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Rate Fastlane

On a scale of 0-10, what did you think of last night's PPV.

Remember, be realistic, 10/10 means its on par with the greatest PPV's of all time, 0/10 means it's literally one of the worst PPV's of all time!
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We're all United aren't we?
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Re: Rate Fastlane


Main event was very good, Cena/Rusev and the tag match were both pretty good plus Randy's return, Bray's promo and Sting/HHH were all great.

far exceeded expectations for a filler PPV, a million times better than some of the other shite they've put together at similar events over the past couple of years.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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A solid 6, thought it would suck but it was surprisingly decent.

Orton coming back, Cesaro & Kidd winning, Rusev really turning into the perfect heel & Reigns v Bryan was a good match which thankfully had a clean finish.

Sting & Triple H and Bray Wyatt's segments were solid enough.

Goldust v Stardust was meh, Nikki v Paige was disappointing while yet again Ambrose was booked like shit.

But all in all 6/10 is fair
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Re: Rate Fastlane


3/10 and that me being generous!

1 point for Orton returning, 1 for Kidd/Cesaro winning tag titles and 1 for Cena loosing via submission.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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7/10 for me, i actually enjoyed it from the Stardust attacking Goldust backstage segment and onwards.

Usos vs Kidd & Cesaro was a great match.

Sting & Triple H segement was done really well, loved it when Sting had his bat against HHH's neck in the corner.

Bray Wyatt being a troll was good.

Ambrose vs Barrett was okay.

Rusev vs Cena got better as it went on.

Reigns vs Bryan was really good. Enjoyed the whole match to be honest, Bryan looked badass in the ending when he told Reigns he better kick Lesnar's ass.

Overall it was a surprisingly good PPV.
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I Am The Liquor
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Re: Rate Fastlane

I'm sure it was a solid PPV in terms of story telling, but it bored the life out of me. All the undercard matches were simply passable at best and the two mains were decent. Everything about this PPV screamed "average" to me. The fact that it's the last show before Mania and I'm now less excited about that than I was before says to me it was a below average show. 3/10 for me. I wish I could be more generous but I'm just not feeling it.
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Re: Rate Fastlane

solid 7/10, very good main event, some decent matches (Rus/Cena and Ambrose/BNB) but ultimately the crowd really let it done. One of the worst crowds I've seen in a long, long time.

They barely seemed to muster cheers when Takers music came on and I could the shuffling of feet when Sting arrived lol

"To be the man, you have to beat the man" - "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
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Acknowledged by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Rate Fastlane


Orton return gets a point. Sting bat gets a point. Wyatt trolling gets a point.
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The Rock has done it all......... DONE IT ALL !!!

The Rock beats Hogan at Wrestlemania. [X]
The Rock beats Austin at Wrestlemania. [X]
The Rock beats Cena at Wrestlemania. [X]

The Absolute Best. Ever !!

Currently marking for... Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins !!

Fuck Vince McMahon. The Cancer Of Wrestling.
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Re: Rate Fastlane

Well, I'm in no position to tell other people what they were or weren't entertained by but I wasn't impressed with it!

Cesaro & Kidd winning the tag titles was good, but it was hardly the spectacle of the show. Also nice to see Orton back, although it was long overdue.

But there wasn't a 'great' match on the show last night. Everything played out as predicted and that didn't really get me excited.
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Re: Rate Fastlane


1 Point for Orton return although it could have been done much better and I honestly can't believe he put all of his ring gear on just for what he did lol.

1 Point for Bray Wyatt's Segment

1 Point for Rusev beating Cena by Submission

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