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Re: Will SummerSlam have a 'shocking' ending?

More of a dream outcome then realistic but this is what I would love to happen

Brock and Cena enter, it is announced that the match will become a no DQ triple threat match. Kurt Angles music hits.

Massive pop!

Whole match Cena is double teamed by Angle and Lesnar, Angle lets Lesnar take the victory.

Que Cena and Angle rivalry. Brings Cena away from the title picture.

Again very unlikely cause I highly doubt that Vince could steal Kurt from TNA but it would be awesome!
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Re: Will SummerSlam have a 'shocking' ending?

Four ways - highest to lowest probability:

1) The Undertaker return, staredown to Lesnar, continuing his final feud, culminating in his final match at Survivor Series
2) Seth Rollins cashes in Money in the Bank on Cena or Lesnar
3) Sting debut
4) Cena heel turn lol.
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Re: Will SummerSlam have a 'shocking' ending?

I have a feeling (which probably is wrong) that Undertaker will have some kind of presence at sslam and maybe cost lesnar the match.
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Re: Will SummerSlam have a 'shocking' ending?

Leanar beating cena clean would be a huge shocker

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Re: Will SummerSlam have a 'shocking' ending?

Probably not but I'll throw this out here. Someone costs Cena the match who isn't Heyman or an Authority member. Thus starting Cena's autumn feud that isn't for any titles.

A cash-in isn't shocking.

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You fucking politically correct morons are quick to defend WWE for every pussy ass decision they make, but complain about the show lacking attitude and intensity... SMH.
Right on!
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Re: Will SummerSlam have a 'shocking' ending?

Originally Posted by TKOW View Post
2009 - The Undertaker returns to attack the new World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk
2010 - Daniel Bryan returns to help Team WWE fight The Nexus, Undertaker returns to confront Kane
2011 - Kevin Nash returns to screw CM Punk out of the WWE Championship
2013 - Triple H turns heel and costs Daniel Bryan the WWE Championship

SummerSlam seems to be the pay-per-view where we get a few surprises and twists, do you think there's any chance we'll see one this year? Perhaps a swerve could see Seth Rollins cash in Money in the Bank, or a surprise appearance from someone like Sting?

PS. I just hope the 'shock' isn't Cena retaining the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar.:ex:
The shock ending is Cena retaining the title with the help of the Authority and launching his heel turn. Book it.
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Anyone See A Swerve Coming At SummerSlam?

Last year there was the swerve of Orton and HHH turning heel on Bryan. Do you think they'll do something unexpected like that in the Cena/Lesnar match?

It all seems too obvious to have Cena be a transitional champ for a Lesnar reign. People have been talking about it for months now.

If I were booking it, I would have Rollins attempt a cash-in during the match, making it a three way. Cena beats Rollins and Lesnar, taking out plan B and C.

Triple H would then call for an impromptu match of Cena/Orton. Cena would beat Orton, taking out plan D.

HHH would then call for another impromptu match against Kane, Cena would beat Kane taking out plan E.

A furious Triple H then calls out a returning Batista (dressed as Drax The Destroyer), but Cena takes him out as well, eliminating plan F.

Finally, fed up with the ineptitude of all of his cronies, Triple H comes out of his suit and says, "It's time for plan G, G as in Game!" However, Cena takes out The Game as well.

But here's the swerve....Triple H invokes his rematch on-the-spot, calling for plan H, as in HHH. Finally exausted, Cena loses the rematch and HHH becomes champion.

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Re: Anyone See A Swerve Coming At SummerSlam?

K, before I even start....


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I would die laughing.

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Re: Anyone See A Swerve Coming At SummerSlam?

LOL I would stop watching immediately if something like this happens.
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