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29 Favorite Moments at 29 WrestleManias (Chrono Order))

Just did this cuz I'm bored, but being that this is WM season, why the hell not? This is my fave moments from WM. I just picked 29 for obvious reasons. Would like to see what others would pick as their fave moments too.

Hogan bodyslams Andre. (WM III)

Randy Savage wins his first WWF Championship. (WM IV)

The Former Mega Powers Collide! (WM V)

Bobby Heenan slaps Andre, gets giant bitch slapped. (WM VI)

The Ultimate Warrior defeats Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship. (WM VI)

Randy Savage defeats Ric Flair for the WWF Championship. (WM 8)

Bret defeats Piper for the Intercontinental Championship. (WM 8)

Bret Hart wins WWF Championship. (WM X)

Owen beats Bret clean. (WM X)

HBK wins his first WWF Championship. (WM XII)

The Undertaker wins the WWF Championship. (WM 13)

Bret vs. Stone Cold...GOAT match and epic double turn. (WM 13)

Austin wins his first WWF Championship. (WM XIV)

The Undertaker defeats Kane. (WM XIV)

Stone Cold defeats Rock for his third WWF Championship. (WM XV)

Edge & Christian, Dudley Boyz & the Hardyz, Epic Ladder Matches. (WM 2000 & X7)

Austin sells out to Vince. (WM X7)

Hogan hulks out to The Rock. (WM X8)

Double A takes down the Dead Man. (WM X8)

Roddy Piper returns to attack Hogan. (WM XIX)

The Rock finally defeats Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. (WM XIX)

Chris Benoit wins the World Heavyweight Championship. (WM XX)

Edge wins the first (and best) Money in the Bank match. (WM XXI)

The Undertaker defeats Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. (WM 23)

HBK ends Ric Flair's WWE career. (WM 24)

CM Punk wins MITB...twice. (WM XXVIII & WM XXV)

The Undertaker retires HBK. (WM XXVI)

The Rock costs John Cena the WWE Championship. (WM 27)

Superkick/Pedigree almost breaks the Streak. (WM 28)

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Re: 29 Favorite Moments at 29 Wrestlemanias (Chrono Order))

This should be fun. I'm going with stuff I enjoyed. Not necessarily what is famous or WWE tells us we should like.

III- King Kong Bundy elbow drops a midget
III- Danny Davis scores the pin in a 6 man tag
IV- Demolition beats Strike Force for the tag team titles
V- Martel turns on Tito, allowing the Brainbusters to score an easy win over Strike Force
VI- Hogan vs. Warrior. I couldn't stand either guy but still thought this was the biggest, most epic thing in the world.
VII- Warrior talks to the hands!
VIII- "What the hell, use the bell!"
VIII- Flair & Perfect's postmatch promo
IX- Double Doinks!
X- Owen pins Bret!
X- Michaels. Razor. A ladder.
XII- Undertaker survives the jacknife en route to defeating that jerk, Diesel.
XIII- Bret Hart wins while making Austin bleed buckets. Take that, jackasses!
XIV- Foley & Funk beat those punkass New Age Outlaws (illegal dumpster ass!)
XIV- Taker survives several Tombstone en route to turning back his toughest challenge yet in the form of his monstrous brother, Kane.
16 & 17- The Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz matches made HBK/Razor look like a walk in the park.
17- The last few minutes of Shane vs. Vince. It was downright Pitbulls vs. Raven & Richardsesque the way all these culminated here.
18- Undertaker vs. Flair with Arn hitting the super stealth GOAT spinebuster on Taker and Flair sandbagging the Last Ride so Taker could finish him off properly with a Tombstone.
19- Jericho's god-level heeling on Michaels
19- The image of a bloody, crazy-faced Vince looking like some sort of demented horror movie monster.
20- Benoit wins the title in the GOAT 3 way. Best part of the match was HHH blocking HBK's attempted tap out.
20- The 'boot' finish of Eddie vs. Angle. One of my favorite finishes ever.
21- Michaels vs. Angle
21- MITB for Benoit great arm selling and Shelton's crazy dive
22- Edge spears Foley through a flaming table
22- Triple H with the GOAT entrance
23- Undertaker and Batista exceeding everybody's expectations
23- Michaels piledriving Cena on the steel stairs causing Johnny Boy to bleed
24- "I'm sorry. I love you."

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Re: 29 Favorite Moments at 29 WrestleManias (Chrono Order))

(The most controversial moment in WWF history)

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