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Best Royal Rumble match ever?

Ok guys.. What was your favorite Rumble ?? For it is 04 !!!

Some mark out or cool moments for me.. Highlghts i guess.. Maybe not for everyone but for me,

#1 entry Benoit winning was a a huge Mark out moment for me.... Cuz Benoit was just such a hard worker, he deserved it.

Kane gets distracted by undertakers music and gets eliminated, becuase Kane had buried taker alive earlier that year...

Mick foley takes test out backstage and gets his spot in rhe rumble, he hated Orton at the time so he suicide dove himself to take out orton. Then they beat the shhit out of eachother haha.. He used my socko on Nunzio for no reason made me laugh a bit too. (Nunzio was attacked walking to the ring, then he just sat outside the ring forever naha cuz he was never elimnated, Cena throws him in the ring haha)

Billy Gunn returns hits a FamAsser on Jericho, kurt angle and big show..

Cena as thuganomics is always cool to see again.. Back when i liked him.

Goldberg the # 30 entrant , comes in and BEATS THE SHIT out of everyone, spears the shit out of the Big Sow....MURDERS NUNZIO WITH A SPEAR.. (Goldbergs crowd pops never cease to amaze me, on par with anybody else ever)

Lesnar sneaks into the ring and F5 the hell out of goldberg, causing him to get eliminate by Kurt Angle

I remember after goldberg got elmated, it was Big show, cena, jericho, angle, benoit and rvd.. I was huge fans of everyone left except big show... And wasnt really a HUGE cena fan but liked him.. At the time i was so happy because someone i liked was gonna probaly win... But i was praying it be RVD, benoit or jericho..

Current Favorites : The Shield, Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, Jinder Mahal , Hunico , Kane , Daniel Bryan , Mark Henry , Orton, Heel Punk.

All Time Faorites Jerico, Goldberg, Piper, Lesnar, RVD, Kurt Angle, Dudley Boyz, The Rock, Kevin Nash , Hulk Hogan , Billy Gunn,
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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

2001. Easily.

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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

For me it's 2001, hands down.

I accept rep.

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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

Should be in the PPV section .

Anywho, top 5:

5. 2002 - ****1/2 - The roster during this time was stacked as fuck, and it showed in this match. Austin and HHH working together to try and eliminate everyone so they could go at it was cool. Undertaker dominating then being eliminated by MAVEN who he then proceeded to absolutely MURDER was awesome. Mr Perfect returned .
4. 2009 - ****1/2 - Love this more every time I watch it. So many great performances, loved how they really added to the suspense with so many false eliminations, and seeing Big Show hang on was crazy. The Big Show Vs Undertaker story they kept going to was cool. Oh, and Undertaker kicked a midget.
3. 2001 - ****1/2 - Probably the most pure FUN RR match. Loved Kane lasting nearly an hour. Hardcore stuff was great. Undertaker & Kane reuniting was cool. Big Show's surprise return. DREW CAREY.
2. 2004 - ****1/2 - Benoit's performance was incredible. Loved the finish with Big Show.
1. 1992 - ***** - Awesome talent, awesome booking. Flair winning the WWF Title was awesome.
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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

The 2002 Rumble was pretty cool because of Mr Perfects return, but the 2001 rumble is the best

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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

2001, no doubt.
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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?


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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

Truth be told, Big Show won the 2004 RR match.
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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

My favorite five.

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Re: Best Royal Rumble match ever?

2001 and 2002 were the best for me.
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