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What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

Thought about asking this in the WWE '13 thread but it might not get as much attention as I'd like it to. And since I'm a mod I though FUCK IT I'LL DO WHAT I WANT and make a thread for it. Because I can. Bitches .

Anywho, I have WWE 2K14 pre-ordered (they made an Undertaker special edition and I couldn't resist . Blame my stupid MAN LOVE FOR THE UNDERTAKER lol), and I was planning on doing my first video game review video. I make videos atm, and I'd like to get started doing games, and I figured a nice transition into game reviews would be to do a wrestling game first. Anyway blah blah blah I want your help with something for it.

My main plan is to focus on the changes/improvements from the previous game, and I would like everyone to list some of the major problems with WWE '13 as well as some minor ones too that they wish could be fixed (doesn't matter if we know some stuff HAS already been fixed based on what we know about 2K14 atm). That way I can have a nice big list of things to look out for and kinda run down the list and see exactly what they HAVE and HAVEN'T done this year, and then that can also help me continue on with 2K15 and beyond and shit.

So problems with WWE '13... GO!

Also, thanks and shit to everyone who helps. To everyone who doesn't... be careful what you post... it's been a while since I banned anyone .
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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

SERVER ISSUES from day one.

1 count bug that they have fixed this year and have claimed it's a new feature
universe mode was incredibly stupid
the loading times after making or downloading a caw
superstar threads could only be used in exhibition mode.
menu music became extremely tedious (not a huge issue)

there are tonnes more. i'll edit them in later

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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

Originally Posted by Ever Wolf View Post
SERVER ISSUES from day one.

1 count bug that they have fixed this year and have claimed it's a new feature
universe mode was incredibly stupid
the loading times after making or downloading a caw
superstar threads could only be used in exhibition mode.
menu music became extremely tedious (not a huge issue)

there are tonnes more. i'll edit them in later
Loverlys, thanks . Though can I just ask (not directed at you specifically, but anyone who posts), can you go into detail with why something is bad? Saying "Universe mode was incredible stupid" doesn't help me .
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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

- Focus of the game (Attitude Era mode) was over far too quickly and if truth be told was incredibly repetitive. Besides a few 'off-script' matches, pretty much every single match featured some combination of Austin/Rock/Undertaker/Mankind/Kane. Alright they were the main players in the AE, but playing as the same 4/5 guys in the same matchups over and over got very tedious indeed. Would have been nice to have some focus on the mid-card instead of it being solely based on the main event.

- Universe mode is utterly silly and just doesn't work. The game makes the same stupid matchups every week and there isn't an awful lot you can do about it; the same 2 wrestlers will have a match every week for 6 months, random pointless triple threats involving a tag team and some other guy (tag team will try to beat each other up) happen all the time, cutscenes are an absolute mess and mean nothing (in tag matches I've had a cutscene of one guy walking out on his partner but then another at the end of the match with them celebrating in the ring together), and if you leave the game long enough (i.e. about a day in real life) the rankings and #1 contendership system just gets farcical, people like Tensai and Jinder will be beating Punk and Cena and going on long championship reigns (Heath Slater once went about 3 years as US champion on my game). You get the picture, it's a mode that on paper looks brilliant but in reality is filled with flaws and just doesn't work.

- Impossible to make lifelike CAWS without the need for spending an eternity pissing around with makeup and putting skin coloured squares over the nose of the wrestler and whatnot.

- No 2-counts. Literally don't think I've ever seen the AI kick out at 2. It's a relatively small thing but incredibly irritating considering how often people do it in real life.

- Servers for the online game mode are made of shit. Takes an age to get on, slow, will disconnect you at the worst times possible. Just all round poor.

All the following is smaller stuff;

- Guy above mentioned the menu music and I've got to agree. Besides the god awful 'Revolution' theme song of the game, every song in the menus is someones entrance music; this doesn't sound too bad, but considering that there's literally only about 6 different songs, yeah, it's annoying. I now despise Evolution's, Brock Lesnar's and in particular Cody Rhodes's entrance themes solely because of how many times I've heard them in this game.

- Some wrestlers 'superstar threads' are really poor and messed up, for example on CM Punk you're bizarrely allowed to edit the colour of his trunks but not the colour of the extremely visible stripes on the side of them, meaning if you wanted to give him a red or green or blue attire you'd be able to do that, you'd just have these massive, ugly, silver blue and orange stripes on the side of his trunks (or whatever colour they are).

- Catch finishers are a good idea but can be a bit of a pain to pull off as the AI never goes to the top rope or onto the apron, meaning if you want to do a catch finisher you've got to position them on the top rope or on the apron, leave them for a few seconds, and just hope that they'll try to attack you instead of just getting back into the ring; the latter happens much, much more than the former.

- Some match types like Steel Cage and Ladder still poor and uninspiring to play. The system with which ladder matches are won is just ridiculous.

There's some more faults which I might edit in later.

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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

Awesome, thanks . Thought the thread was gonna die off with little help lol. Still, MOAR people posting would very much help me .
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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

The submissions have no suspens. You usually know if the opponent is going to tap-out or not from the moment you do your submission

The A.I is too scripted too. You are in a intense match, everything is perfect ... and then, the A.I goes outside to check-out the announce table and then come back on the ring... When they have a finisher, they can be annoying and keep sending you outside instead of just doing the match. And speaking of being outside, they will come back into the ring at 5 everytime. No variations, always 5 and they will do nothing. The referee count 5 and they come back into the ring. They aren't even going to keep you down so you lose by count-out.

