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Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

This happened on RAW but they're both Smackdown wrestlers so I decided to put it here.

By the way Sandow brought up that he finally found someone smart enough to talk in Rhodes seems like a good indication they're gonna team up
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Their intro and dual promo was great IMO. I loved it.
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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

Originally Posted by wwecruz View Post
Their intro and dual promo was great IMO. I loved it.
This. Best thing Rhodes has done in a while.

I found it hilarious when Sandow was laughing at Cody making fun of Brodus and Sin Cara and the crowd in great cheap heat fashion as they were walking down the ramp. Sandow's first tag team match in the WWE so far, and it was a good one. I wasn't bothered by the result, it was predictable. Brodus and Sin Cara needed wins from their recent losses and Sandow didn't get pinned so he remained credible and is still undefeated in singles competition.
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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

I loved it. Big fan of both Sandow and Rhodes. Glad they got to team.

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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

I love this as well, looking forward to the their future.
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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

If this is a one off, fine. Otherwise, I don't know why you're so happy. The last thing that needs to happen is killing Sandow's momentum by not only putting him in a tag team, but putting him in a tag team with a guy who loses as much as Rhodes and is as directionless as Rhodes. At least the right man took the pin, but considering Sandow and Cody are 2 future top heels and Brodus and Sin Cara are destined to never do anything of substance, it was stupid that they won. Only in WWE.

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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

They made a pretty good team, the promo made me laugh, mostly because of Sandow's face whilst Cody was making fun of Clay, he literally has everything down to a tee.

The wrong team won in my opinion, I understand why they did but still, from an entertainment and long term standpoint, the wrong team won.

I don't want to see them as a fully fledged tag team as the WWE tag division is a career killer. I certainly won't oppose them often teaming up against common enemies though, similar to what Rhodes did with Barrett last year. By the way, how many times did we see a variation of Orton/Sheamus/Show vs. Barrett/Cody/Christian last year, it was ridiculous.

I realise where they're going and that WWE will push Roman Reigns straight to the top. However for me, Dean Ambrose is by far the most talented in that group and I think eventually if they just give him the spotlight then he's going to shine. As soon as he touches a mic everyone else can just sit down as he's magic on it. So It remains to be seen, I think they're all talented but to me Dean was the star of that group. I think Roman looks like the star of that group but I don't think he's nearly as talented as Dean.

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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

I don't think that Rhodes/Sandow are a permanent tag team. They just teamed up because WWE wanted to progress two feuds at once. Both are very much still singles wreslers with seperate feuds.

WWE does seem to want to group up more people though. There's more permanent tag teams and more divas working with Superstars. Since it gets more people seen, it's probably a good idea.
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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

Can we call them Rhodes Scholar?

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Re: Rhodes and Sandow. YES YES YES!

Barring D-Bryan, they're the two best on the roster. Both of them seem to have no direction so pairing them up wouldn't be too bad. I wouldn't mind seeing them win the tag title belts.
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