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Shield at WrestleMania

Who do you see all 3 members of the Shield wrestling at Wrestlemania, and do you see Seth Rollins still being champion by then?

Right now I feel there are quite a few ways WWE can head down the road to Wrestlemania, and right now I feel the best option is no matter what, keeping the title on Rollins until then. (I know some people complain he's boring) I feel this whole Rollins reign needs to come full circle at Wrestlemania, and either Roman or Dean takes the title off him. And the way I see things going I see Roman being the one to do it.

A few matches I feel WWE can go with include Roman Vs Lesnar Vs Rollins (which makes the most sense in a way)

A singles match with Roman Vs Rollins or Roman Vs Lesnar II (If Rollins loses prior)

or my favorite option The Shield triple threat with Dean, Roman, and Seth.

I love The Shield tripe threat cause that match would be obvious quality, and it would be the perfect chance for everything that has happened in the last 2 years to come full circle.

Though if The Shield triple threat does happen, I can see Dean probably getting cheered more than Roman, so if Roman wins I can see the boos pooring in.

If not that, then I can see Dean fighting Jericho or something.

So thoughts on what you see The Shield members doing at Wrestlemania?
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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

Seth Rollins vs Triple H

Roman Reigns vs Undertaker

Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton (or Jericho)

Book it.
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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

Seth still being champion would be good but unless they're planning a failed MitB cash-in I can't see Sheamus holding out beyond WM and WWE surely won't repeat another WM cash-in so I can see Sheamus attempting a cash-in before 2016 or at lastest during RR. Imo tho regardless of whether Seth's champ at WM he should have already turned face in time for a quality Owens feud.

Ambrose has already had multiple matches with Rollins so he should either have become tagchamps with Reigns or be built into a feud from RR onwards to end at WM imo he should have a big fallout with Reigns over eliminated from RR and start off an intense rivalry since WWE haven't had those 2 of the SHIELD clashing considering how they acted when still with Rollins and he played peacekeeper.
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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

I would like either a Shield triple threat or:

Seth Rollins vs. HHH
Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose
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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

A Shield triple threat would be a great idea, how they get to that is key.

Courtesy of a wwe meme search on google
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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

Roman Reigns will be fighting Seth Rollins for the title, and that is where Seth's reign will come to an end. Ambrose will be in some multi man match used to get several guys on the card.

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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

Still think it's too soon for a Shield Triple Threat.

- Ends The Authority for good by defeating Triple H

- Royal Rumble Winner

- WWE Champion

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Re: Shield at Wrestlemania

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H
Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus
Dean Ambrose vs. Jericho

I don't really see the possibility of a Shield Triple Threat but anything is possible once the Wyatts feud is done and over with.
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Re: Shield at WrestleMania

Rollins will be facing Triple H.

Reigns will be facing either Cena or Brock in the WWE Title match, probably as the champion this time (I see him taking the title at Survivor Series.)

No idea about Ambrose. Some pointless midcard match.
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Re: Shield at WrestleMania

Seth Rollins vs HHH
I think with the lower ratings, HHH and Stephanie will want to be off - screen. Rollins ends the Authority. It should be for the title. We haven't seen HHH in a title match since.... last decade?

Reigns vs Cena or Reigns vs Undertaker

Dean will be Midcard fodder

The Shield Triple Threat idea sucks. None of them are good enough to uphold a Wrestlemania title match on their own let alone all three together.
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