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Trying to understand Orton's popularity

I think I get it. He's the opposite of Cena in that unlike Cena, who smiles too much and tells bad jokes, orton is expressionless. I guess a sort of anti-hero in that respect. So I was wondering why it is I really don't like orton, when I grew up in the AE. Then it clicked. Because its gone from one patronizing and silly extreme to another: Boring, robotic, charisma-less and dull. Every week feels like groundhog day. Same moves, same expressionless face, the same stare into the camera and that look as if he is concentrating too hard. The difference between Orton and the beloved hero Austin is that Austin actually had a lot of diversity and charisma. Orton doesn't have that. People make it sound like the robotic stance is a 'gimmick' its not. In interviews and stuff he always looks like that. It's just he isn't a very interesting person in real life and so WWE put that 'cold viper' gimmick onto him to excuse it. I watched the 'legend killer' gimmick in the latter half of 07. I don't know why people have such fond memories. The only difference was that Boreton started punting people in the head, and had crappy matches with overweight legends. If that is the idea of a great heel today then I surely have been spoiled by the AE.

His matches are horrendous. I have always found his matches horrendous. They are slow and insultingly repetitive. He will probably say he does it on purpose because he's trying to avoid injuries or he's trying to be 'methodical'. That doesn't excuse the same match week in week out. Same old DDT for the thousand time. Cena gets a lot of criticism from the fans and rightfully so. He is paid very highly. Alienates a lot of fans. He's an average wrestler at best. Very repetitive. Can't perform the monkey flip or a hurricarana correctly but you know what? When it comes to the big stages, and when partnered with somebody great, he can put on an entertaining story. For an average wrestler he does have a rather impressive list of matches. His Raw match against HBK in 07. His matches against CM Punk etc. When it comes to Boreton I can't think of any matches that I would call top draw. Maybe his match with Foley almost a decade ago? Thats being generous.

In short: Boreton is the opposite of Cena but that may not be necessarily a good thing. Atleast Cena gets criticism. Orton seems immune. It seems that his looks/physique seems to compensate for his either average wrestling skills or a lack of effort.

Anyway bring it on!

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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

Agree in his matches being boring, but only while he was a heel. Since his face turn his in-ring work has been very solid in my opinion.

Also another key is his character. As a heel he was a psycho bastard and you know "the IWC" love heels that much. And as a face he's a ruhtless and cold badass in a world where faces are always smiling goody-two-shoes bland guys, so he's acclaimed as one.

By the way, I love Kane.

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You again? Smh

Orton/Kane WM
Orton/Kane ER
Orton/Ziggler NOC
Team Orton vs team ziggler

All good matches in 2012 ^

Also have you seen the epic Orton/Christian matches? All great.

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)

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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

Natural charisma and great in ring work for a great portion of his career. It's not that hard to understand. Hell, I can't stand The Rock in the slightest and I believe almost everything he does is complete garbage but I won't deny his popularity due to just how damn charismatic he is.

Orton has natural charisma and the "look". It also doesn't hurt that he has that awesome finisher that can be hit on anybody from anywhere.

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady

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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

orton has a look but thats it, i used to like him but christ he can be a bore..
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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

Personally, I'm not a huge Orton fan post Evolution days, but people love him because of the intensity he brings. the RKO (Diamond Cutter) is an amazing finisher and when I was at Elimination Chamber last month, the crowd went ape-shit when he hit it. As much as I don't really like him, his matches are always entertaining.

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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

Orton is as over as he is because he was major during the ruthless aggression era. With the Evolution, Legend killing, Rated RKO and then even legacy was quite a success. He works better in groups because he isnt great on the mic but his matches are usually quite good, mainly because you usually because the RKO can be hit from almost any position.

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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

I think I am more baffled at the amount of hate this guy receives in these sort of places.

I thought great in the ring = automatic IWC approval. What ever happened to that idea?
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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

He is charismatic, unique, and in a roster full of generic FCW clones, he stands out as your not-so common babyface. On top of that, he's been in the business for a long time, and has a legacy and reputation of his own, so that obviously helps.
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Re: Trying to understand Orton's popularity

The reason he's popular is because people recognize his talent. He is not like anyone else in the roster because smarks can appreciate his in-ring abilities and natural charisma in how well he can play any role he's given while females drool over his looks and kids like a hero that does not mind getting "dirty" instead of the generic Hustle, Loyalty & Respect shit that Cena preaches all the time.
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