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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by CM Punk Is A God View Post
The Rock will probably win the Championship at the Rumble and defend the Title at WrestleMania against Cena and Punk. I would hate to see Punk's 400+ Championship reign end at the Rumble though.
So would I. I mean, I'm not big CM Punk mark, but I feel ending such a big reign at any place besides Wrestlemania isn't fitting, and it's too predictable that he'll lose at the Rumble.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by BrosOfDestruction View Post
TRS, you are in the UK right? I wouldn't stay up that in that case either. You can easily watch it on YT and skip through all the BS.

I'm probably gonna watch it live for the first time in months. Well, not live because The Score has a 15 min delay in Canada. WAGG you stream or watch on the Score?
Watch it on the tv for guaranteed quality. Would stream, but don't wanna miss any moments. I like that it's only a 15 min delay now instead of an hour.

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

There is nothing wrong with Punk's reign coming to an end at the Rumble. If's too predictable losing the title at Rumble then it will also be predictable for him to lose the title at WM as people would expect that to happen. Having +400 day reign as champion and losing it to a high profile name like the Rock sounds fine. It still puts Punk over IMO. His reign could have been worse considering they wanted to end the reign on TLC 2011 due to the ratings he was drawing. Then they were planning on giving Bryan the title but went against that. Of course, I don't know if these statements are true because it's from the dirtsheets and that doesn't make them 100% reliable.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

I'm wondering how Punk is going to come off during this match? Is he going to be the ultimate coward like he is against the Ryback, or is he going to front up and give a good quality match, with occasional heel moves?

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

im in between on this one. its really the only thing keeping me well invested in wwe at the moment.
At first i thought "theres no way rock will win at the RR and do a Road to Wrestlemania week in week out as champion and work full time."
but now.. seeing the pics of how he is lookin in better shape than he left in, and how ready he looks to hit the ring i am not so sure he wont!
either way it will be a toss up, in the end though i guess i have to say Punk wins and takes the massive push becomes face of the company over cena and leads wwe out of the darkness of the pg era FTW! haha but thats at least what i as a fan hope!

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by CM Punk Is A God View Post
The Rock will probably win the Championship at the Rumble and defend the Title at WrestleMania against Cena and Punk. I would hate to see Punk's 400+ Championship reign end at the Rumble though.
No, that's not going to happen.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Those of you who say Punk "needs" to go over Rock, or Rock cannot hold the belt at all before Mania either
-Haven't watched the product before 2003
-Are hardcore analysts instead of just wrestling fans
-Are ironically the same ones who bash the PG state of the WWE as Punk in his current state represents what's wrong with the current product(not as much as Cena)
-All of the above.

Bottom line is if the WWE wants any positive press heading into Mania, if they want more fans to come in(especially the older fans who they've completely alienated over the years), Rock "needs" to be champ.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Honestly i wanna see a more aggressive, or a heel John Cena beat The Rock at WM. The last year. reading the IWC go crazy over Rock and still keep on hating Cena despite the fact that he let Rock win at WM, just makes me want to see him beat Rock even more.

Since they are going ahead with a rematch, hopefully things get more heated this time than the usual 'Fruity Pebble, Truth Fairy' stuff.

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

I hope The Rock doesn't go Wrestlemania as WWE champion.
Cause it's so obvious that then Cena will beat him for WWE championship.
Even if Rock wins at Rumble, hope he loses at Elimination Chamber and feud with someone else than Cena.

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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

For me, it's a tough call on who I want to win the Rumble. I mean it's my favorite wrestler currently against one of my all-time favorites. Punk has had a great, long run and I'd be more than fine with Rock ending it. However, here's how I look at it.

If Rock beats Punk for the title, there's no reason for Rock/Lesnar. Not to mention Rock will probably face the Rumble winner if it's Cena or Ryback, so that's that. Punk will probably go on talking about how he's going to do something bigger than being WWE Champion for 400+ days, and throws a challenge out to Undertaker. Lesnar then unfortunately faces HHH, and so we get two rematches that don't need to happen and a streak match that isn't quite up to the level it should be after the last four WM streak matches. Now granted, they could also go with Taker/Lesnar and Punk/HHH, but even then I'm not sure I'd want to see Cena take the title off of Rock, which is what will happen if Rock/Cena II takes place. Only way I'd be fine with that is if Cena turns heel, but I don't think I'll ever expect a heel turn from Cena again. If it happens, great! But if not, it won't disappoint me as much as usual.

However, if Punk beats Rock at the Rumble, it would make sense due to the Heyman connection for Lesnar to cost Rock the title. This would be a perfect set-up for the Rock/Lesnar match, and doesn't throw the title into a match with two guys who won't be there after Wrestlemania. Taker/Cena can happen as well. The biggest mainstream match and the biggest pure WWE match both on the same show would surely draw in a million plus buys alone, and maybe even draw in the biggest buyrate of all time if done correctly. Meanwhile for Punk, he'll put his 500 day title reign on the line once and for all against Ryback, with no interference allowed or Punk is stripped of the title. Ryback ends Punk's reign and is the new face of the company (to the dismay of plenty, I know). Taker beats Cena, Rock beats Lesnar, and Taker/Rock is set up for Wrestlemania 30 at some point down the line.

And if people still want Rock to win the WWE Championship, he could always take the title off Ryback at Summerslam or something... granted if he's not staying for at least Night of Champions to put Ryback or somebody full-time over for the title, I'd be against that. Or maybe he wins the title, and the MITB winner cashes in on Rock and beats him, and then that MITB winner and Ryback go on to feud. The MITB winner would drop the title to Ryback, and would face Rock at RR where Rock would beat him, and then we go to the WM30 build up from there between Taker and Rock in the biggest streak match of all time, along with Punk/Austin in a dream match, Cena/Ryback in a "passing of the torch" match, and Lesnar against either Sheamus, Orton, or some other top face in the brawl/brutal match of Mania. That all would be my ideal set-up going into Wrestlemania 30. After that, I have no fucking idea what they could do.

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