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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Match Discussion

I wonder if Brock is somehow going to be inserted into this WWE Championship scenario. Right now I cannot picture Cena being excluded so the rumors about Rock/Cena II and Taker/Lesnar may be true unless they find some way to put Taker and Cena together so Rock and Lesnar clash at Mania; Brock would win one of the Chamber Contender's matches. I can't see Lesnar winning the Rumble again but with Cena I do (Chamber match too) if WWE wanted to set up Rock/Cena in January.

Rock/Punk at Rumble of course.

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Match Discussion

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
Austin could ref the match at Rumble and Punk get's annoyed with him and pushes Austin and Steve stuns him. Rock wins, goes into Mania as champ and Punk get's his match with Steve.
That is what I was thinking. The 2 feuds would put Punk way over than he is already.

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Re: WM 29 Main Event Rock vs Cena II

Yeah, the bloody Twitter polls really wind me up, just write a decent fucking scenario wwe ffs, oh and I bet anything it'll be Rock-Cena....again, once was more than enough.
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Re: WM 29 Main Event Rock vs Cena II

Well for my money I'm kind of leaning toward wanting to see Taker vs. Undertaker for the title, though I wish they would have Foley be Undertaker's opponent. Sure Cena vs. Rock will still draw, but that's only if your not interested in receiving more buys than last year. From what I know Rock and Undertaker are considered pretty good friends in real life, but yet knowing WWE somehow I don't believe Undertaker is being allowed to choose his WM opponent. So with that said WWE will likely book Rock vs. Cena II and Undertaker vs. Lesnar. Plus anyone who would want to see Rock in what is likely to be his last match against Cena over the Undertaker must of thought Rock vs. Cena was match of the year worthy. I think the card should look something like this:
Austin vs. Punk
Rock vs. Undertaker (Title vs. Streak)
Cena vs. Lesnar
Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan
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Re: WM 29 Main Event Rock vs Cena II

If it ends up being this, I'm going to be annoyed. Very annoyed. Right off the bat with the way they interacted you could tell that Punk and Rock work together 10 times better than Cena and Rock.
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Re: WM 29 Main Event Rock vs Cena II

From what I saw last night I think there just trying to get people to cheer for cena, because he's about to take the belt from punk. I think the royal rumble could end up being a triple threat match cena, punk, rock. Rock wins and punk has already had his rematch, so it's cena vs rock 2 at mania. The rumble winner faces the world heavyweight champion. I thought last night was fucking awful. I hate when wwe trys to force feed the face of the company as super man. I hated it with hogan, and I hate it even more with cena.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Match Discussion

Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan35 View Post
Rock/Punk program must happen.
I hope they do it. And I hope Punk retains all the way to the Rumble (as it would be that much more epic if Punk went into the match with Rock at the 2013 Rumble as the defending Champion, having won the title in 2011)...

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Match Discussion

Originally Posted by rockymark94 View Post
With the crowd being close to msg and smarks all around the world we can def expect "fuck you cena chants" and other chants that would accomodate the heel heat. But then if Cena turns heel, would you turn Punk face again to combat the heel Cena to get Punk over as the face of the company?
Yeah, Cena will definitely get the heat he always gets at Wrestlemania, but that's also another perfect opportunity to finally pull the trigger on the damn heel turn. I have heard that they are planning to make Sheamus their new Cena, which you can predict by the dominant booking and unlike Punk, Sheamus actually truly has the look if you discount the goofy paleness. (not tattooed up, loaded with muscle and strength, also friendly in person)

But if they want Punk to become Cena's replacement, it's easy if they can get Austin to turn up. Rock beats heel Punk at Rumble and the story for Rock/Cena is already written down in the post you quoted. Austin can just interrupt an arrogant heel promo by Punk on the RTWM and they are set after that. They have their Mania match and at the end, they shake hands and Punk turns face again.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Match Discussion

Originally Posted by SpeedStick View Post
Royal Rumble 2013
CM Punk (c) vs The Rock for the belt, Rock win

Cena win the Royal Rumble

Wrestlemania 29
The Rock (c) vs John Cena
This appears to be the direction. Cena wins at WM, Rock starts planning retirement/Headlines HOF for 2014.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Is Rock gonna be at every RAW from Post Rumble to Mania? otherwise im confused how hes gonna be the WWE Champ?

Do I have everybody's attention now?
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