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Re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

I actually vehemently agree with "King_Of_This_World" & put a lot of blame on the roster. It's a hell of a lot better excuse than WWE trying to blame the fans. Look at the Pay-Per-View last night: Kofi Kingston Vs. The Miz, one guy that never got over the hump, the other guy free-falling in a match we've seen about three times in a week or two. Big Show Vs. Sheamus. Sure, it was a good match that surprised people. But Sheamus is boring & Big Show has seen & done everything in WWE two or three times by now. He'll never be fresh again. 3-Way Divas match? C'mon. Punk isn't Cena. Ryback isn't Goldberg. And I like both of those guys but the star power isn't there. Punk has been champion for a year & I would argue he's exactly where he was before he even won the title. He's still just C.M. "Not Cena" Prime Time Players? They're fucking jobbers. They got over twelve minutes last night for some reason. Sin Cara is a sloppy wannabe Mysterio. Who cares when Mysterio is RIGHT THERE? Cesaro/Gabriel? Again, I like both, but they're not established or credible yet. So to the Atlanta crowd, this was just another jobber match, hence why you could hear a pin drop. Tag Title match? Kane/DB would both be better solo. DB as the technician that pretzels people, Kane as the monster. Instead they're midcard comedy fodder. Rhodes is never getting over & Sandow although loved on-line is a less charismatic, less talented Genius.

that's it. that's the whole show.
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Re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

-first match, Del Rio vs Orton, started out slow, but became better, i loved that move that Del Rio put on him in the corner by dropping on his chest with his feet, that even knocked the wind out of my lungs. :-) I had to replay it three times to see that RKO, great first match.

-Tag Team Championship match, really hope they drop this stupid I Am the Tag Team Champions! feud between Kane & Bryan, it doesnt make any sense, you can't be a tag team champion on your own because you can't even tag yourself in! Average match, you could tell by the audience, from standing up at the previous match to sitting down. Wtf, Rhodes Scholars won by DQ?

-Intercontinental Championship match, Kovi vs Miz, pretty good promo by Miz, now if he only could wrestle like he cut that promo. Kofi pretty much carried this match. Miz loses as i suspected. Let's hope we see less of him now.

-A United States Championship match? Who the hell is his nr 1 opponent? Justin Gabriel? Well, its about time he had a push. Is this a squash match or something? all i see is Cesaro beating the crap out of Gabriel. Ryder chants? Awesome Well, just as i suspected, Gabriel loses.

-Another tag team match? Well, ok, Prime Time Players vs Sin Cara & Mysterio, who the hell is Chilli? Entertaining match, going back and forth. BOTCH CARA strikes again! Landed almost on the top of his head. Looks like the medical staff are still looking at him at the end of the match.

-World Heavyweight Championship, Big Show vs Sheamus. Rofl @ the big red glowing hand prints of Show on Sheamus's chest, Show actually broke the skin. Rofl, Cole messed up when Show threw Sheamus over the announce table, Cole was already out of his seat far before the move was done. X-D Rofl, Big Show Sucks chants. A good brawling match there, sweat, blood and fists in your face. Big Show is champion! About time that Sheamus's reign is over!


-Thriple Threat Diva Match, could be interesting, especially with Kaitlyn. What a shitty ending to this match.

-Did they just use Bane's voice (Dark Knight Rises) for the Punk promo?

-Hell In A Cell match for the WWE Championship, Punk vs Ryback, this gonna be good, Hell In A Cell matches always have this great feel to it. People who still chant Goldberg should be slapped, we get it now, he looks like Goldberg and is strong. STFU! Damn, Ryback actually dented the stairs with that charge.
HAHAHAHA, The ref with a low blow! I think nobody would have expected that,Punk and Ryback were lucky they didn't fell through the ceiling of the cell like what happened to Mankind, even though that gave a legendary moment in WWE history, he could have been killed that day.

Overall, good PPV, audience was a bit dead here and there but the main event was a good match, but it could have been a bit longer. Normally they are almost 30 minutes, this one only 16 minutes. But Ryback showed he can wrestle indeed matches longer than his usual squash matches. He had good cardio going on and was not out of breath like the Big Show was.

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Re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

Originally Posted by moonmop View Post
So Ryback gets whipped around about 10 times with a kindo stick to no effect, but a low blow and rollup does him in.

Have you ever been hit really hard in the balls?
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Re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

Originally Posted by moonmop View Post
So Ryback gets whipped around about 10 times with a kindo stick to no effect, but a low blow and rollup does him in.

kindo stick hurts less then a punch to the balls....Also the ref counted fast.

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Re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

Just gonna give my thoughts on the entire matches, then the finishes

Orton v Del Rio
8/10. Really good match apart from that crazy as fuck botch
Finish 9/10, completely unexpected, amazingly executed, though thought Del Rio would win

Team Hell No v Rhodes Scholars
6/10. Honestly didn't give much of a shit about the match
Finish 7/10, seems to build up the angle, but it already lost its touch

Kofi v Miz
6/10. Honestly a shitty put together match, but the match itself was very good, especially for Miz. The rope knee spot was great, and Miz did a few cool things I didn't expect
Finish 3/10. I thought Miz was going to win after I saw him do so much knee damage, by making a new submission, but we get a same-old same-old TIP finish.

Cesaro vs Gabriel
8/10. Apart from Gabriel botching the 450 near the end it was pretty fucking flawless, but then again I like these types of matches. Such an amazing spot with the dive to swiss death though. #2 spot of the night
Finish 6/10, Should've made Cesaro win via countout, just standing and mocking Gabriel after the swiss death. Emphasis on the manoeuvre. If that happened it would be a 10/10

PTP vs Rey and Sin Cara
4/10. Pointless match, but Titus actually had a good display.
Finish 5/10, because the match ended, and hopefully this feud will stop.

Show vs Sheamus
9/10. The only good part about the match apart from Show actually fucking winning was Sheamus picking Show up for the white noise, which was amazing and looked really easy, so props to Sheamus. Also lol @ the damage done. The match was really good, but I couldn't get the thought of "super Sheamus push" out of my head during the entire match.
Finish 9/10. Would have been a 10/10 if they didn't cut to Sheamus being all sad, walking back, and then to Booker saying he has to check on Sheamus.

Eve vs Kaitlyn vs Layla
6/10. Just about as good as a divas match would get on a PPV. Kaitlyn had a great showing with Layla and Eve did very fucking average
Finish 1/10, it was fucking terrible. A senton from the second rope Eve? Really?

Punk v Ryback
8/10. It was interesting and I honestly had no idea who would win, unless of course you count in that stupid fucking Brad Maddox referee, while it was an interesting call it was fucking stupid putting him in it.
#1 spot in the night with the boot to the chair into Punk's face. Really good for todays WWE.
Finish 4/10, try to make Ryback look unstoppable and make the finish a simple low blow. I know its a low blow and a fast count but they could've had a weapon involved.

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Re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Says the guy with the Austin Airies pic in his signature.
Says the guy with the John Cena pic in his sig.
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