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1. Sting vs Undertaker - I hope he is signed so they could build it for a year with ominous messages and videos from the rafters

2. Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan: submission match - make Angle comeback face and turn him heel where he thinks he is too good to wrestle the card with attacks on favorites then have him reach Bryan and make it happen

3. Roman Reigns v John Cena: wwe title - if wwe can make a super heel by this time throw them in. Until then make it another John Cena "passing the torch match"

4. Bray Wyatt v Randy Orton - if they turn him face they could make him the anti hero who does psychotic stuff on a whim. Low gaming fruit for Bray Wyatt to have him join the group

5. Cesaro v Brock - strongest/ best athlete in the company. I just want to see it happen somehow

6. Seth Rollins v Sheamus: IC Title - make sheamus an IC champ with euro elitism for the belt. Build it up with Rollins wanting it for the people or something cheesy like that

7. Gimmick/ celeb involvement - trying to be pragmatic here

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Re: Wrestlemania 31 ideas

Bryan v. The Rock

Reigns v. Lesnar - WWE Title

Undertaker v. Wyatt

HHH v. Punk

Cena v. Ziggler

Cesaro v. Angle

Rollins v. Zayn - IC Title

Orton v. Ambrose

Paige v. Emma v. Summer Rae - Divas Title

The tag division is a disaster right now. Goldust said he is done wrestling after Summerslam. Real Americans will split sooner then later. Shield won't last another year. Los Matadores are a joke. Rybaxel has nothing going for it. Usos are the only legitimate tag team. I don't even think a tag title match makes the card next year. If I am making a card without Punk then it would like about the same. Maybe shift Ziggler into the HHH match or something.
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Re: Wrestlemania 31 ideas

I think part of the problem for projecting WM31 is this.

Lets just say Wyatt beats Cena this year. I don't think there is any chance that the WWE will have Cena lose again next year, unless he faces the Undertaker. It's pretty tough to figure it out. I put Ziggler because I didn't know what to put.

The most obvious match that should happen next year is Undertaker vs. Wyatt. If Sting really does come to the WWE then that can change, but I really doubt it. People have been saying Sting will come in for a long time. Taker v. Wyatt just makes sense.
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Re: Wrestlemania 31 ideas

Cena (c) vs Reigns (RR winner) - WWEWHC
Undertaker vs Sting
Rock vs Brock
Bryan vs Wyatt
Punk vs Ambrose

These are my proposed main matches. I haven't got a clue about the undercard, seeing as it's usually thrown together at the last minute. Maybe something like Jericho vs Rollins, so that he gets a big win like Ambrose & Reigns.

Current Top 5:
1. Dean Ambrose
2. Bray Wyatt
3. Finn Bálor
4. Kevin Owens
5. Seth Rollins
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Re: Wrestlemania 31 ideas

I don't get the Undertaker/Sting match AT ALL. Not sure what the big deal is about it.

WM 31:

Triple H/Reigns
Ambrose/Punk street fight (just a dream match)
Usos/Wyatt Family/Enzo Amore & Cassady in a ladder match

Probably too many "big" matches for one show.

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Re: Wrestlemania 31 ideas

WM 31:

WWE Championship 60 min ironman match-Bryan(c) vs. Corporate Punk

WHC-Angle(c) vs. Cesaro

Beat the streak match-Cena vs. Taker

IC Title-Jericho(c) vs. Rollins

US Title-Rusev(c) vs. Zayn

Triple Threat Tag Title Match-Wyatt Family(c) vs. Uso's vs. The Ascension

Last Man Standing match-Reigns vs. Brock

Grudge match-The Rock vs. Bray Wyatt

2 out of 3 falls grudge match-Ambrose vs. Orton

The Real Futures

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Re: Wrestlemania 31 ideas

Post deleted.

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Re: WrestleMania 31 Predictions

Looks like:
Undertaker vs Sting
and if rock returns, Rock vs Brock

The New Generation
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Re: WrestleMania 31 Predictions

13 Years In The Making (SummerSlam 2002 Rematch

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar

How I would set this one up would be that I would have The Rock make his return during the 2015 Royal Rumble Match with The Rock of course being the odds on favorite and looking like he is well on his way to victory, The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar a man who wasn't even scheduled to be in the Rumble Match comes out during the Royal Rumble Match and gets into the ring brutalizing The Rock turning him inside out with an F-5 laying him out and then Brock picks up Rock and throws him over the top rope eliminating him. Then the night after the Rumble Rock basically calls out Brock and then from there you can have Brock lay out Rock for the second straight night to set up this match. Then you could bring up their history from 2002 when they last faced one another at SummerSlam 2002 when Brock was a rookie and Rock was a veteran but now that they are both box office sensations it makes sense for this match to happen.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena (c)

Cena would be WWE World Heavyweight Champion coming into this with Bryan of course winning the 2015 Royal Rumble Match enduring over an hour of hell with Bryan as the #1 entrant outlasting 29 other superstars becoming only the 3rd man in history to win the Rumble from the #1 entry. Cena of course would have been champion since SummerSlam 2014 and then you can build up this match as a real kicker in the sense that the last time these 2 ever were in the ring together was SummerSlam 2013 where Bryan beat Cena and then Cena wondering if he has what it takes to beat Bryan to retain his title.

