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WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

I honestly don't care if they were in the attitude era or what not but in my opinion Wrestlemania 15 and 16 were not good compared to other wrestlemanias.
And I have brought up reviews for both shows that I have found that pretty much explain why I dislike both of these.
Wrestlemania 15
Austin vs. Rock saved this show from being worse than WM IX. The HIAC was awful, one of the big undercard deals was Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn that just went totally wrong, and why did we even have Tori vs. Sable on this show. Almost every damn match (except for maybe the Hardcore match at the beginning) had either a random ending, a swerve, or a bunch of interference. Good lord, really? Did WWE not have enough faith in their performers during this show that they had to do this. It's like everybody went into shock after Bart Gunn was knocked out into next month by Butterbean. Did anyone expect anything less? It's not like Butterbean knew anything else. This show was bad and as I've said many times, Stone Cold vs. Rock is really the only thing I would say is worth even watching.
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Wrestlemania 16
First of all, I think this was a poorly booked show. Most of the matches seemed to be just thrown together without any real story. The only singles match on the whole card was between Terri Runnels and Stacey Carter. There was a lot of crap that just wasnít worthy of mania. I didnít mind some unhyped filler during the early years of mania. That was the way the business was back then and it fit in with the natural flow of the show. By 2000 WrestleMania had different expectations. A lot of the stuff on WM16 would have been better suited for Raw or Smackdown. Also the main event changed several times between No Way Out and Mania. It was hard to get caught up in the hype when things kept changing. It didnít come off as compelling television; it came off as the creative team had no idea what to do. Letís take a look at the card.

Godfather & D Lo Brown vs. Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan: Does this seem like a match that should be taking place at WrestleMania? This was pointless. I could deal with it not having any hype and just being an opener if the rest of the card was strong but it wasnít. I also didnít care for Ice T giving me a headache only minutes into the show.

Hardcore Battle Royal: This was absolutely awful. It was basically a scramble match for the hardcore title. There were four problems with this match. First of all it sucked. It was just guys randomly getting hit with broom sticks and cookie sheets. I could have been in this match and done just as good a job as some of those guys did. Secondly, the match was full of the rejects. Thirteen men were involved making it a total clusterfuck. Did The Mean Street Posse, Headbangers, Kaientai, and Viscera really need to be on mania that year? Third, this match got 15 minutes and that does not include intros. The guys who belonged on mania least got 15 minutes of bell to bell action. Iím sure guys would beg for that nowadays. Cena and Batista didnít even get that last year. Finally, the wrong guy won the match. Not my opinion; literally the wrong guy one. Crash was obviously supposed to win and a botched finish caused Hardcore Holly to walk out the winner. This match was a fail on every level.

Head Cheese vs. T&A: Another match not worthy of mania. This was just an ugly match. JR even said so during commentary and flat out said they never got on the same page. A midget in a cheese costume? Really?

Tag Title Match: Thank God this match came on to rescue the show. This was a good match. When I say WM16 sucks everyone who defends it brings up this match. Fine this was good, but I donít hear anyone saying WM13 was great because of Hart vs. Austin, or WM25 was great because of Taker vs. HBK. One match doesnít make a great ppv. It just saved it from being a complete disaster.

Terri vs. Kat: Nothing but a pathetic waste of time. Neither of these two were even a real wrestler. They were so void of talent that the object was to simply throw the opponent from the ring. Not even over the top; just simply throw her out of the ring. Riveting.

Too Cool & Chyna vs. The Radicalz: Not terrible but I donít recall much of a story. Wouldnít Rikishi have been a more logical choice to team with Too Cool?

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit: This is another match that gets brought up to defend this ppv. The match was pretty good but I donít think itís the technical masterpiece itís made out to be. People just see the names Angle, Jericho, and Benoit and automatically anoint the match as a classic. Again, pretty good but not a classic.

Kane & Rikishi vs. X Pac & Road Dogg: This was random. How did Rikishi fit into this? The Kane vs. X Pac feud was dead by this time. It was just a random match because creative couldnít come up with anything else. At least it was saved by the San Diego Chicken dancing with Too Cool and Paul Bearer giving the crotch chop to Pete Rose. Oh wait, that was stupid too. Nevermind.

Triple H vs. Rock vs. Big Show vs. Foley: Some have said there was great hype for the main event. I donít see it. After No Way Out the main event is HHH vs. Show. Then itís changed to HHH vs. Rock. Then itís changed to a triple threat. Then Foley, for no reason at all, is put into it for a fatal four way. Could have sworn after losing at No Way Out Foley said he wasnít going to be one of those guys who came back a year after losing a retirement match. He was right. He came back after just one month. What about a McMahon in every corner? Well that made zero sense since three of the McMahons happily reunited after Triple H won. But it was a swerve so I guess itís automatically great.

