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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

My top entrances would have to be:
1 - Summerslam 1994
2 - WM 20 2004
3 - Summerslam 1992

The Summerslam 1994 entrance is just amazingly shot and portrayed the version of his gimmick that I like the most. The lighting and his silhouette, the way he slowly walked like a zombie, and not to mention Paul Bearer's part in it all. The lighting effect with the urn, as if we get to see the power behind the Undertaker, and Bearer's acting was all just so cinematic and theatrical. It's too bad that new supernatural characters aren't really accepted in this day and age anymore.

Taker's WM 20 entrance will always be special not just because of the return of the Deadman, but I was afraid I would never get to see that character again because I started watching when Taker was the American Badass. I was totally fine with the idea of a badass biker character, but when I did research and realized the character that the Undertaker used to be I was so upset that I had started so late in the game. I'm just glad that I was able to watch it happen when it happened on tv.

Even though Taker was merely riding behind a hearse, the way he stood perfectly still was haunting enough in itself. Not to mention (in general) when the cameras would catch the few fans who showed up cosplaying as him as if they were in a trance or channeling him. No one in the world could have portrayed and perfected this character like Calaway has.

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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

I'll be honest, I remember being underwhelmed when he returned at WrestleMania 20, I was expecting an extremely dark portrayal of the Deadman and he just returned without the bandana and put on a hat and coat.

Basically I had set myself up for this

instead they tried to keep it as less gimmicky as possible.

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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

He came back as if he just got out of the grave. I was disappointed too expecting Summerslam 94 or Mania 14 type entrances.
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something i dont understand (Undertakers streak related)

I read somewhere that losing to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania could get people over more than winning a World title at Wrestlemania. I didnt understand that, can someone explain please?
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Because ending The Undertakers streak would be a bigger achievement than any title win.

The streak will never end though. Even if someone was booked to win in, they would refuse out of respect.

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Re: something i dont understand (Undertakers streak related)

He said losing to Undertaker, not winning.

- I think its due to the notoriety the person facing Undertaker gets. Each year the announcers pump up the challenger saying, "The Undertaker's streak has never been in as much jeopardy as it is now."

- Whoever Undertaker faces already gets their name out there as being part of one of the main draws of Wrestlemania each year.

- You could be like Jack Swagger, win the World Championship and fall into obscurity.

- I supposed the same could happen to you if you battle the Undertaker, but I get the feeling his angles are way more thought out than the general World Championship picture.
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Re: something i dont understand (Undertakers streak related)

I don't know what to think about the streak. I tend to think Undertaker wants it to end...but I doubt they ever will end it. It's becoming bigger than WrestleMania though and is overshadowing the entire event...which is why I continue to say it should be the Main Event each year until the Undertaker retires.
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Re: something i dont understand (Undertakers streak related)

Its true, its a lifetime title run if you end the streak. You can't bury the guy that ends it so don't expect it to ever end. There's literally nobody that deserves a push like that.
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Re: something i dont understand (Undertakers streak related)

If the streak was a title ( and in some sense it is) then Undertaker has held it for 20 Years which alone is more prestigious than any title that's been held :P

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Re: something i dont understand (Undertakers streak related)

I see what you mean but it doesn't always work as with Big Boss Man in 99 and Mark Henry in 06- they gained notoriety at the time but the intended boost for their career never really happened. I guess Taker is only human and can't make a star out of everyone.

These days I dare say someone like Ziggler would be better off losing to Undertaker than winning the world title at the moment- he has plenty of time to win titles, he doesn't need it right now but putting on a memorable match with Taker at Mania would solidify him as a main eventer in the way Stone Cold losing to Bret Hart in 1997 did.

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