Roman Reigns vs Triple H (Grudge Match)

How I would build up this match? Reigns of course would be the powerhouse babyface here in this rivalry with Triple H being the clear heel with this feud starting at Survivor Series more or less with Reigns standing up to the authority figure that being Triple H and Triple H doing everything humanly possible to keep Reigns from becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion throwing obstacle after obstacle in his way but Reigns always managing to destroy whoever Triple H puts in front of him until Triple H decides to take matters into his own hands basically eliminating Reigns from the Rumble in a sneak attack like similar to what Kane did to Punk but then Reigns in the Elimination Chamber is well on his way to victory when Triple H's cronies end up distracting Reigns long enough for Triple H to somehow get into the Chamber sledgehammer and all hitting Reigns with it

Batista vs CM Punk (Grudge Match)

How I would set this one up would be that I would have CM Punk somehow cost Batista a chance at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and in retaliation Batista ends up brutalizing Punk to the point where he puts Punk on the shelf and we don't see Punk until the Royal Rumble Match where he makes a shocking return while Batista is in the ring Punk makes a beeline for him and he ends up eliminating Batista and himself from the Rumble Match where their brawl has to be broken up by officials and then Punk saying he came back because he wants Batista to know what it's like to be on the shelf

Streak Match (23-0 or 22-1)

Undertaker vs Sting

This is the dream match that everyone wants to see so why not make it happen? And not to mention you would have the biggest build-up in history towards it and not to mention both of these men are practically mirror images of each other both delve in the supernatural so why not capitalize off of it

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton (Grudge Match)

Of course Orton would be the tweener in this feud going on face with this match just solidifying his face turn going up against Bray Wyatt with Orton feuding with the Wyatt Family specifically Bray Wyatt who loves to play mind games with Orton being the master of mind games himself, a game of one-upmanship between these 2 with Orton going up against WWE's top heel and with Wyatt at this point he would be 1-0 at WrestleMania after last year beating Cena in his first Mania match, can Bray become 2-0 by beating Orton?

2nd Annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal

That way everyone gets a spot on the card and considering that I think the Andre the Giant Battle Royal should be held at every WrestleMania from now on that the 2nd one you can just build it up maybe even have a shocking return from Y2J himself, Chris Jericho who makes a shocking return during the Andre the Giant Battle Royal as a participant

WWE Divas Championship (Fatal 4-Way)

Tamina Snuka (c) vs AJ vs Natalya vs Paige

Just as a good filler match here but at the same time you would have 4 of the best divas single-handedly in the division going at it over the WWE Divas Championship and of course Tamina her title reign in serious jeopardy because I would have her come in as champion heading into this match having to defend her title not only against 1 diva, not 2 divas, but 3 divas which puts her at a distinct disadvantage

WWE Hall of Fame Class 2015

Rikishi (inducted by his sons The Usos)
"Big Daddy Cool" Diesel Kevin Nash under his Diesel gimmick (inducted by Shawn Michaels)
The Honky Tonk Man (inducted by The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart)
Rick Rude (inducted by Jake "The Snake" Roberts)
Cyndi Lauper (Celebrity Wing) (inducted by Hot Rod "Rowdy" Roddy Piper)
Chyna (inducted by Chris Jericho)
The Hart Foundation (Bret, Owen, Bulldog, Neidhart) (inducted by Natalya)
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Re: WrestleMania 31 Predictions

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes - they havent done a proper feud & they had so much history. from cody's debut match to legacy to cody's last match before the return.

Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose - I was really hoping for a CM Punk/Dean Ambrose feud after The Shield/CM Punk storyline but since he left it wont happen. But Ambrose as face in this feud? I always see him as a heel.
Kane or Triple H or Batista *if he stays* vs Roman Reigns
Intercontinental Championship
If Big E vs Dolph Ziggler happens: Ziggler wins.
Seth Rollins can start a feud with Zigger. 2 of the best sellers in the WWE = great matches.
Divas Championship
If Tamina wins the title:
Naomi vs Tamina
Nikki Bella vs Tamina

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