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Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

Before I get into anything, saying that Wrestlemania 27 is the worst ever is not accurate, as different strokes for different folks. I alone can not speak of any Wrestlemania before 15. As I have not seen any of them previous to that. From 15 on, 27 is definitely a contender for the worst out of that group. In my opinion, it is the worst out of that group.

Let's get started.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Looking over the Wrestlemania card, it makes sense on why this match opened the show. all though at the time, we would have never guessed that this match was going to open the show. At the time, it was a nice surprise and we were all delighted and it got everyone pumped up for Wrestlemania. I'm going to assume they opened the show with this to ease the blow of the next couple shitty matches.

As soon as the match was over, people were still getting settled into being at fucking Wrestlemania and with the WHC "supposedly" being one of the top two titles, I know that if I was looking forward to the match, I would feel like there wasn't really anything left to look forward to on the show.

Backstage Shit

The backstage segments were pushed so hard it made it blaintly obvious the WWE wanted to show off the fact that they were able to grab Snoop Dogg for the event. This is upseting because a match like Bryan/Sheamus was bumped off of the main show all together, I am assuming to make room for the backstage segments at Wrestlemania.

Jerry Lawler/Michael Cole

Michael Cole did a hell of a job as portraying a heel character, as weeks leading up to Wrestlemania there were many times I muted my television. I genuinely hatd him.With Cole capitalizing on a transcendent heel persona, history and logic dictates that all those heelish actions would be paid off with a comprehensive beat down at the hands of Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania 22.

As opposed to booking an actual squash of a match which would show Jerry Lawler completely destroy Michael Cole, as most expected, WWE allowed Michael Cole to get a fair amount of offense into their Mania match.

All of the factors, such as Cole being a non-athlete in real life, the crowd chanting "boring" at argueably one of the most built up storylines on the card.

This program was a complete and utter waste of Stone Cold Steve Austin and JR returning for commentary.
I don't even want to get into the fuckery of the finish.

Corre Vs. Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Kane, and Santino Marella

Grab some popcorn and beverage before CM Punk/Orton. The fact that this match was on the card is just the face palm of all face palms.


The Punk-Orton feud has received a long time build and was one of the more stabilized matches on the card. This match that was filled with positioning, was killed by the amount of submission holds and lack-luster star power (at the time)

I had high hopes for Punk/Orton given the talent of both performers. However, like WrestleMania 27, this match fell below expectations.


Like many matches, the actual match never lives up to the hype. But this match took it one step further. This match didn't even live up to the promotional video shown before it.

As big of a Miz fan as I am. I would expect him to hold the title maybe in the fall. Maybe during B PPV's in between Wrestlemania and Summerslam. Never would I myself put The Miz in the main event of Wrestlemania. To each their own.

The Miz and John Cena put on a C- match that was clunnky and unorganized with no real emotion that usually arises during a Wrestlemania main event.

The Rock

The Rock opening and closing the show really does not need any sort of explanation. A part timer comes in and they act like he is the God of all God and was the complete center of the build to the show, made the DVD cover, headlined the next nights Raw. He decided the finish of the match, they even gave him a special introduction that was played before the main video package to start the show.

Vince, stop riding Dwaynes Cock, please.

Anybody have any other thoughts on why Wrestlemania 27?

best in the world

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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

It was a WrestleMania 28 preview show, which I hope is the first and last time WWE do that.

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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

It was one of the most horribly put together Manias I've ever witnessed. It was so sloppy with WAY too much time dedicated to backstage comedy segments, titles being devalued, and my pick for the worst match in Wrestlemania history in Cole/Lawler. It was just a mess.


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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

WM27 was horrible. I agree with what you said.
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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

It was one of the worst, but def not THE worst. In face, I thought WM 29 this year was worse than 27. 27 had a great Taker/HHH match (best on the card), plus 3 solid as hell matches in Punk/Orton, Del Rio/Edge, and Cody/Rey.

29 had a great Taker/Punk match (best on the card) and......a bunch of garbage.

And then 2, 4, 9, 11, 13, 15, and maaaaybe 16 were all arguably just as bad or worse than 27. So it's clearly not at the bottom, but it's floating around near there.
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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

It was bad. Well decent. Not worst of all time. Felt like a glorifred RAW. Had some cool moments though. I might put it ahead of 29 tbh.

Still dont know why folks have always ben so pissy over Rock being the host that night and having so much focus. It SHOULD have been expected. Apart from you not liking the content I guess but still, people should have expected Rock being a major focus from the moment he returned.

One of WWE's biggest stars came back after 7 years to host the companies biggest event. Damn right, the E was going to give him alot of exposure like that. As a host it was only right for him to have an introduction, segments through the night and a opening promo to hype up the crowd. He did what a host was supposed to do. I guess because it was a first time thing, people reacted that way towards it.

If it was Austin, it would have been the same thing. But I feel that for some reason via double standards, folks wouldn't have a problem with him doing all that host stuff.

With that said, I still think it was unnecessary for a Mania host. As well as the ending that night being terribly done. Would have been better suited for Rock to have hosted RAW as it was supposed to be in 2010.

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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

I liked WM 27, it had some really solid stuff on there. I must be the only person to actually like that show. IMO WM 29 is much worse.

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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

- Sheamus Vs. Bryan was bumped because The Rock got way too much screentime.

- Edge and Del Rio opening the show was an insult to both men.

- was annoyed that Mysterio dressed up as my favorite superhero before jobbing.

- The Corre lost in less than two minutes.

- Instead of going over like the story called for, Punk loses to Orton...again.

- Cole Vs. Lawler went 10 minutes longer than it needed to be and Lawler lost his first WM match.

- Undertaker Vs. Helmsley II was a disappointment.

- Divas Champion Eve Torres had the night off.

- Morrison and Ziggler were wasted in a 3 minute match that ended with Womens Champion Michelle McCool being pinned by Snooki.

- Having arguably the shittest main event in WrestleMania history culminating with Cena losing his first singles match at the event to The Miz of all people.


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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

Cody VS Mysterio and Punk VS Orton were decent.

The rest was shit.
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Re: Why Wrestlemania 27 Was Garb

WM27 was really a big sign that WWE wasn't gonna try that much for good part of the year(from January-May 2011 WWE really didn't try much at all. R-Truth and stuff involving The Rock were really the only big notables for the first few months of 2011)

The build for all WMs until WM26 were all great(WM25-26 most matches didn't live up to the hype,but that's cause the hype for the matches was so good with all the build they did for it) and then WM27 took a huge hit,especially since that began the trend of the part timers.

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