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Classic N64 Wrestling Games: Who Are Your Champions

Going old school here, but I recently pulled out my old N64 and started playing the classic AKI/THQ games that are pretty much celebrated by fans as the best wrestling games ever made: WCW & nWo Vs. The World, WCW/nWo Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, & WWF No Mercy.

It has been a blast replaying these old games. It brings back so many great memories, but I thought it'd be cool to go into a particular detail about Revenge & No Mercy.

In those games, you can play through the one player modes and ultimately make members of the roster your designated champions. You can do it with World & Wrestlemania too, but the champs aren't on display in World, and the belts defended in Exhibition are made up by the players.

So looking at Revenge & No Mercy, who are your saved champions. Mine are fairly straight forward, but I am wondering if there are any weird answers among you guys.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg = He was the hot shit at the time, and he was a ton of fun to play in the game.

WCW United States Champion: Diamond Dallas Page = Master of the Diamond Cutter! BANG!

WCW Television Champion: Raven = Because he was cool.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chris Jericho = Because he was the best CW Champion in WCW history, in my humble opinion.

WCW Tag Team Champions: The Hart Foundation = This is a weird one I guess since Bret & Jim weren't used as a team in WCW, but at the time, WCW didn't have much of a tag division. I felt like my options for a legit team were Harlem Heat, some combo of nWo or Flock members, or this nostalgic pick, The Hart Foundation. I went for nostalgia.

For No Mercy

WWF Heavyweight Champion: The Rock = Like Goldberg in 98, to WWF in 2000, Rock was the hot shit, so no shock there.

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho = A Champ in the best games for both companies? HA!

WWF European Champion: Kurt Angle = One half of being the Euro-Continental Champion. I guess I should go back and do a Jericho/Angle feud over both belts, ha ha.

WWF Hardcore Champion: Cactus Jack = Because Cactus is the king of Hardcore, so why not?

WWF Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian = Because they reek of awesomeness!

WWF Women's Champion: Lita = Because there are only two good girls to play in the game: Her & Chyna. Everybody else is just limited to slaps and hair pulls (Trish wasn't good yet). And to be honest, Lita was cooler.


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Re: Classic N64 Wrestling Games: Who Are Your Champions

Revenge was my game of choice as well. I probably played every character extensively, such was the depth on that roster.
I love your retro tag team selection of the Hart Foundation. I also liked to use them.
Some other retro tag team options I liked (some are obvious, and some are immitation's of historical teams):
Faces of Fear
Harlem Heat
Steiner Bros.
Mega Powers
Hennig & Hall
The American Males
British Bulldogs II (Davey Boy Smith & Chris Benoit)
Colossal Connection II (Meng & the Giant)
Demolition II(Brian Adams & Scott Norton)
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Re: Classic N64 Wrestling Games: Who Are Your Champions

No Mercy

World Champion - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Intercontinental Champion - Tazz

European Champion - Raven

Hardcore Champion - Sabu

Lightheavyweight Champion - Jeff Hardy

Womens Champion - The Kat (in her black criss-cross design underwear dress)

Tag Team Champions - Undertaker & Kane

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Re: Classic N64 Wrestling Games: Who Are Your Champions

I dont remember the champions but I had CAWS like Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightwing, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Guile, Sagat, lots of others hahaha. Good stuff. I also had all the WCW/NWO guys.
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Re: Classic N64 Wrestling Games: Who Are Your Champions

I lent No Mercy to a friend once and it came back with The Rock holding every Championship, including Women's. I think he really liked The Rock.

Oddly enough the Champs I had were roughly the same as yours OP. Although probably with Austin as the Champ as it was the Smoking Skull belt when he had it which was cool as hell. I remember when I first found out about that I just stared at the belt on the screen for a good minute. I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen in a video game. I was a very geeky kid
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