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Miz winning the MITB was the point of fuck up.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

Originally Posted by ChickMagnet12 View Post
Don't be so shallow, in my comments I didn't say Miz was a credible challenger to Cena. Hence why it will be remembered as the worst main event ever. For the sheer effort the guy gave to transition himself from the real world to being a wrestler that is headlining Wrestlemania is something that is worth a compliment any day.
A lot of people have put more effort than The Miz and received nothing in return, he deserved praise for his hard work, but he didn't have to go ruining Mania's main event on everyone, and as bad as the match and show was, I think it would have been somewhat salvaged at the end with a Cena win.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

If it makes you feel any better, even with Miz winning, he was just an afterthought the entire time. It was always about Cena/Rocky.
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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

It was so ridiculous that Miz won the WWE title and main eventer Wrestlmania. I remember years ago when Edge won the WWE Championship for the first time with the Money in the Bank. They took the belt off him so early. Apparently because they thought he wasn't ready to main event Mania. Yet years later the Miz was ok doing.

As someone already said, Miz main evented one of the worst WM main events in one of the worst Wrestlmanias in history. Such a terrible choice, that and his crappy title reign which was just awful.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

Miz winning was correct. It was an obvious set up for Rock Cena at 28. He was just a pawn, really.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

Miz is ok to me, but Miz winning the Main-Event was one of the worse decisions in the last 10 years. Hell, he shouldn't even have been the WWE champ heading into Mania but I guess they had no one else to face Cena.

In reference to the match setting up Cena/Rock, Rock could of gave him the Rock Bottom after the match. This is probably one of the only situations where I actually wanted Cena to win since 2005.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

Miz winning may have been to set up Cena/Rock, but after the match was made official they didn't mention it anymore.
Hell i don't think Cena even mentioned it in his promo on RAW the night after.

I liked Miz and was happy to see him win the title, but i didn't think he'd make it to WM and wanted Punk/Cena to happen after Punk in-ring return.
The only thing i was looking forward to was Punk/Orton (the match, hated the build-up) & The Rock, Punk/Orton was disappointing, Rhodes/Mysterio was really good and Taker/HHH was my MOTY till MITB.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

He should have either dropped the title at WrestleMania or carried it for longer, if I could change on thing it would be for Summerslam that year to be held in Chicago, have Miz drop it at MITB to Cena and then start 'Summer of Punk' for Summerslam.

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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

Originally Posted by KOB View Post
Was The Miz winning the main event of Wrestlemania against John Cena one of Vinnie Mac and WWE's greatest blunders in recent years? Obviously this guy should never have main evented the show in the first place, he's f*cking embarrassing, if ever there was a "Sports Entertainer" this guy is it. I'm no Cena fan, but Cena should definitely have won this, nobody took seriously or even cared that the Miz won, Cena won back the belt a month later and now where is Miz? Back with a mid card title, looking back at this match makes me sick, I can't see any reason for why Cena shouldn't have gone over here and given a nice ending to the show. It's really a shame JBL didn't succeed in forcing Miz out of wrestling.
Where the hell you came from? Wrestlemania 27 past away almost two years ago and you still talking about that.
And I don't know why you have so much negativity against the miz, He's one of the best current in ring performers and mic workers. Also he did a tremendous job as a champion. His title reign was probably best in PG era years. So all haters shut up right now.
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Re: Miz winning the ME of Wrestlemania?

It was a big mistake to have him in the main event. The Moz is just not good enough for main eventing WRESTLEMANIA and as seen, he dropped down to the midcard instantly after losing the title.
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