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WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread

Thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to the previous WrestleMania travel threads, and especially to the OP of the first thread: @abnorman , who's idea for creating a thread like this has helped hundreds, possibly thousands of people plan their WrestleMania journeys with as little headaches as possible. Here is all of the information that we have so far, for WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida.










Spoiler for Ticket Information:
  • One option is to buy a travel package. These are very expensive but really convenient so it really depends on what you value more; convenience or saving money. If you want to get a seat within the first couple of rows at Wrestlemania, then the top package is probably the best way to achieve that. Additionally, if you live in a country in which all of the ticket on-sale times are in the early hours of the morning, then a travel package will probably save you some mega headaches! Alternatively, you can save a bucket load of money by purchasing all of your tickets and booking your hotel separately.

    If you don't find the seats you want in the initial pre-sale, or even on the day of general sale, then don't panic. Good seats are often released much later on in the process and you can still grab yourself a great seat close to the event. Also, if you're willing to play the waiting game, you could even snag yourself a great deal on StubHub on the week of the event. RAW IS AN EXCEPTION to this line of thinking, and you should grab any seats you can get.

    PRESALE: There should be a presale on Ticketmaster a few days before the general sale for the majority of events. You will require codes to access this sale. Follow @Wrestlemania and @CWStadium on Twitter and keep an eye out on this forum and the dirtsheets for all the codes, which will be easy to find.

    For international buyers, delivery is never usually an option for tickets bought via ticketmaster. You will have to choose to either pick your tickets up at Will Call or to print them out yourself. If you choose the Will Call option and change your mind, you can transfer the tickets to yourself and select the e-ticket option. However, this is NOT possible the other way around.


  • Camera lenses cannot exceed 6" when fully extended. No video cameras are allowed.

    For the Citrus Bowl, they follow the Citurs Bowl policy. If you want to know whether or not to risk your camera, seek the advice of more experienced forum members, who likely be happy to answer your questions. Be advised that the sign/banner policy would most likely be lifted for this event.


Sunday 2nd April 2016, 7PM EDT/4PM PDT/12AM GMT

Tickets on sale: November 18 2016

November 16 2016
Presale Codes:

Ticket Prices from WrestleMania 33(taxes & fees excluded).

US $2000
US $1000
US $850
US $450
US $350
US $250
US $200
US $175
US $150
US $100
US $75
US $50

  • Gold Circle VIP Tickets available for $2000 (plus tax). The Gold Circle tickets include seating in the first ten rows ringside, a Gold Circle VIP Stadium Entrance, and a commemorative WrestleMania 33 take-home folding chair.

Camping World Stadium WrestleMania 33 seating chart:

  • The Citrus Bowl app is available on the iTunes & Google Play stores for those with US accounts.


Hall Of Fame:

Friday March 31 2016

Tickets on sale: January 20, 2017

Presale: January 18, 2017

Presale Codes:

2016 WWE Hall of Fame seating chart:

Prices from WM 32:

  • The Hall of Fame is a long night of speeches, with the last 2 years reaching 4 hours long. It's a great event for listening to stories and honouring wrestling legends, but if you're not into listening to people talk for long periods of time, this probably isn't the event for you.

    Some people like to suit up for the event out of respect for the legends and that's cool, but be advised that this isn't mandatory and you can actually wear whatever you want.

    If you go to the event, PLEASE be respectful. A small minority of the crowd where giving out the 'what?' chants and heckling even Dana Warrior which really got under a lot of people's skins. You're there to respect the legends that have given their body to entertain you over the years, be respectful and save the chants for Wrestlemania and RAW, where they are very welcome.



Monday April 3 2017

Tickets on sale: December 2 2016

Presale: TBA

Presale Codes:

Seating Chart for the Amway Center:


Tuesday April 4 2017

Tickets on sale: December 2 2016

Presale: TBA

Presale Codes:

Seating Chart for the Amway Center:

Raw and SmackDown Ticket Packages (same seats for both shows combo pack):

Tickets on sale: November 28 2016

Presale: TBA

Presale Codes:

Seating Chart for the Amway Center:

  • For the past few of years, the post-Wrestlemania RAW has rivaled Wrestlemania itself for entertainment value. For the first time ever SmackDown Live will also be included in WrestleMania week. The crowd is always hyped and looking to steal the show, and regardless of what your thoughts of this are watching on TV, it's always fantastic to be a part of!

    Only 4 day package buyers will get tickets to RAW, and 5 day package buyers for SmackDown Live so keep this in mind when deciding which package to buy.