Now if you liked WrestleMania 16 then good for you. To each his own. I donít mean to tear into something you like. I just felt like defending an opinion that I touched on in another thread since it seemed to get some attention. I stand by my statement that 16 ranks toward the bottom of all the manias. Take out the tag title match and I felt like I was watching a four hour Raw. Not good. For the record, when I say WM16 sucked I mean by mania standards. I can still find enjoyment in the show. Itís just bad compared to other manias and could have been a lot better.
Credit to:http://forums.wrestlezone.com/showthread.php?t=160521
So yeah what are your opinions on Wrestlemania 15 and 16?
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Re: Wrestlemania 15 and 16 sucked

I used to feel the same way, and I actually commented on it the other day, but after watching WM 15 for the first time since 99, I actually didn't think it was all that bad.... Pretty good, actually. I'll be watching 16 again at some point soon, but I remember next to nothing about it, so I'm not going in with any preconceived notions about it.

I see what you're saying about 15, and it definitely wasn't great from start to finish, but I thought it was pretty solid all around. I guess I'm a mark for swerves, so that didn't really bother me (kinda liked it, actually), but I do see what you're saying in that regard. Not sure why, I just remembered it being terrible and then ended up kinda liking it when I watched it again the other night.

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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

WrestleMania 16 is an okay show for me, but I agree with WM 15 being terrible.

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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

WrestleMania 15 was okay. Not great, but heavily supported by a great main event. It's right in the middle for me.

WrestleMania 2000 just wasn't my thing, though. An anticlimactic ending supported by an undercard full of three-ways and matches that could have been great but didn't quite click.

If WM2000 was Rock vs HHH like it should have been, I'd probably have loved it.

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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

I'm ignoring the WrestleMania 2000 part because I agree with you on this one, that simply shows how much the Attitude Era crash TV booking was poorly executed without Russo & Ferrara in the back

So let's talk about WrestleMania XV. I don't know how old you are, if you weren't a fan in the late 90s then it's not a surprise that you don't get it but if you were a fan back then then I'm surprised at your critics when it comes to the nature of the booking of the PPV.

This was just a different era back then, every PPV at that time was booked this way, there was no time for WrestleMania style matches like The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. Hell, if Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels was booked back then for WrestleMania XV we would have a 10 minutes match full of interferences by the Corporation, Ministry and DX instead of a 30 minutes classic match.

It's too easy to sit now in 2014 and tear the Attitude Era matches apart when we have now a different era and a different style.
Maybe these matches and shows back then were maybe not pretty but they were necessary and if you knew that you wouldn't make this thread.
I would take the WrestleMania 25 main event Randy Orton vs Triple H full of swerves, turns, interferences by McMahons and Legacy over the boring Randy Orton vs Triple H classic we had instead anytime
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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

I agree with the OP. Bonus points for mentioning how overrated Angle vs. Benoit vs. Jericho is. Love the Attitude Era but these were not good shows. Rock/Austin and the Triangle Ladder Match are the only things worth seeking out.
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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

I loved WM15 at the time. Rock/Austin is among the great WrestleMania main events. And as a 15 year old, I found the whole card to be thoroughly entertaining.
But I don't think the show holds up over time the way the first few Manias do. I think one of the flaws of the Attitude Era was that shows like Mania kinda lost their mystique. The whole thing was made to look like just another show and not the "Grandest Stage of Them All!" I still think its an entertaining show, though.

As for Wrestlemania 16: Yeah... I thought that show was a piece of crap back when it happened and my opinion hasn't changed. Other than the ladder match, the whole thing was just bad. And I hated the Fatal Four Way. Even back in 2000, I thought it was blasphemy to have a Mania main event not be one-on-one for the title.

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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

I remember being so fucking bummed about WrestleMania XVI as a kid. It was such a letdown, but I can laugh about it now.

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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

Wrestlemania 16 didn't suck in fact it's one of most underrated Wrestlemania's ever. The only problem with WM 16 is that they didn't have many singles matches.
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Re: WrestleMania 15 and 16 sucked

Why did you point out these two Manias? I take 15 over 1,2,4,8,9,11 and 12. WrestleMania 13 will always be great too me because Austin/Bret and some underrated matches.Not really a big fan of 16.

WrestleMania 15 had the third greatest build up to a Mania behind 3 and 5. I even put it above 6(Warrior vs.Hogan).
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