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6 week build for HIAC!

When's the last time there was a 6 week build up to a PPV? I like the idea if they utilize it right and build up some great feuds.

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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

Big IF bro.

Does give them plenty of time to build decent feuds for Barrett and Sandow especially seeing as they aren't on this PPV. Doubt they'll bother though, why waste time on the two most promising younger guys they have when they can build to Del Rio vs Sheamus rematch number 14?

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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

I never noticed that before. Hopefully it has much better build than in the past.

Still not cool that Survivor Series is only three weeks after HIAC, though.

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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

hope they stop this Del Rio vs Sheamus or Cena vs CM Punk .. for the title .. give the other wrestlers a "chance" to go for it

Sheamus loses the title to Del Rio .. and then straight after the match Ziggler comes in cashes in wins then a Triple Threat Match is made for HIAC
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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

Except for the period between the February show and Wrestlemania, that's like a record isn't it?


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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

hahah last year between NOC and HIAC it was like 2 weeks....

But it's good also,more build up
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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

good,time for some solid builds.Punk/cena ryback/barrett show/del rio/ziggler/ sheamus(just my predictions) miz/rhodes

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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

I love it! HIAC matches NEED buildup, not just 1-2 weeks of bullshit. I'm guessing this is going to mark the end of the Cena/Punk(for now) and Del Rio/Sheamus feuds. I actually wouldn't mind seeing those two matches as the HIAC matches, AS LONG AS they build it up superbly, as well as marking them the end of these feuds.

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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

wan't it like 2 seconds last year? or 2 weeks? It wasn't even that bad, thanks to Mark Henry. but, this is a good break out time for a monstrous heel turn, or having punk win with Brock interference.
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Re: 6 weeks between NOC and HIAC!

its really sad that this shit PPV is getting 6 week buildup while Survivor Series will only get 3 weeks. they should buildup up for SS in the process during that 6 weeks if they were smart
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