    Buy your tickets to RAW and SmackDown Live as soon as you can, as it's always the quickest event of the weekend to sell out. A big percentage of the good seats are already taken up by package holders, so you need to be on the ball if you don't have a package but want a good seat.



Thursday 30th March - Sunday 2nd April 2017

Tickets on sale: TBA

Presale: TBA

Session times from WM 32:

Thursday: 6pm - 10pm

Friday: 5pm - 9pm

Saturday: 8am - 12pm/1pm - 5pm/6pm - 10pm

Sunday: 8am - 12pm

prices from WM 32:

General Admission: $50 + fees

VIP Session: $100 + fees

Premium VIP: $175 + fees

  • General admission tickets generally do not sell out and are even usually available to purchase on the day at the box office.

    VIP are a different story entirely and extremely difficult to get ahold of. You have to be on the ball and have a slice of luck on your side to get the VIP session you want, unless you are a package holder.

    Premium VIP is somewhere in between depending on the superstar. Some are difficult to get ahold of, with some not selling out for hours or days.

    Sometimes, extra tickets for VIP + Premium VIP are made available later down the road, so if you miss out on the superstar you want originally, then keep your eyes peeled.

    Yes, VIP and Premium VIP tickets also get you into the general admission sessions. (This question seems to get asked a lot)



Saturday April 1 2017

Tickets on sale:

seating chart for the Amway Center:

  • With it seeming like WWE is positioning NXT as direct competition to the WrestleCon Supershow and ROH, expect these events to clash as they did this year. You may have to choose which you prefer!

    This was one of the highlights of the whole week this year. Expect the same next year and expect this to be a very hot ticket, so again, be on the ball.



Spoiler for Transport & Accommodation:

  • For flight deals, try Skyscanner.net, Farecompare.com or Kayak.com.

    If you choose a flight with layovers over direct, then your flight will usually work out much cheaper. Orlando is an international hub and will be easy to get to from anywhere in the world.

    In the USA, flying is often just as cheap (and much faster!) as going by train or bus, so don't assume that ground transport will be the best value.


  • For hotel deals, try sites like Hotwire.com, Kayak.com, Hotels.com, Booking.com or Lastminute.com.

    If you spot a deal or hotel that you like, you should check the hotel's official site as well before booking, you might get a better deal through them directly.

    For apartments & rooms, try AirBnB.com.

    For hostels, try Hostelworld.com

    Book your accommodation as EARLY as possible. A lot of people in this thread have ALREADY booked theirs. Most hotels don't charge you a deposit up front and offer free cancellation. Take advantage! Some people even like to book several hotels and then decide on which one they want closer to the time. Keep your options open.

WrestleCon Hotels:

  • TBA

WWNLive Experience Hotels:

  • TBA


  • Use Uber or Lyft instead of booking a taxi as it's much cheaper. You can easily get a code from this forum to get your first ride with both of these companies for free (to the value of $20). You can download the apps from the US App Store/Google Play store.



Spoiler for WrestleMania Weekend Events:

  • Don't worry if you want to get your hands on merchandise, as they sell it at all the events, plus have a huge superstore, usually in the same location as AXXESS. One thing I would say though, is get what you want from there as early as you can, as it usually doesn't take too long for them to start running out. Last year, the money in the bank briefcases kept getting sold out ridiculously fast.

    They also do a couple of bonus signings at the superstore throughout the week. This year there were superstars such as Big Show, Kidd & Cesaro and the Bella Twins. These signings are free, but you need a wristband for them, which are given out at a predetermined time (which will be announced closer to the time).


April 1-2, 2016


Ticket Prices:

Tickets on sale:

Ring Of Honor:

Supercard Of Honor XI

Friday March 31st & Saturday April 1st


Tickets on sale:

Ticket Prices:

WWNLive Experience (Evolve, Smimmer, Viva la Lucha, Kaiju Big Battel, Terry Funk's Texas BBQ Tailgate, WM Shuttle Service, & Hotel Deals:


Tickets on sale:

If any of you out there know or or see any other events that should be added to this section of the thread, please contact @JL Cage .



Spoiler for Orlando Tourism:


  • Drinking age in the US is 21, and it's extremely rare to find any bar or shop that doesn't require ID. For international visitors, this usually means you'll have to carry your passport to bars, etc, as often this is the only form of international ID that will be accepted.

    Do a bit of research and you can find something authentic to suit any budget.

