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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

Never actually seen Main Event but probably going to start next week with Cesaro and Kingston. I see results for Main Event and the fact that they actually give matches time fills me with glee. They gave Cena vs. Sandow 20 minutes. If that match took place during Raw or Smackdown I would be shocked if it lasted over 5. Cesaro is phenomenal and his uppercuts are a thing of beauty. Having him work with a smaller guy like Kingston opens things up for a real violently awesome uppercut at some point. Oh and the work is probably going to be top notch throughout the 20+ minute encounter. Plus its champion vs. champion which should be rather nifty.
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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

Niiice show!

Sandow was god.
His vid wasn't as good as expected, while Cesaros little thing was awesome.
The match was nice, but the end was very clumsy executed.
Sandows letter was fantastic.
Cesaro/Ryder match was very nice, too.

Everything Sandow did:
Everything Cesaro did:

Cesaro's elbows are magnificent. And with a guy like kofi kingston, jumping around during the match, you know you're gonna get some nasty ones.

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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

I watched Main Event only because Damien Sandow was there, DAT DRAWING POWER

Really good match. It was obvious that Cena was going to win, but Damien looked good in the match (BTW, I love the way Sandow kicks his opponents, looks so brutal and visious). Those two guys will main event PPVs in 2014, mark my words.

Also, that promo was awesome, as expected from Intellectual Savior.
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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

5/10 for Main Event. Nothing special but not a bad show overall I guess. Was expecting more from the main event but they really didn't deliver. Also, did Sandow really need to do 4 cartwheels in the match? He really overdid it. Cesaro vs Ryder was probably the best match but that isn't saying much. The European uppercut off of Ryder's springboard crossbody to the outside was a great spot though. Eh, average show at best.

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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

This was a great show IMO. Sandow was gold as usual, and put up a great fight against Cena. Cesaro-Ryder was good too. Dem uppercuts were simply BRUTAL!!

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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by Magsimus View Post
Regarding the quick tap out, when Orton tapped out immediately to Cena in the Iron Man match they kept going on about how smart he was by avoiding injury etc. Same situation.

Cesaro is the man.
Yeah but no one buys for a minute that Cena's shitty STF could injure anyone, thats why it seems stupid. The guy doesn't even know how to apply it the right way, he always looks likes he Hugging their head.

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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

I thought it was a decent show, but nothing special at all. Cena/Sandow was a decent match. Sandow worked really well on this one, but i was expecting more from this match, but it was good anyway.

Cesaro/Ryder was decent aswell. Dat uppercut's from Cesaro are so badass.. This guy has a brilliant future on this company with the right booking. I hope WWE don't waste Sandow's talent aswell.

6/10 on this show. I'm also looking forward to see Kofi/Cesaro next week.


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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

Nothing amazing or groundbraking happened,but I liked the show nonetheless. The four of them (Sandow,Cena,Cesaro,Ryder) are good in-ring workers and could have pulled better matches if given the chance.

Let's just hope WWE doesn't fuck up in the future Sandow and Cesaro.
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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

Good edition this week. Really got into Cena/Sandow. Finish wasn't ideal, although I'll live. Another big time bout for Sandow, while John-boy continued his awesome string of matches this week.

Cesaro gets a near 6 minute showcase vs Zack Ryder too? Stellar. Enjoyed that. Cesaro is the man. lol @ grouping him with trash like Kingston. Hopefully Cesaro will bring out whatever best Kofi has. Could be tough.

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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

I'm really interested to see how they book the Kingston/Cesaro match. Both are title holders, and I think it's important to keep both men looking solid. It's just so easy for me to assume that Kingston will do the job, but I think the WWE has to be creative about it. Cesaro losing to Kingston wouldn't surprise, but at the same time I can't put that past the WWE creative team. I enjoyed how Cesaro was booked vs Sheamus, and so I hope not to see him booked horribly vs Kingston. I wouldn't mind seeing Kingston win with Cesaro's foot on the rope unknown to the referee. If Cesaro should win, I would expect the match to be stopped with Kingston suffering a concussion, and being knocked out.
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