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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

I agree with some of the above and here is a few things I notice.

The Royal Rumble Match, when you get eliminated and you press to be the next guy, you might not be the next guy but 5 guys down the line. Really annoying when playing with friends.

Elimination Chamber- The referee dont count one. He goes, nothing.....two....three. every time.

Six Man Tag Team Elimination Matches- and this is the one the pisses me off the most. When playing with friends and you eliminate the other person, you figure you would be the legal man in the match. Nope, you end up as the player on the apron so that means your friend or yourself have to fight a cpu. Then once the person finally tags in that cpu he becomes the legal man. If you beat and pin him, then you figure you will end up as the other guy, wrong again. The cpu takes over and you are gone from the match until it is over. Really stupid and it happens every time. As long as it is three vs three, you can tag in anybody and you are that person but once someone is eliminated, it all goes to hell.

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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

Originally Posted by Callamus View Post
Thought about asking this in the WWE '13 thread but it might not get as much attention as I'd like it to. And since I'm a mod I though FUCK IT I'LL DO WHAT I WANT and make a thread for it. Because I can. Bitches .

Anywho, I have WWE 2K14 pre-ordered (they made an Undertaker special edition and I couldn't resist . Blame my stupid MAN LOVE FOR THE UNDERTAKER lol), and I was planning on doing my first video game review video. I make videos atm, and I'd like to get started doing games, and I figured a nice transition into game reviews would be to do a wrestling game first. Anyway blah blah blah I want your help with something for it.

My main plan is to focus on the changes/improvements from the previous game, and I would like everyone to list some of the major problems with WWE '13 as well as some minor ones too that they wish could be fixed (doesn't matter if we know some stuff HAS already been fixed based on what we know about 2K14 atm). That way I can have a nice big list of things to look out for and kinda run down the list and see exactly what they HAVE and HAVEN'T done this year, and then that can also help me continue on with 2K15 and beyond and shit.

So problems with WWE '13... GO!

Also, thanks and shit to everyone who helps. To everyone who doesn't... be careful what you post... it's been a while since I banned anyone .
the one count glitch made the game for me unplayable and it was never patched.
what made me the most angry is Yukes denied it for months until everyone posted video after video of the issue.
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Re: What exactly was wrong with WWE '13?

The one count glitch. So annoying. I have gotten nearfalls before but it's rare. I personally have no problem with the Attitude Era mode other than it was short (didn't include no highlights from 2000 - 01). The Universe Mode is fun if you spend time on developing it and changing the matches but as others have said, it gets repetitive and the cutscenes are always the same. Lesnar - HHH matches always come up on my Universe Mode. You do get some new cutscenes (I got the paramedics cutscene once and the security coming out to stop a brawl) but that's only if you get further. There are also some stupid cutscenes like one time I got ALICIA FOX attacking Triple H. Royal Rumble match is fun but I don't like the random selection when your wrestler gets eliminated. It's better if they just let you choose the wrestlers inside the ring like previous PS2 games. Also, why are there only a maximum of 6 wrestlers in the ring? Didn't Just Bring it have 8 in a Rumble match?

I still think it's a great game (my first wrestling game since SVR 2010 and probably the best game since SVR 2007) with a massive roster and it brings that nostalgic feeling to the game. There are some issues here and there but every game has that. It didn't stop me from enjoying the game.


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