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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
Probably yeah. Undertaker is startign to look old now that he isn't on the road. I kinda wish he'd hang em up though. He should just beat Cena at WM 29 and retire. I don't want to see him turn into Ric Flair in all honesty.

after the fucking 30 chair shots and 6 sledgehammer shots and 4 pedigrees and sweet chin music and STILL WASN'T PINNED against Triple H, are we supposed to believe anyone is a threat to him? John Cena would need an AK 47 to have a chance.
Taker wrestled better than Flair when Flair was at Taker's current age.

And that AK-47 might be stretching things out a bit.
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Re: Is it possible that Taker carries on to WM30?

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
He doesn't need it, it would be stupid. 20 and 0 is a perfect number for him to go out on, the moment where him, HBK and HHH are all on the stage with each other is a fitting end to his career and pretty much the only thing on that PPV worthy of being called a "WrestleMania moment", and any Streak match from this point forward is anti-climactic. How do you sell a nearfall at Mania and have people believe it after what they've just seen? I'll admit it, there were certain times in that match...they had me. I was worried Triple H was going to end the Streak when HBK and HHH did the SCM/Pedigree combo. But after kicking out of everything he did at this Mania, it's done. He CAN'T lose. They couldn't convince me that Brock Lesnar and The Rock in a handicap match were a threat to the Streak after what we've seen this year.
This is so true. Tyrion taking after his namesake yet again. I mean, there were times that I thought and (oh noes, I'm flame bait) hoped Trips pinned Taker, ESPECIALLY after the SCM Pedigree combo. They still sold everything well, although it's unbelieveable Taker had more energy than the game at the end. Yeah, it's still a toss up for me, as Taker does put on a great show, to see him face Brock. I think those two actually have bad blood, so I really wouldn't advise it, but if anyone I felt was credible enough to take the streak it would be Brock or Sheamus (as he'd have a long decent career and huge bump from taking the streak and be good for business). I think I have one more chance to suspend my disbelief for the fun of having one of those two take on Taker, but damn that HHH match was cheap.
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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

just popping in to give you guys the top 5 streak matches (imo) match quality wise

1. vs Shawn Michaels WM25
2. vs Edge WM24
3. vs HBK WM26
4. vs Orton WM21
5. vs HHH WM28
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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

man im hoping for brock lesnar vs the undertaker at mania 29 just to be able to see that match live will be beyond epic. i think wwe will want to do that match because brocks rumored to be leaving wwe after mania 29 next year so it would be perfect to do it there, and then at wm 30 which will be takers retirement i truly think he faces john cena! thats the way i see it i mean i doubt were gonna get taker vs hhh 4, or taker vs rock i think well never get to see that match at mania. brock vs taker all the way for mania 29 im in for it!
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undertaker/hhh wm27 or wm28

which match do you think is better and why
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Do you think the Undertaker's streak can be ended now?

Of course i'm sure if WWE wanted to they could have ended it anytime. But the reason why I ask is because now that Undertaker's streak is 20-0, I just feel like any matches afterward could result in a loss. The next ideal time to have Undertaker retire indefinitely from WWE would be 25-0, but the question is whether or not he would continue to wrestle for another 5 years. Hell he may not even wrestle at next years Wrestlmania, and could retire before then but who knows. But getting back on topic. Now that Taker has gotten to 20-0, I feel there is no pressure to keep him undefeated. 20 is a beautiful number() to retire on, but that does not mean he that he can't retire at 20-1, or 21-1 etc. WWE could easily pull the rug from underneath and end it in quite an unpredictable way. But that being said, they could have done that for a long time as well.

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Re: Do you think the Undertaker's streak can be ended now?


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Re: Do you think the Undertaker's streak can be ended now?

Ever since WM i have said 20-0 is the end IMHO, that The Undertaker would indeed retire, if it is true Vince/WWE want him to continue for at least a couple more then im not so sure now, like you say 20-0 is a great number, to me there is no pressure to continue, not even against Cena which everyone seems to want,

Also can Taker still 'go' next year, i have to be honest, yes he is one my all time greats but im just not sure, and VS who?

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Re: Do you think the Undertaker's streak can be ended now?

undertaker should retire at 20-0, it's an impressive accolade number and I think it shouldn't be break for anything in the world, just end it there
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Re: Do you think the Undertaker's streak can be ended now?

Sure it can, especially since he returned this week instead of retiring with 20-0.
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