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Wrestlemania 28 Card Discussion

Main Event
John Cena Vs The Rock
: Set and stone you know this happening 100% unless a Injury.

WWE Championship
Triple H Vs Cm Punk
: The Feud continues till WrestleMania, similar to how Punk and Vince have been doing, Punk rants Triple H is the same as Vince, etc.

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan Vs Christian or Randy Orton (Perhaps a 3 Way)
" Daniel Bryan goes through having his MITB Cash in"

Sin Cara Vs Rey Mysterio
" This is bound to happen you all know it

The Undertaker Vs Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus
** I was thinking jericho, but doubt it would happen or maybe even have Taker take mania off so he could come back @ 29 and face cena.

The Big Show Vs Shaquile O'neal
" This would be a hell of a celebrity match

This is basically the top of the card...mainly the main matches but still need to be included Miz, Riley, Kingston, ETC...

Post yours and i would love your feedback

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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

What about the royal rumble winner?
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

One CM Punk promo, for 3 hours.

I'd order it.

Originally Posted by Augustus Hill
Remember when your high school history teacher said that the course of human events changes 'cause of the deeds of great men. Well, the bitch was lying. Fuck Caesar, fuck Lincoln, fuck Mahatma Gandhi. The world keeps moving cause of you and me, the anonymous. Revolutions get going cause there ain't enough bread. Wars happen over a game of checkers.
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

first off no way could they keep punk going at this current angle for 9 more months. punk/ hhh seems geared for survivor series.

best and logical mania 28 card:

WWE championship: rock vs cena

stone cold vs cm punk

miz vs hhh

world title: Randy orton vs chris jericho vs daniel bryan

JBL vs ADR (have jbl come back for a 3 week stint)

big show vs shaq

rey vs sin cara

sheamus vs taker

8 man mib ladder match
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs John Cena
World Title match
Christian vs Daniel Bryan vs morrison
Undertaker Vs Del Rio
CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
IC Title
]Barrett vs Sheamus
Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio
us Title
Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton
Truth vs kane
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

John Cena vs The Rock

CM Punk vs Steve Austin

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian (c) vs Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship
Triple H (c) vs The Miz

Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

Wade Barrett vs Sheamus

Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion
Cody Rhodes vs Alex Riley
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

WWE title
CM Punk vs. HHH(punk goes over)

Rock Vs Cena(cena goes over)

WH title
Daniel bryan vs. christan(DB goes over after a long 4 star match he wins the rumble after losing his MITB case)

intercontinental title

big zeke vs cody rhodes(rhodes goes over dirty with help from dibiase)

us title

ziggler vs ryder(ziggler goes over)

divas battle royal(cause...they have to be included sadly)

battle of the brands

sin cara vs mysterio(mysterio goes over)

show vs henry(show wins)

kane vs. taker(taker goes out 20-0 and him and kane retire)

why are there no Bray emojis? Wtf is this shit?

CM Punk is still the best in the world.

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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

WrestleMania XXVIII

WWE Title
John Cena (c) vs. The Rock

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Title vs. Carrer
WWE World Heavyweight Title
Christian (c) vs. Edge
-> Edge decides that he have to pass the torch against his best friend and comeback for one match only.
-> Christian is the World champion at the moment and gives Edge an opportunity to retire one more time as the World champion.

CM Punk w/ Colt Cabana vs. Triple H w/ Vince McMahon

Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan

-> Both of them unsuccesfully used their briefcases, so the management decides to gave them one more chance.

LUCHA DE APUEASTA a.k.a Mask vs. Mask
Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

WWE Intercontinental & WWE United States Titles Unification Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs. Sheamus (c)

Unified Tag Team Titles
David Otunga & Curtis Henning (a.k.a Michael McGillicutty) (c) vs. Big Show & Chris Jericho

SmackDown! vs. Raw 4 on 4 Elimination
Cody Rhodes, Kane, Dolph Ziggler & Ezekiel Jackson vs. John Morrison, Santino Marella, R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


Divas Battle Royal for the Divas Title.

