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Re: Will the cell be "invisible again"

Originally Posted by just1988 View Post
I think a lot of people have mis-understood what a Hell in a Cell is. It's a cage which is made to keep everybody out and not a cage which is made to use as a weapon. It takes away the effectiveness of the cell if it's used every single match as a weapon. WWE are doing a good job of limiting the cell use. Whilst at the same time the cell is successfully carrying out it's primary objective which is to keep 2 guys in the ring with each other to see who the better man really is.

WWE are hurting their own concept though because they don't really build the matches up correctly, so it leads the fans to just think of it for it's brutal side which is making the cell match pointless and the matches might as well just be changed to no holds barred if you want inanimate objects to use as weapons.
The whole concept is that two guys hate each other so much that they want to be trapped inside HIAC so they can beat the crap out of each other. Yes, in the original match it was made to avoid interference, but since then it IS a match used for enemies who hate each other. But of course, the PPV does ruin this concept as it forces whoever is currently in a feud to go against each other in the match, no matter how serious their feud is.

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Re: Will the cell be "invisible" again

Before I go any further, I would like to point out that I have no desire to see anyone try to emulate Foley again.

However, it is disappointing that nobody seems to try to get creative with the cell anymore. Part of the problem is that the new HIAC is way too damn tall to the point that it is very hard to really do much with it. But the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker HIAC was one of the coolest matches ever in part because of the creativity they utilized in the match.

Now, the HIAC is sort of just the fence surrounding the ring during a big fight. I would hope that somebody like a CM Punk would put a lot of thought into his match.


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Re: Will the cell be "invisible" again

As long as this PG bullshit remains, the HIAC will not be as it used to be in the last decade.

Although I'm kinda optimistic about the "potential" match between Punk and Cena.

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