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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

(that should of been survivor series 2001)

Team wwe : austin,the rock, kurt angle, undertaker, jericho


Team wcw : booker t, scott steiner, goldberg, sting, ric flair

sadly wwe didnt get a lot of the wcw talents contracts sorted and messed the story line up completly by giving us another rock vs austin final.....
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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

Not really a dream match, just what I would have preferred this year.

Team Ryback:

Ryback, Foley, Kane, Cena, Triple H, Rock

Team Punk:

Punk, Lesnar, Bryan, Ziggler, Orton, Henry

Seems more stacked for Team Ryback, but Foley wouldn't be able to do much of anything so we could say he and Ziggler (the least credible guy on Punk's team) would cancel each other out. Bryan and Kane would cancel each other out. Punk and Cena are the top of the WWE and would cancel each other out. Lesnar and Rock would cancel each other out as part time super draws. Orton's still credible and could get on equal (or close) footing to Triple H. And finally, Henry and Ryback are both dominant monsters that could cancel each other out.

And this would have made way more sense than the current teams. Ziggler, Bryan, Orton, and Henry would have legitimate gripes about not being appreciated enough and being overlooked. Lesnar would team up with Punk because of the Heyman connection.

Foley would team with Ryback for the same reason he made a team on Raw last week. Triple H hates Lesnar. Cena doesn't like Lesnar, Punk, or Ziggler at the moment. Kane would team up just for a shot at his tag team partner (and maybe Mark Henry). Rock would come back after the smack talk between him and Punk and Bryan at Raw 1000 and he could've been asked to join by Foley.

This would also open up a ton of WrestleMania possibilities.
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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, The Dynamite Kid & Jim Neidhart) vs. The Five Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham & Ole Anderson)
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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

Face: Eugene, Doink the clown, Zack Ryder, Santino, Garrett Bischoff
Heel: Brock, Big Show, Kane, HHH, Claudio

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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?


Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold
The Rock


Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels
Kurt Angle
Bret Hart
Kevin Nash

Courtesy of a google WWE meme search
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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

The Rock
John Cena
Kurt Angle


Triple H
Brock Lesnar
Kevin Nash
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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?





Hogan comes in and one punches everybody to a no decision finish.

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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

problem is with all main eventers that they have a hard time deciding how they will book it without making someone look weak.

Not Removing Until:

John Cena faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania [ ]

Sheamus and Cm Punk are the 2 World Champions [X] -Wrestlemania 28

John Morrison wins World Title [ ]

John Cena losses cleanly [X]- Wrestlemania 28 Rock Beats John Cena

John Cena turns heel [ ]

Shawn Michaels returns for One More Match[ ]

Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]

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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

Face Team - Hogan/Cena/Austin/HBK/Taker


Heel Team - HHH/Flair/(Viper)Orton/(Hollywood)Rock/Brock
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Re: Dream Survivor Series match up?

Team WWF/E
The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle
Team NWO/Klique/DX
Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Triple H, Shawn Michaels.

Starbuck the dynamic of your match would be brilliant to see all the face team get cheered except for Cena

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