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So who were the big draws for each WM?

Personally, I do not know because I do not work for the WWE. Anyway, due to the fact that I have alot of time on my hands right now I am going to try and name every draw to every Wrestlemania. Some Wrestlemania's did not have a big draw in my opinion, and I am going to say it was a low drawing WM. I am not doing a good job explaining what I am about to do but most of you are smart and will understand anyway:

Wrestlemania I- Cyndi Lauper, Mr. T and Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff

Wrestlemania II- Mr. T vs Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy

Wrestlemania III- Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant (Savage and Steamboat stole the show, but I believe everyone purchased the event for Hogan/Andre)

Wrestlemania IV- Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant (The tournament for the vacant title was big, but I think this rematch is what made it interesting)

Wrestlemania V- Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

Wrestlemania VI- Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior

Wrestlemania VII- Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter

Wrestlemania VIII- Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice (This will be the first mania that I call a "no draw" because of the fact that Hogan's run was becoming stale, and most fair weathered fans are not going to be eager to see a match between Savage and Flair. One man was the number 2 protagonist behind Hogan, and the other guy only made his name in the NWA, not the WWE. I don't even think a main event match between Hogan and Flair would have drawn. The recent True Story of Wrestlemania even has some guy who works behind the scenes claiming that Hogan and Flair were already drawing disappointing crowds.)

Wrestlemania IX- Bret Hart vs Yokozuna (Another no draw as it was more of a transitional Wresltemania if anything. Bret Hart was popular among long time fans but he was not necessarily an attraction that was on Hogan's level. Hell, the end of the show proved that. But anyway going into the show, it seems that Vince was promoting the match between the fighting champion vs the rookie monster)

Wrestlemania X- Bret Hart/Lex Luger/Yokozuna and the WWE title (Another no draw. This was a good Wrestlemania among those that were already fans of the product. But with Vince Mcmahon still grooming the New Gen guys, no one else was there to carry the show. Savage had a match against Crush, but by 1992, who the hell was Randy Savage? I doubt that great ladder match between two upper midcarders was able to draw anyone. I honestly think that Luger should have won the title though. If they were willing to give a test run to Nash for an entire year, why did they not try with Lex? Contrary to popular belief, they never really gave him a chance. They had some good heels for him to run through at the time in Diesel, Yokozuna, Tatanka, etc.. He could of even had a babyface match against Bret at Summerslam that year)

Wrestlemania XI- Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow (No one cared about HBK/Diesel). I do not know if this Mania was a huge draw or not but Taylor was a pretty big celebrity at the time and maybe just maybe some outsiders wanted to see the show in order to see LT wrestle.

Wrestlemania XII- Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (Another no draw despite one of the greatest matches in wrestling history taking place. HBK and Bret probably drew with the fanbase of that time, but they were not really mega draws. Some people probably understand what I am talking about. These two are probably in the top 5 most talented of all time but not top 5 draws.)

Wrestlemania XIII- Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (A no draw because of what I said about Bret earlier, and the fact that Austin was not a megastar yet. This match made him, but that was after the show, not before it. I just realized that all the Wrestelmania's from the New Generation besides MAYBE XI were no draws and this was considered a down period for business.)

Wrestlemania XIV- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels featuring Mike Tyson (Tyson and Austin, and the fresh feud between Austin/Mcmahon sold this show. The WWE is finally back on track due to a red hot rising star in Austin, and one of the most popular celebrities/athletes in the world at the time in Tyson. Shawn was a top heel at the time so was therefore the guy to drop the strap to Austin by default. Whether he faced Shawn or Bret at this Mania, it was going to be Steve's moment. Had Bret stayed this would have been Austin getting redemption for Mania 13.)

I will do the other fourteen in my next post for this thread.
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Re: So who were the big draws for each WM?

