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Re: Would anyone actually want to see Rock Vs Cena II?

Originally Posted by Rayfain View Post
I don't.
1. It makes a mockery of the "Once In A Lifetime" build up they did.
2. There's no way they would have Cena lose again, and I have no interest in watching a predictable match at a regular PPV never mind as the main event of Wrestlemania.
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Re: Does The Rock defend at Elimination Chamber??

No not really. Just seeing Rock wrestle is good enough for me. Rock being champion or not doesn't bother me. But we all know Rock is pinning him.
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Re: Does The Rock defend at Elimination Chamber??

Well, I guess we're going to find out next year.
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Re: Would anyone actually want to see Rock Vs Cena II?

People make too big of a deal with the whole "Once in a lifetime" tagline that was used and remember just because they say once in a lifetime, doesn't mean it's the one and only time. Those complaining, probably wanted CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan every single PPV. Rock vs Cena will have a different build and different storyline this time around.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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I think giving Rock a title match...

is a slap in the face to everyone in the locker room. He is off in Hollywood doing movies and whatnot for the past 7 years and then he decides to come back and just gets a title match? I understand what he has done for the company, one of my favorites, but what about the guys that are busting there ass day in and day out? He is never on Raw except once or twice every few months when it fits into his scedule. How does he even merit a title match with having 2 matches in the last 7 years? Yet, guys like Rhodes, Christian, etc that are great talent is stuck in the midcard getting little to no push at all.

The best damn heel of all time.

Originally Posted by finalnight
No, HHH's last match will be a gauntlet match where he beats the WWE, WHC, Tag Champions, US, and IC Champions with a shovel.

he'll then turn to a computer screen with wrestlingforum on it and do the DX chop and scream 'suck it!'
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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post

If I was booking Rock until WM29. Rock comes back for RAW 20 years, destroying Punk with a brutal beatdown(Which at this point is already a half comedy/chickenshit heel after Cena beat him 100 times clean). In the Rumble Lesnar is winning the match. Rock beating Mysterio to win the belt, WM29 Rock/Brock, Rock going over. Next night Taker comes out after beating Cena, saying that his only true challenge is The Rock, Rock drops the belt, saying that the streak is even bigger. Rock/Taker WM30, official from the night after WM29. At Summerslam 2013, if Rock wants/can work that PPV, he can wrestle Orton in a "battle of the 3rd generation superstars".

Love everything about this plan except Rock just dropping the title on the floor. I would have Rock defend the belt against Punk or even Cena the night after Mania (Rock/Brock @ Mania), with Taker causing a distraction with the gong/lights going off. Cena/Punk gets the title with Taker/Rock staring at each other, maybe Taker can do a cut throat taunt to Rock. On a Raw later in the year before Mania packages go on sale officially sign Rock/Taker after they have a promo together talking about why they are having the match.

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Re: I think giving Rock a title match...

yeah you're right.. they should give it to jack swagger instead...

#1 Kofi Fan!

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Re: I think giving Rock a title match...

To vince its all about brining the money in he's a business man, more people will pay to watch a PPV with rock holding the title then they are with rhodes.

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Re: Does The Rock defend at Elimination Chamber??

Rock probally won't be at EC. His schedule is not as open as last year with having to promote GI Joe.

I don't see how you can have the Rumble winner picking the Smackdown title over headlining Wrestlemania against the Rock.

That reeks of retardness. John Cena should win the Rumble and Elimination Chamber should just have 1 EC match for the Smackdown title and that's it.

You can have Punk and Cena finish their feud with a grueling match ala Austin Triple H before WM 17.
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Re: Would anyone actually want to see Rock Vs Cena II?

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Considering their last match had terrible build and was a shitty match, I have absolutely zero interest in seeing them wrestle each other again. I wanna see Brock go MMA on Rock and murder him like he did Cena, even if Brock suddenly loses at the end or not . Just watching Rock get mauled will make me happy .

Wouldn't happen, Rock's his boy.
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