anymore. Instead, perhaps in the future, Team Hell No could have a title defense in a hell in the cell match (like maybe if they hold onto it until mania?) and get Foley involved somehow due to his history with both the cell and Kane's bro.

Heck, what if Taker chooses to 'unretire' Michaels (he'd be the only one with the power to do that, presumably, since it was a promise made to him, the Undertaker owns his career and can choose to end or start it) and they make some kinda 'cowboys' team.

Considering that Daniel Bryan was Michaels' pupil (not forgetting Regal of course, but he's a Sheamus guy, and I don't like that) and the 'brothers of destruction' history, this match would have some interesting plot to it, I think. A real torch-passing sorta thing which could help solidify D-bri as an even more serious contender. The whole goatface/vegan thing will eventually get old, and much like Punk he'll need reboots. Mania would be a good time for it, and a mixup to Taker's streak of singles victories.

This begs the question though: if Taker's team loses by Bryan pinning Michaels or something like that, does that count as ending the streak?

Think of how much heat Bryan would get for 'ending the streak' without actually pinning the Undertaker at all, too.
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