Some ridiculous points in the OP("no one cares about Diesel/Michaels" or all the "no draws")

In terms of selling point matches for WM:

1. Hogan - 1-8, 18, 19 - 10 WMs.
2. Rock - 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 27, 28 - 7 WMs.
3. HBK - 12, 14, 20, 24, 25, 26 - 6 WMs.
4. Bret - 9, 10, 12, 13, 26 - 5 WMs.
5. HHH - 16, 20, 21, 22, 25 - 5 WMs.
6. Austin - 13, 14, 15, 17 - 4 WMs.
7. Savage - 4, 5, 8 - 3 WMs.
8. Flair - 8, 20, 24 - 3 WMs.
9. Orton/Foley/Andre/Vince/Big Show/Taker/Batista/Cena - 2 WMs.
10. Lesnar/Goldberg/Warrior/Piper/Sid/Orndorff/Slaughter/Luger/Benoit/Trump/Mayweather etc - WM.

The matches:
WM1. Hogan/T/Piper/Orndorff/Celebrities, WM2. Hogan/Bundy, WM3. Hogan/Andre, WM4. Hogan/Andre, WM5. Hogan/Savage, WM6. Hogan/Warrior, WM7. Hogan/Slaughter, WM8. Hogan/Sid, WM18. Hogan/Rock, WM19. Hogan/Vince.

WM15. Rock/Austin, WM16. Rock/Foley/Show/HHH, WM17. Rock/Austin, WM18. Rock/Hogan, WM20. Rock/Sock/Evolution, WM27. Rock as GH, WM28. Rock/Cena.

WM12. HBK/Hart, WM14. HBK/Austin/Tyson, WM20. HBK/Benoit/HHH, WM24. HBK/Flair, WM25. HBK/Taker, WM26. HBK/Taker.

WM9. Hart/Yokozuna, WM10. Hart/Luger/Yokozuna, WM12. Hart/HBK, WM13. Hart/Austin, WM26. Hart/Vince.

WM16. HHH/Rock/Foley/Show, WM20. HHH/Benoit/HBK, WM21. HHH/Batista, WM22. HHH/Cena, WM25. HHH/Orton.

WM13. Austin/Hart, WM14. Austin/HBK/Tyson, WM15. Austin/Rock, WM17. Austin/Rock.

WM4. Savage/DiBiase, WM5. Savage/Hogan, WM8. Savage/Flair.

WM8. Flair/Savage, WM20. Evolution/Rock/Sock, WM24. Flair/HBK.

The highest grossing WM was 28 - Rock/Cena.
The biggest gate for a WM was 28 with $8.9 million - Rock/Cena.
The biggest domestic buyrate was WM17 - Rock/Austin.
The biggest international buyrate was WM28 - Rock/Cena(Rock's power worldwide, otherwise, the markets are down everywhere).
The biggest overall buyrate is going to be WM28 in a few months - Rock/Cena.

One of the most impressive numbers, if not THE, was WM5 - Macho Man vs Hulk Hogan because they drew record number of 700k+ domestic when the availability of PPV was extremely low back then and only a few did bigger than that to this day when you have access to PPV in every house. The brilliant year storyline of The Mega Powers is one of the best of all time and they did amazing business together on the road and on PPV.

If Rock plans to work 3 more WMs, he will be at the Top with Hogan. He's going to work WM29 and %99.999 WM30, so he will be almost there in a year and a half.

Selling point matches means the matches that got the most interest and promotion before the event, their place on the card is irrelevant, for example Jericho/HHH at WM18 wasn't the selling point in any way. It based on the momentum of the program before the event, the star power and the position of the stars at that time.

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Re: So who were the big draws for each WM?

Wrestlemania XV- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock featuring Vince Mcmahon (The Rock was hot at the time and was on his way to being the Savage to Austin's Hogan but Mcmahon/Austin was still the hot ticket at the time. Austin/Rock was more of a sub fued and a very good sub fued of the Mcmahon/Austin feud.)

