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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Punk doesn't need an honor, he needs an accomplishment, the WrestleMania main event. After a 433 day title reign, facing Undertaker at WrestleMania is practically being on NXT for him. Absolutely nothing but facing Rock in the main event is a waste of his talent.
I think you mean "absolutely anything," but I'd tend to agree. The only exception I'd make is for Punk/Austin, and yes, I understand that that'd be a step down from the WrestleMania main event, and I know that it'd require a (relatively) healthy Austin that is both willing and allowed to act like his old character and not the sad self-parody we've seen since 2003. Still, WWE would treat it as a very big deal and would publicize that match to high heaven. At least it'd feel important, even if it's not.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

I disagree, they have made it quite clear, punk is one of the best, his longest reing in the world, as well as rock, cena, and evbrey one else saying how he is one of the best

any indication that he is not up to the taks IMO is purely on you and not the majority in this case

He held his own aginst Ryback, and Cena, beat cean three or four times last year, has held the title for how long?
he is being booked as one of the strongest of all time, maybe you say tis cause he cheats? still means he is booked strong, he may very well win the match if we go by booking
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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

Punk vs Taker could work.

Punk starts hot. Taker takes control and starts to kick Punks ass for a bit. Shield comes in and kick Takers ass.

Punk goes for the cover and the good guy locker empties and runs off the shield. Kane comes in and nails Punk. Taker recovers, tombstone. 1-2-3...streak is complete.

This does a lot of things.
a) Punk shooting on Taker leading into WM would be epic.
b) Gives the shield something major to do at WM.
c) Gives Taker his last goodbye and ties in Kane as well.

It could work.

Of course it won't be booked anything close to this.
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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

I personally don't want to see Punk/Taker at Wrestlemania because I'll never be able to buy Punk as a threat to the streak. I also don't see the match happening for that very reason because I don't think I'm alone when I say that. Brock Lesnar is a much better option for Taker this year. Where that leaves Punk though, I have no idea.
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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

Originally Posted by Blueforce7 View Post
I don't understand this size argument. Shawn Micheals says hello.

Don't even compare Skunk with Michaels

Are you ready? #undisputed

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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

Are people getting all upset over an angle/feud that hasn't even started yet? Let alone showing no signs whatsoever of happening at all?

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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

I hope Punk does a promo where he tells the truth about the Undertaker-About Undertaker never being the top guy ever,not being good as him on the mic/ring,burying Punk backstage and how the streak is over-rated.
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Re: Undertaker vs Punk at WrestleMania? FUCK THIS SHIT!

Originally Posted by Heisenberg316 View Post
Who the fuck is gonna take a fucking skinny fat ass like Punk seriously and think that he can break the Undertaker's streak at Mania? Come on... is this how low the wrestling industry has become? Taker needs legends, real threats like Rock, Sting, Goldberg, Lesnar not a fucking bum like Punk. Nobody will take that guy seriously as a potential danger to the streak. Fuck Vince if that's the plan for WrestleMania.
The fact you called him a skinny fat ass made me laugh. Is that you, Triple H?

CM Punk is a numerous time world champion and his latest reign lasted 13 months or so, if not more come 'Mania, so to the people who make the decisions then he IS a legend.

I would go so far as to say that Punk has done more in wrestling than Lesnar, is more current than Goldberg (Goldberg shouldn't even be mentioned anymore, him & Undertaker have no reason to wrestle and Goldberg is, literally, old news,) Punk is a more interesting opponent than The Rock given than there is no reason for The Rock to face Undertaker in 2013 and Sting is only mentioned because of the similar gimmicks and history.

I even think that out everyone, CM Punk may not be the perfect opponent but I think will be capable of having the best match with Undertaker as well.

Personally, I would prefer to see 'Taker VS Brock or Sting than against Punk, but I would have no problem with Punk challenging the streak. To say Punk isn't in the same bracket as Goldberg is a joke, if you're looking at wrestling in 2013. At least Punk can lose his title, say the modern records are broken and he wants something else to break, and goes after Undertaker and the streak.

Do you really honestly think Goldberg is relevant in 2013 apart from a neat pop for his return? If you think he means more than CM Punk does then you're deluded. It's like saying Ultimate Warrior is worth more than Punk, because he was hot in the early 90s.
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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

The Streak isn't worth a shit once it gets broken. No one should ever beat Taker.
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Re: So after Punk loses the title, expect to hear this the next night

I don't see the issue? It's a perfect storyline built up over a year, literally. My streak was the greatest ever, I beat giants, monsters, etc... cue the *Dong*

It's the sort of long term planning people always moan that the 'E lack.

Great idea. Hope it happens.

Will mark for Father Ted references.

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