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Re: Why did everybody hate wrestlemania 29 so much?

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
Because nothing happened.

Think about it, how did that show alter the course of the WWE?

If I were going to print headlines for some of the previous Wrestlemanias, I would write:


And so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Now...what exactly happened at Wrestlemania 29?

- Cena became an eleventy billion time champion after winning a rematch nobody wanted to see.
- HHH got his win back over Brock...for some reason.
- The Streak is still intact after not really being in any real danger of ending to begin with. We all knew Punk was going to lose, right?
- Del Rio retains the title against an opponent that wasn't really a great threat.
- Ziggler's cash in was saved for the next night, so Mania didn't have that.

And looking onto the undercard, there was almost nothing.

- Fandango, in his in ring debut, defeated the guy that loses at least 80% of the time anyway. (Sorry Chris, but its true).
- Team Hell No stayed the tag champs.
- The Shield stayed unbeaten, this time against probably the least spectacular three man team they had faced up to that point. Granted, they SHOULD go over in that situation, but I am just highlighting that once the show was done, there wasn't really all that much to talk about.
- Ryback lost...I guess that was surprising because they seemed high on him at the time.
- The IC Title changed hands...on the preshow, so nobody cared.

Compare that to Wrestlemania XXX:

- The execution of The Streak ending was horrible, but at least it gave us something to remember, talk about, and analyze the next day.
- Daniel Bryan won two matches to win the championship after having every obstacle thrown in his way. The culmination that everyone wanted!

And even on the undercard:
- Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, & The Rock all stood in the ring at the same time to kick off the show.
- Cesaro won the first ever Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Basically my whole point is that Wrestlemania 29 was just a show to maintain the status quo and because of that, it underwhelmed people.
Are you kidding me? The way they did the Streak ending was great...apart from the fact that a part timer broke it. What was so horrible about it?
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Re: Why did everybody hate wrestlemania 29 so much?

Rock vs Cena, the shittest rivalry in the history of pro-wrestling
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The only live PPV I've ever turned off. Just thought it was dreadful and hard to watch from the very beginning. Turned it off and left the house during Punk / Taker.

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Re: Why did everybody hate wrestlemania 29 so much?

Because it was shit?

Just a thought.

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Re: Why did everybody hate wrestlemania 29 so much?

Mainly because outside of Taker/Punk, the rest of the show was horrible.

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Re: Why did everybody hate WrestleMania 29 so much?

The fact that Cena ''had'' to get his win back.
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Re: Why did everybody hate WrestleMania 29 so much?

WrestleMania 29 was uneventful at worst, not terrible at best.

I agree that it unfairly gets a lot of hate, although I'd still put WrestleMania 15 way ahead of it.

Cena/Rock II was an inevitability, because Daniel Bryan wasn't beating The Rock at SummerSlam 2013 and WWE had its fill of CM Punk with the belt. Who else is The Rock going to drop it to? HHH again? No thanks. It wasn't just about giving Cena his win back, it was about putting over the current WWE generation.

Unfortunately, they went about it all wrong and The Rock and Cena didn't need to hug it out at the end. Cena had to win, though.

Everything else was pretty tame. Ziggler really should have cashed in MITB that night. Fandango was inexplicably given too much importance. Punk/Taker was great and deserves all the praise it gets as the only great match on the show. Lesnar/HHH made me want to puke except HHH's botched entrance.

Yeah, not a great one, probably not even a good one. I still wouldn't put it down there with WrestleMania 27 and WrestleMania 11, though. Literally nothing happened on those shows worth talking about. At least today we can talk about how much Cena and Rock hugging it out was weird and how good Punk/Taker was.

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Re: Why did everybody hate WrestleMania 29 so much?

1) It was in New Jersey, yet they kept dick riding New York City
2) Kanye West or P-Diddy, whatever the fuck his name was wasting 10 minutes ON NEW YORK CITY EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE IN NEW JERSEY
3) Cena/Rock II when we all knew who was gonna win
4) The ending to Cena/Rock II
5) All main events were predictable (Punk/Taker, Lesnar/HHH, Cena/Rock II)
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Re: Why did everybody hate WrestleMania 29 so much?

wasnt a good wm but still better than this years

Taker vs punk > HHH vs Bryan
lesnar vs HHH > Lesnar vs Taker
Swagger vs Del rio > Cena vs wyatt
Shield vs Orton,Sheamus,Show > Shield vs NOA
Bryan & Kane vs Ziggler & Big E,Ryback vs Henry,Miz vs Barret all better than the crap 30 Man Battle Royale & the multidivas match

29 > 30
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Re: Why did everybody hate WrestleMania 29 so much?

The ending = I lost a ton of respect for the Rock agreeing to do that shit especially when I am sure he himself knew the crowd would HATE IT!
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