Wrestlemania 2000- The Rock vs Triple H vs Mick Foley vs The Big Show featuring the Mcmahon Family (Austin not being present at the time was probably the reason for stacking this match, but The Rock would have been able to sell this show headlining against Triple H in a singles match. Hell, what happened the next month at Backlash probably should have happened at Wrestlemania. This would have been a perfect set up for an Austin/HHH feud in which Hunter is pissed that Austin caused him to lose the title and HHH even revealing himself as the man who ran Austin over, or at least the mastermind behind it. It could have been similar to the Cena/Rock feud in which HHH could have been the one building up the match while Austin was still on his break due to injury. A huge way to build up to Wrestlemania XVII)

Wrestlemania XVII- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock- (Some matches don't need an explanation. It's similar to the Hogan matches from the earlier Mania's.)

Wrestlemania XVIII- Hulk Hogan vs The Rock- I wonder if the crowd would have been as pro Hogan had he faced Austin instead. It probably would have been 50/50.

Wrestlemania XIX- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock, Hulk Hogan vs Vince Mcmahon- (This card was pretty stacked, but these two matches stand out from the rest (Like I said, this thread is just my opinion). Lesnar vs Angle to me was more like the Bret/Shawn Iron Man Match in the fact that it was probably big among hardcore fans only. It was cool to see two amateur wrestlers headline the show, but I do not think they sold the show.)

Wrestlemania XX- The milestone itself (Besides that it did feature the greatest Triple Threat I have ever seen, the return of the Deadman, and an amazing atmosphere in the Goldber vs Lesnar match, but there really was not mega match on the show. It was a celebration more than anything. A traditionalist Wrestlemania.)

Wrestlemania XXI- Batista vs Triple H ( A no draw. This Mania was more about torch passing than anything else. Randy Orton had a great showing against Undertaker, John Cena won his first championship against JBL, and Batista ended the reign of Triple H to win his first title. It was truly the end of HHH's stranglehold on the World Heavyweight Championship.)

Wrestlemania XXII- John Cena vs Triple H (This one is noted for the true beginning of the anti Cena campaign. Sure, he was booed in late 2005 but it really picked up with this match against HHH. To me it was a sign that long time fans were starting to see that the WWE was about to start a new cycle with a new generation of fans brought in by John Cena. For Attitude Era fans, this was a bitter pill to swallow which is why they still shit on Cena to this day, but Vince made the right decision in moving forward.)

Wrestlemania XXIII- Battle of the Billionaires, John Cena vs Shawn Michaels, Batista vs The Undertaker- (Donald Trump brought alot of mainstream press for this Wrestlemania, while John Cena was still trying to prove himself to the old guard of wrestling fans by keeping up with HBK, and The Undertaker facing an amazing threat to his streak in Batista, who by this time was sharing the top spot with Cena.)

Wrestlemania XXIV- Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show (Mayweather was HUGE (not from a physical standpoint) during this time and still is today. This is still in my opinion the most well produced Wrestlemania of all time. Just a great show from top to bottom. A great atmosphere, it felt like a big time show. Each match was placed perfectly on the card. From the opening match between JBL and Finlay to the main event between Taker and Edge. No other Mania has surpassed this show since. Mania 28 came close but this Mania still has a better vibe to it that I can't explain.)

Wrestlemania XXV- Randy Orton vs Triple H, and the milestone itself (It was not technically the 25th anniversary but it was marketed as such. This mania to me was kind of anti climactic due to the main event. HHH vs Randy Orton was one of those matches where a clusterfuck ending is justified. The feud was so personal that this match should not have ended the way it did. I am not saying that HHH should not have won, I am saying that this was a match where interference by both Legacy and the Mcmahon family would have been justified. The match itself was good, but could see that when HHH hit that final pedigree that most of the fans heads turned toward the entrance way to see who would come down to interefere. This should have been a Nitro/Attitude Era style main event. A complete clusterfuck with an exciting ending. Oh yeah, HBK/Taker did live up to the hype but I think it was only a draw amongst hardcore fans, not fair weathered fans. For example it drew me in, but not the people I watched it with. They ended up enjoying it, but before that match happened, it was not the reason they came over to watch with me. It was actually the HHH/Orton feud. And just like me they were disappointed with the ending to the main event.)

