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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by JAROTO View Post
Please, nooo
Not a huge fan of it, but I do see the logic it in.

Allows Punk to Main Event a Mania.

Makes it easier for WWE to do one more Rock v Cena match after WM 29.

Covers gaps in Rock's schedule.
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Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

So for months now there have been rumors/speculation that WWE wants to have a rematch between The Rock and John Cena in 2013. Most seem to think the match will most likely happen at Wrestlemania 29. I for one hope this isn't the case. However, I do think their should be a rematch....just not on PPV.

If WWE were smart, they should hold the rematch during an episode of Monday Night Raw. Totally hype up the match for a few weeks. Build it as Rock's first match on Raw in over a decade. A rematch on Raw between the two would help out in many ways, such as spiking up the ratings on Raw, as well as help lead up to Wrestlemania 29.

What does everyone think of this idea?
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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

That is really stupid. Sorry, but it is. The match they had last time made them millions of dollars at Wrestlemania. Why would they throw away to make even MORE money by wasting a match like that on RAW? I don't want to be mean, but damn, this is a stupid idea.
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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

Erm spike the ratings on RAW for one week or add an extra $200-300k of buys for Wrestlemania 29? Hmmm I wonder which one is the better idea.
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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

Nah, they're not going to waste a lucrative match Rock/Cena (it's obviously not as lucrative now that its been done but it's still a match people will pay to see) on a random RAW, I actually don't think it will be just Rock/Cena I think that Punk will be added to the mix to make it a triple threat (and take place at Mania)

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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

no way in hell would Rock/Cena II happening on RAW is a good decision, sorry, but why would you pick a quick rating over 1 million buys for WM ?

WCW did that in 98 with Goldberg/Hogan and they lost themselves millions of dollars in revenues

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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

It was bad enough the first time around, I wound want to see it ever again. I believe it was the most forced feud in recent history and felt totally unnatural. It lacked genuine intensity like Cena Vs Punk, HHH Vs Lesnar, The Undertaker Vs HBK, The Rock Vs Stone Cold.

But the truth of the matter is that as long as it draws money that is all that matters.

Unfortunately it will happen so Cena can get the win back, but seriously The Rock Vs Cena was built for a total year, forced down out throats on every WWE TV show every week, documentaries made and so much time wasted. The Rock Vs CM Punk with an hour or so of TV and a bit of twitter banter already feels more intense and real than The Rock/Cena combined.

Cena and Rock are great in there own right in other feuds but for me this one just didn't work visually and through entertainment but did through $$$$$$.
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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

I hope Rock puts over someone on the full time roster that's NOT Cena. In my ideal world Ziggler wins the Rumble, cashes in at EC and faces Rock for the title at WM. Unified titles/new star, killing two birds with one stone. But can you just imagine DEM BUYS if it was Rock vs Lesnar for the title? It would bury the entire full time roster, but it would be massive buck for WWE.

Cena can face Taker for the streak, it would be an interesting match for sure, can't see Cena losing three WMs in a row.

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
you guys are losers, i cant believe you actually watch wrestling

i just sit at home and watch the tickets being sold off the ticketmaster website to see whos drawing

sometimes if the show is in town, i feel extra daring and go to the arena and watch them sell tickets IN PERSON

other day i started jerking off in the ticket both at all that DRAWING and had to be escorted out of the arena
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Re: Rock vs. Cena rematch 2013

I never want to see Rock vs Cena again. It was bad enough that we had to tolerate a year of the same promos "I'm here every week Rock never shows up blah blah fruity pebble.. blah blah via satellite. ugh. The match wasn't that great either.
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

When is The Rock finally going to insult Punk back or even drop a worked shoot pipebomb on him like he did against Cena last year on youtube?
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