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WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

why does everyone on here seem to hate it? I liked it.
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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

WrestleMania 29 was awful.

We got Fandango going over Chris Jericho for no reals reason other than to serve Vince McMahon's ego (where is Fandango now?), we got Mark Henry go over Ryback in a pointless decision that then led to Ryback turning heel and losing all momentum he had ever had, Jack Swagger AGAIN being pushed out of literally nowhere to come back, win the Elimination Chamber and then compete for the world title at WrestleMania, and two massive DUD matches in Lesnar/HHH and Rock/Cena 2. Then to top it off we had the show close out with Cena as WWE Champion, a sight we've seen for nearly every year since 2006.

The only saving grace was CM Punk vs Undertaker, which should've been the main event and been for the WWE Title in a title vs. streak match.
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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

I agree with you.Except HHH vs Brock Lesnar every other match was entertaining and worth the money.

People hate this Mania because of this:

THE ROCK: The biggest star and draw of pro-wrestling industry EVER.

1. Holds the record of drawing most arenas with 10,000+ attendance on top in one calendar year. [Broke Hogan's(1986) and Austin's(1998) record in 1999 and set a record of headlining over 100 shows with 10,000 plus people in attendance in year 2000. A box-office drawing record that is unsurpassed till date.]

2. Holds the record of main-eventing almost 17 PPVs that have got over 500k buys. Over 80% of the PPVs he main-evented drew over 400k buys. As a PPV headliner no one is even close.

3. Drew the highest cable ratings during the AE(real quartely segments not over-run). Took ratings to heights never before seen in 2000.

4. Sold more merchandise than anyone active(Austin) between mid 1999-2001.
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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV


I'm usually a lot more open minded than a lot of people on here, but going into WM29 i honnestly felt very little excitment.

Seeing Rock vs Cena rematch didn't have much appeal, bc it was FOR the title, with Rock champion. NO WAY Rock would have won and kept the title, which made it too predictable. What they should have done is:

- Make it NOT for the title, so at least there's a possibility of Cena losing
- or much, much more: Add CM Punk, to make it a triple threat, Punk vs Rock vs Cena. Considering the history of the 3 the previous 12 months, it's definately something that would have sold.

Lesnar vs HHH....are you fucking kidding me? They had just fought last year! You bring Lesnar back, who no one really expected to see back in WWE, and you waste his WM appearance on a rematch? If he has to do rematches, do it outside of mania. His mania feuds should be fresh. Brock should have faced Taker.

Taker vs Punk was a good match, but for some reason i wasn't personally nearly as invested in it as most ppl seem to be. I also didnt like the feud going into it, and i HATED the "qualifying match" Punk had to win to get to face taker. it took away from the mystique.

I honnestly dont remember much of the undercard. I know for a fact none of the undercard had me super excited though - match quality may have been ok, but going into the event i wasn't really excited by any of it. In comparison, this year, some of the undercard matches that people have suggested include Rey vs Sin Cara, Shield vs Wyatts, Cody vs Goldust, or Cody/Goldust in Tag Team turmoil/elimination against other tags for titles...if any of these matches are on the undercard this year, they would have me seriously pumped.

So, to sum up. I do think the build to WM29 was horrendous, and the event was also quite bland.
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Really too good to wrestle in front of all you pricks.
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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

A WRESTLEMANIA should not be described as a "solid" PPV. It's got to be a GREAT PPV. That's the point. It's supposed to be WrestleMania, not Fully Loaded.

29 basically boils down into being a PPV headlined by two rematches no one really wanted to see, one with an ending that we knew about a year in advance and a laughable build to both that didn't even bother to hint at a different outcome. It had a few decent undercard matches, with one great match (Taker/Punk).

29 was a decent PPV, but an awful WrestleMania.

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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

It was a solid PPV, it was just a sub-par Wrestlemania.

- The Shield match was a bit underwhelming from what we had seen previously from The Shield
- Jericho/Fandango was okay, but with Jericho I think I was hoping to be surprised and think it was better than okay
- I don't think anyone was interested in seeing HHH/Lesnar again
- Rock/Cena II was worst than the first one IMO, it had half of the atmosphere because Cena was winning it from day 1 and we'd seen it all before
- Punk/Taker was actually very good and I believe saved the show as Taker has done many times before
- It lacked that Wrestlemania 'feel'. There was an awful lot of them bigging themselves up and saying 'this is how great we are, this is who we are helping, this is how ethical our company is' because there was a mass audience watching. That meant there was no time for any backstage segments or special appearances that Wrestlemania usually gets. Those segments are fun and I missed them at Wrestlemania 29.
- I also feel that this year the open stadium particularly took away from the atmosphere in the crowd. It hasn't been too much of a problem in previous years but I felt it was a bit more noticeable at WM 29.

The rest is obviously forgettable to me. I will say that I don't think it helped following Wrestlemania 28 which was actually a pretty good Wrestlemania that was better than a lot of people thought it was going to be. Even the less hyped matches like Rhodes-Show and Kane-Orton were very decent.

Again, it was still one of the best PPV's of the year, but obviously Wrestlemania is judged, as it should be, on another level.

Originally Posted by Rocky Mark
it seems that some people here only know how to complain

punk wins the title at mitb, complain
triple h returns , complain
zack ryder gets a role that garuntees he'll be on tv on a weekly basis , complain
punk goes over cena AGAIN , complain
kevin nash returns , complain
jennifer aniston gives you a blow job , complain
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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

Except Punk-Taker, everything was average or worse. del Rio vs Swagger, HHH vs Brock, Cena/Rock 2
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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

Even Undertaker couldn't save Wrestlemania 29 from being awful.It felt like watching a B-level PPV.

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No it wasn't, it was a complete utter shit show disappointment.

Shied vs Sheamus, Orton, Show: it was OK, but there have been quite a few better shield matches.

Jericho vs Fandango: Nothing special at all and a waste of Chris Jericho

Henry vs Ryback: Absolutely terrible

Del Rio vs Swagger: worst WHC match in WM history

Ziggler Langston VS Kane and Bryan: was somewhat good, but nothing memorable

Undertaker vs Punk: Only good thing on the show, but this was highly predictable.

Brock vs HHH: The worst of their series by far.

Rock vs Cena: This one doesn't even come close to being as good as they're first match. Seemed like they didn't even care, and the countering of the finishers were ridiculously repetitive.

When the crowd boos your main event ending that says something right there. Just a very poorly booked mania, that actually could have been GREAT with all the star power they had. Just a mess.

I would say this WM is a top 7 WORST OF ALL TIME.

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)

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Re: WrestleMania 29 was a solid PPV

I was there and loved the experience, but the booking was terrible. I expected a much better card and outcomes. Terrible decisones were made in that ppv.
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