Wrestlemania XXVI- John Cena vs Batista, The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart vs Vince Mcmahon (A high stakes match between two legends. A match between the top two names at the time in Batista and Cena. A return of a legend who wants to get his hands on the man who ruined his professional life. I am in.)

Wrestlemania XXVII- John Cena vs The Miz featuring The Rock (This was the start of the feud between Rock and Cena, and I will actually agree that Miz was kind of an afterthought. Hell, you could say that the Rock attacking Cena was more important than the Miz retaining his title despite the fact that most champions do not retain at Wrestlemania. It was basically Wrestlemania XXVIII part I)

Wrestlemania XXVIII- The Rock vs John Cena


Wrestlemania XXIX- The Rock vs John Cena (I honestly think Cena should not win the title until this night. It would be long journey for him, and may actually be pretty emotional when it happens. After losing to the Miz at Mania 27, getting his top spot threatened by Punk, losing to The Rock at Mania 28, being bullied by Lesnar and possibly Punk and Heyman. What a way to end it all by beating the man who started Cena's downfall...........The Rock. Add beating him for the WWE title.)

Wrestlemania XXX- John Cena vs The Undertaker (Even if Austin comes back to face Punk (for some reason, people want to see that match) I think Taker/Cena gets the main even spot. There was a thread a while back where some posters said that the biggest match in the business right now is Taker/Cena at Wrestlemania and they are right. I seriously cannot think of any other match eclipsing the importance of this one. You can pair any two wrestlers together and they will not headline over John Cena vs The Undertaker. Not only that, but this may be the match in which biggest result in Wrestlemania history goes down in the history books, capped off with the most anticipated heel turn in a long time. I am just flabbergasted thinking about it. I am actually happy that they did not waste Cena's heel turn on Rock. I would even put this match on the level of Hogan vs Andre in that it may dictate the future of the WWE. The earthquake has already started has started, and I am now just waiting for the volcanic eruption. I could be exaggerating but I don't care. Some will say keep Taker undefeated or give it to someone who needs it. Cena is really the only guy I trust with this accolade. Then again, Taker might win. See this is why this match needs to happen.
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Re: So who were the big draws for each WM?

Agreed with mostly everything but few inconsistencies there which i dont particularly mind. So whatever.

Might as will post the Top 6 biggest Wrestlemanias, interms of buys post boom period -

1. WM 23 - 1.25 million buys (Also the highest domestic since the boom period - 821,000)
2. WM 28 - 1.21 million buys (Second highest domestic - 701,000)
3. WM 27 - 1.12 million buys
4. WM 21 - 1.09 million buys
5. WM 24 - 1.04 million buys
6. WM 20 - 1.02 million buys
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Re: So who were the big draws for each WM?

I feel Taker should be higher on that list, his matches have been a draw for a few years now.

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Re: So who were the big draws for each WM?

I'll try with the 'modern' ones as well as I can tell.

WM15: Stone Cold vs The Rock
WM2000: The fatal four way with each McMahon in one person's corner
WM17: Stone Cold vs The Rock Part 2
WM18: The Rock vs Hulk Hogan
WM19: A collection of Hogan/McMahon, Austin/Rock III and Lesnar/Angle
WM20: Again, numerous matches drew. Rock n Sock/Evolution, Benoit/HHH/HBK, Goldberg/Lesnar, The Deadman's return.
WM21: Batista/HHH and to a lesser extent, Cena/JBL. And the introduction of MITB, I guess. You can add Akebono for a select few people maybe.
WM22: John Cena vs HHH
WM23: Donald Trump
WM24: Floyd Mayweather and Undertaker/Edge.
WM25: HHH vs Randy Orton
WM26: Shawn Michaels' career on the line vs Undertaker's streak
WM27: "What will The Rock do?" and Snooki.
WM28: The Rock vs John Cena
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