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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

His match with Taker at Mania 24. Only his match with Jericho comes close to that.
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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

The match with Taker by many miles. I was very pleasantly surprised when that ended up main-eventing the show. I mean, it was only appropriate because it was the best feud going on at the time and it had almost a year-long buildup, but one had to think WWE would do something stupid like suck Flair's dick even more that weekend and give him the main event slot, which I actually heard was the original plan. Taker/Edge was the right match to end Mania 24, and it was damn good.

The triple threat at Mania 25 wasn't bad, I just didn't care much for the storyline and it just felt like another platform for Cena to overcome the odds for the 64,000th time. Plus, anything that followed Taker/HBK was gonna suffer from an exhausted crowd. The match order at 25 was booked horribly wrong.

The match with Jericho just didn't click for me. It felt like they were just getting into the third part of a 3-tier match story and it was over. Maybe ring rust on Edge's part? Didn't feel too confident about the repaired Achilles injury just yet? I don't know.

The match with Del Rio was OK, even if it just felt like a TV main event match. There were too many players on the outside (Ricardo, Christian, Brodus fucking Clay) that it felt like a mess at times. Always felt it would've felt bigger if the ref kicked everyone else out of the ringside area and it was strictly 1-on-1.

I agree with what someone else said above - I don't feel Edge ever had a bad WrestleMania match. Some were better than others and felt more important, but he never stank up the joint or phoned it in.

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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

Undoubtedly the match with Undertaker at WM24. It was totally gripping and I enjoyed every second of it.
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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

wow, and here I thought Taker/Edge is underrated. Definitely the one at WM 24, though. If it's not for Ric Flair's overrated "retirement" and supposedly "last match", it would have won MOTY easily.
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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

I wish they had kept Edge undefeated at Wrestlemania and sold it as Undefeated Vs. Undefeated going into it
Well, they kind of did with Streak Vs. "Streak". I remember Edge being technical about his record in one of his promos on SD leading up to the show on why he would be the one to beat The Undertaker.

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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

I've gotta say Edge/Taker. Really good match, imo. If I had to rank them it'd go like this...

Edge/Taker - ****1/2
Edge/Jericho - ***1/2
Edge/Del Rio - ***1/4

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easily edge/taker WM 24. One of the,most underrated main events in WM history.

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The Undertaker
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Re: What's Edge's best world title match at Wrestlemania?

His match with Undertaker for me cemented him. Unbelievable match and made me really believe Edge as a main event superstar, one of my favourite matches of all time.
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