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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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It was a boring uneventful show. I give it a 3 out 10.

It was putting my girlfriend and i to sleep and I desperately missed being able to DVR it and fast forward. I paid for a stream and felt like I wasted money. I can't imagine if I had paid nearly 60$ for this garbage.

And WWE needs to stop going to Atlanta. They were there last Halloween for that muppets bull shit and the crowd was ass then, too.

WENT TO WRESTLEMANIA XXX! Section 156, row 15, seats 3-4!
WENT TO WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII! Section 122, row 26, seats 7-8.

Jackie Moore never did Playboy because she had enough nipple slips on live television to satisfy me for years LOL

Not Removing Until Victoria, Jackie Moore, Ivory, and Terri Runnels return and form the Cougar World Order. I'll wait.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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7/10. Probably because I didn't spend money watching it and didn't set my expectation too high.

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Bossing Around Jobbers
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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

Cant believe people are giving it a 1... how does your ranking system work?

For me to get a 1 the PPV would have to be

Every single match and outcome would have to be awful
The commentary would have to be awful
The audience would have to be awful
The backstage promos and segments would have to be awful

As bad as it was even Capitol Punishment last year never got a 1 out of 10 from me... A mark 1 - 3 would have to be surprisingly a special kind of awful to be worthy of that rank and no WWE PPV in the last three years have had that.

Hell for me to give a perfect 10 or even a 9 most of above would have to be near perfect. The only PPV that come close in the last 3 years for me is in Money In The Bank last year and even that got an 8 out of 10 from me :P

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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

To the 5 people who voted this shit 10/10.

Kill yourself.
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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

Cant believe people are giving it a 1... how does your ranking system work?

"Meh, Bork was not there!"
"Meh, Ryback did not won!"
"Meh, nobody was killed!"
"Meh, no seas of blood!"
"Meh, Every match was boring, as far as I can judge by fast forwarding!"
"Meh, no cashing in by Ziggler, when Big Show was even fit enough to fight against 10 man after that match!"


I vote 7/10

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

I went with 7/10 was decent payperview some good matches in there.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

Enjoyed the ending.

Was the same ref who cost punk recently wasn't it so he was obviously apologising.

Was a good ending that we weren't expecting.

Crowd were shit.

Enjoyed most of it. Orton Del Rio had a good first half and a horrific 2nd.

Show, Sheamus was great.
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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell

1 awful just awful
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Nothing special, but not as bad as many people on here are making it out to be.

Del Rio vs Orton 5/10
It was decent overall. I personally didn't expect much from this one, so I wasn't let down in any way. Orton is great though, Del Rio's OK. Both are more deserving of the WHC than The Big Show or Sheamus though; mainly Orton, I miss heel Randy Orton.

Big Show vs Sheamus 8/10
It was very exciting and for the first time ever I can say well done to both of these superstars. They both don't usually interest me in the slightest, and personally, I don't think either should be holding titles (definitely not the WHC), but they both did an excellent job.

Ryback vs CM Punk 7/10
It's a difficult one to sum up in a brief paragraph. But I'll stay by saying Ryback was fine and didn't really disappoint; we all knew what was going to happen in regards to domination over a smaller CM Punk. The fact WWE are building him up means he was always going to get the better of Punk for the majority.

I personally thought there would be a twist that would cause Ryback to lose, but I didn't expect it to be by a referee at all; obviously it's the ref who caused problems with Punk when his foot was on the rope - he is also a wrestler himself.

The crowd wasn't great, that's my main issue. WWE couldn't have done much else. It's just interesting to see where they take all story lines now. I would like to think that Cena and AJ had something to do with Ryback losing and Cena turns heel and feuds with Ryback.

Also, when is Dolph cashing in. I'd guess Survivor Series, someone will face Big Show and injure him, Dolph runs down and wins the WHC. From there they can feud a returning Chris Jericho with a massively improved Dolph Ziggler.

Not Removing Until:
[] Undertaker vs CM Punk at WrestleMania
[] John Cena turns heel
[] Dolph Ziggler wins the World Heavyweight Championship
[] Chris Jericho wins the WWE Championship
[] 'Team Hell No' disbands

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Here To Show The World.
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Re: Rate Hell In A Cell


This was the worst ppv of the year so far, the ending to the WWE title match was uncreative and stupid. The only good thing about this actual ppv was the good story telling between The Big Show and Sheamus, very good work by those guys and a shocking ending. Other than that this ppv was awful.

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