The game is too easy, the game basically work on one mechanic, the reversals and in this game, it is too easy to do them, especially at the beginning of the match so you can finish the match without taking any damages.

Mid-air finisher are too easy to do. You don't need a timing, when the opponent is on the rope or on the corner, just spam the finisher button and you will beat him. If you play as a high-flyer or even someone like CM Punk, it's a pain in the ass to be against someone who have them

The wrestlers aren't down long enough. Just doing a move from the ladder is incredibly hard to do

The Falls Count Anywhere or Last Man Standing aren't really fun to do because you can't do them outside, the A.I will usually always send you back on the ring

And also, a bug that wasn't noticed above,the Story Designer doesn't work. You have no sound, you have to play with the same camera during all the match and they didn't included new stipulations like the Special Guest Referee
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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

Some of the problems I had with the game was, of course, server issues & load time. The repetitive music - I would just mute my T.V.
Did anyone else have this problem? Anytime I went online to check out someone's creation, my whole game would reset. All the tag teams, stats, championships. Probably the number one thing that pissed me off.

Many times I would create an arena to use in my Universe, but due to some bug, it wouldn't load & I would have to restart the game, choose another arena to use. Sucks using the RAW arena when you're trying to recreate the late 1980's.

CAWS could have had better skin renders. I'm glad that THQ/Yukes put the colour wheel back in with WWE '13, but the CAWS still look out of place against an already established wrestler.

The more I've played Universe, the more flawed I realized it is. Every week, Bobby Heenan turns against Hennig or Rude or Haku. I don't want my manager to turn against his client.
The Hart Foundation were the number 1 contenders for the tag team titles & in the championship match, The Anvil turned on Bret. ?!
At one point, the top 10 contenders for the WWF Heavyweight title were all tag team partners. Earthquake, Typhoon, Hercules, Paul Roma, Hawk, Animal... Ted Dibiase, Rick Rude & Jake Roberts were all undefeated & not even ranked in the top 20!

As others have pointed out, the same repetitive matches were scheduled week after week after week. Bad programming for the Universe mode.

I'm a CAW creator. Having extra layers was awesome, but I remember reading an interview (Might have been Ledesma) and it was said that the choice was either 100 CAW slots or extra layers & THQ went with more layers. I would have preferred 100 CAWS.

Just too many flaws & bugs for me.

Trust Me
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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

The Attitude Era mode- I didn't mind that the Attitude Era Mode was being the focal point of the game. I was actually excited to play with Attitude Era characters again such as Ken Shamrock, X-Pac, Big Bossman, New Age Outlaws, etc. However, the Attitude Era Mode was incredibly boring and a waste of time. It was fun reliving some of the historic moments that happened during the Attitude Era for the nostalgia but the nostalgia wore off fast. Like another poster said, playing as the same 5-6 guys got old quick. The mode felt like one big history lesson instead of it being fun.

I posted in the WWE 14 thread about what my Attitude Era Mode would have been like:
Originally Posted by Lord Flvcko View Post
Yeah. The Attitude Era mode was boring as hell. It was fun to relive historic moments that happened during the Attitude Era but the nostalgia worn off real quick. They should have done a Monday Night Wars season mode where you create a character who just got fired from WCW and now wants to make a name for himself in the WWF where he helps WWF win the war over WCW. That would have been much more fun.

Universe Mode 3.0- I think they managed to make the Universe Mode much worse than it was in Smackdown vs RAW 2011. If that was the goal, then hats off to them. Seriously, there was the same matches being booked every week, little to no cutscenes showing up, and the #1 contender rankings for the titles didn't make any sense. I thought with Paul Heyman being the helping hand with Universe Mode, that things would improve and the storyline branches would make more sense but that wasn't the case. At all.

Game-play- I've always had a problem with the game-play of the WWE games in that they feel stiff and wonky. WWE 13's game-play was a perfect example of that. The game-play didn't feel as fluid as it did in WWE 12. In fact, I thought WWE 13's game-play was a a huge step backwards from WWE 12's game-play. Even the AI isn't as challenging as it was in WWE 12.

Story Designer Mode- Jeez, will they do SOMETHING with this mode already? I liked that they added in Superstar entrances as a cutscene which was pretty cool but other than that, they haven't done anything with that mode. They should just get rid of it or combine it with Universe Mode as their isn't a need of both modes being two separate modes.

There are other problems with the game like it being way too easy to beat, the bugs, and the shitty servers.

Overall, WWE 13 was average. It wasn't as bad as, say, Smackdown vs RAW 2008 or Smackdown vs RAW 2009 but it was a huge step-down from WWE 12. Just a mediocre game that stopped being fun after my first few weeks of playing it.

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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

AI: I found the AI to be worse than it had been in any WWE game. The AI in HCTP was better than 13. In 13 its just a one sided affair in favor of me the actual player and this is on legendary with slider and attribute edits. Its like THQ couldn't make a legit simulation title unlike other sports games which at least offer default simulation and arcade settings.

Universe Mode: What a joke. This mode has so much potential to be a fun mode but 3 years in and they can't get it right. The matches the computer books are stupid and repetitive and just make no sense whatsoever. The addition of Paul Heyman writing these 200 stories was a joke cos I saw maybe 3 cutscense in my entire time with Universe mode. Also the branching storylines were a waste of time never saw one of those either.

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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

They lied about the branching storylines. It's almost rare to get even one.

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