- results -

John Cena defeated The Rock to retain.
The Miz pinned Randy Orton to win a three way match. -> Which lead to a Miz/Taker at SummerSlam '12.
Christian defeated Edge to retain.
CM Punk defeated Triple H to become new chairman of the WWE. -> Vince McMahon helps Punk won that match.
Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio and won MITB briefcase.
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara wrestled to a 30 minute time limit.
Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett to become Intercontinental Champion.
David Otunga and Curtis Henning defeated Big Show and Chris Jericho to retain.
Cody Rhodes won a SD! vs. Raw 4 on 4 Elimination and choose Raw.
Kelly Kelly won a divas battle royal and retain the gold.

What do you think ?
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

Going to quote my post from the Early Wrestlemania 28 Card Prediction/Dream Card which is right above this thread.....

Originally Posted by Knoc View Post
Battle of the Icons
John Cena vs The Rock
-The match built since last years RTWM
30 minutes

Clash of the Anti-Heroes
CM Punk vs Steve Austin
-This shit writes itself
30 minutes

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian (c) vs Daniel Bryan
20 mins

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho(C)
-Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton

Triple H vs The Miz
-Culmination of a slow build Miz vs New management feud.

Undertaker vs Kane
-Took me awhile to find a good opponent for Taker. I played with a few ideas but ultimately I liked Efie_G's plan of having both of them retire in this one match. It's a shame that it will probably be the worse match on the card, complete opposite from recent years.

Guerra de los luchadores
Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara
-The two luchadores meet for the first time on the grandest stage of them all

Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel vs John Morrison
-Multi-man match with all good workers and some good spot guys.

Kharma vs Beth Phoenix [C] vs Natalya
-Obligatory Divas match with the three best divas. Not enough time to give them though

This card is very possible with the exception of the Stonecold vs Punk match, which although possible is highly unlikely that we will see Austin in the ring again. In which case I'd throw Punk in with Christian and Bryan. Either way, dream card for a hot Miami with most matches having the ability to surpass ***

Spoiler for Punk vs Bryan vs Christian:

Daniel Bryan actually loses his briefcase to Christian in a match. This sparks a flame in Daniel Bryan. He goes through great lengths to prevent Christian from cashing in his briefcase, from beating him up during his entrances to knocking out the referee he brings to the ring. Eventually they have a match at Royal Rumble where if Bryan wins he gets back his briefcase but if he loses he is sent to Raw (and out of Christian's way). Bryan sees his WM dreams slipping and pulls out all the stops to win the match, he's finally going to Wrestlemania! An upset Christian is now conflicted. He wasn't even in the Rumble match and now he lost the briefcase. He beats the shit out CM Punk during his entrance to the Elimination Chamber and replaces him in the match, which he goes on to steal the win. Of course Punk is going to make cut a promo out of losing the title without being pinned and use his rematch clause at Wrestlemania. It's often difficult to book Triple threats but I think this could work.
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Re: Best Possible WrestleMania XXVIII Card "Comment and Post Yours"

John Cena vs The Rock

The "big one" - the match that has been one whole year in the making! The Rock goes one on one against John Cena. How does it end? Well, the fans are riotous in their approval of The Rock, and John Cena gets booed and jeered like never before. At the end of the match he flips out! He blasts The Rock with a steel chair, grabs the mic and cuts a scathing promo on his "fans". The biggest heel turn in wrestling history!

Triple H vs CM Punk

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs The Undertaker

Austin comes out of retirement to challenge the streak; Undertaker goes on to 20-0 against the man who revolutionized the industry and changed the face of WWE forever.

Christian (World Champion) vs Daniel Bryan

The Miz (WWE Champion) vs John Morrison

Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho
R-Truth vs Alberto Del Rio
Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio


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