Local delicacies include:

Fast Food:

  • Sit down:

Feel free to add more as we go along.


  • Grapevine Mills: Grapevine near DFW, home of the Legoland indoor park
    Dallas Galleria: Has a skating rink in the middle of the mall. Area is also home to some very upscale restaurants. (Closest mall to Downtown Dallas)
    Northpark Center
    Stonebriar Center: Frisco
    Southlake Town Square: Southlake
    The Village at Allen/Fairview: Allen
    Shops at Legacy: Plano




*To be updated*



Spoiler for Travel Package Information:
  • Each year, the WWE offer several travel packages for people to buy. They include all the major WWE events on WrestleMania weekend and hotel accommodation. They are offered in 3 and 4 day packages, with the 3 day package not including RAW or accommodation for Monday night.

    As mentioned earlier, the trade off with packages is that they're expensive, but convenient: one relatively stress-free purchase for major WWE events & accommodation.

    Email travel.packages@wwe.com or call (001)203 359 5182 for any questions.

    Email wrestlemania.packages@wwecorp.com to request to be on the Travel Package mailing list.

Package Details:

  • The top-tier packages tend to sell out quickly, sometimes on the first day. By top-tier I mean from the top package, down to Platinum.

    One thing to remember is that you don't find out much information about your trip until later on. You'll recieve details about which hotel you're staying at in around December, and oftentimes you won't know what seats you have for Wrestlemania until very late.




Spoiler for Buying & Selling Tickets From Forum Users:
*Use this thread to sell or buy any tickets for Wrestlemania 33 weekend. Protect yourself with purchases. Make sure you receive the money before sending out tickets and it's best to use PayPal for money transfers so either side can dispute it if something goes wrong. Most tickets will be instantly transferable through Ticketmaster.

SCAMMERS will be banned as soon as we become aware of them. Also, this thread is to help each other out, so don't post in here if you're trying to profit from other users, use StubHub or something similar.



[spoiler=Twitter Handles & Board Get Togethers]
This is a quick reference guide, especially useful for quick questions and keeping contact with one another at the event. ****(Will be updated when everyone confirms attendance for WrestleMania 32 and post their twitter handles)****

Twitter Handles:

JL Cage - @ JLCage

Unofficial WrestlingForum get togethers. (Not endorsed by this site):


Last time Mania was in Orlando it was epic! Let's make Wrestlemania 33 special and have the time of our lives!

*Topic re-formatted by @PoyPoy14
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Re: WrestleMania 33- The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

Lesnar's hometown? Oh wait that's not North Dakota.

Still pissed off Washington never got a Wrestlemania despite being the capital of the nation.

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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

If Wrestlemania 33 is indeed held in Minneapolis, do you think that Fan Axxess would be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center? Will this information be released when the host city is announced?
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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

Originally Posted by BigCorporateKane View Post
If Wrestlemania 33 is indeed held in Minneapolis, do you think that Fan Axxess would be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center? Will this information be released when the host city is announced?
Yes Fan Axxess will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The center is huge, almost on the same size as the one in New Orleans, for sure bigger than the center in San Jose.

They probably wont release that information when they announce Minneapolis for WrestleMania 33. We still don't have confirmation on the convention center for 32 in Dallas.
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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

I'm absolutely in! Let's do this

Twitter: @hashtagTheRock
Facebook: Ross Faulder

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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

i havent been to a wrestlemania since 30 and now getting the urge to go to 33

it seems its gonna be between Minneapolis or detroit

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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

I hear Minneapolis might not be the front runner anymore and that Orlando may have emerged as the new favorite. Which suits me just fine since I am currently holding six free nights at the Radisson Orlando on gift certificates. Plus, if its the Citrus Bowl, ticket prices will be somewhat lower. Brand new/newish venues tend to be pricey (MetLife, Levi's and At&T were fairly expensive.)

Counting down to Dallas.
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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

Give the midwest a Mania! The new Minnesota Vikings stadium is perfect! And I'm surprised that Indianapolis is never being discussed for a Mania, it has almost everything that is needed for a Mania..

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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

Considering it. If its Orlando it will be hard to say no to.

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Re: WrestleMania 33 - The Ultimate Travel Thread IV

Originally Posted by Shaun_27 View Post
Considering it. If its Orlando it will be hard to say no to.
exactly, spend a few days in Miami beforehand and get up there for the start ROH/NXT

i love sunny wrestlemanias, went to 28 and it was ridiculously hot!
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