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WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

Taking into account that the roster cut off date for WWE Games the past couple of years has been the last tuesday of April, whichever superstar debuts around that time is likely to be DLC just like last year where Sandow, Ryback, Tensai and Cesaro all debuted in april and ended up being DLC. And with THQ revealing the 2 DLC characters the day off the roster reveal for WWE 13 I thought I'd go ahead and share my wishlist as well as who I actually think is going to be DLC for WWE 2K14 in a video I just posted up as part of my wishlist series.

Who do you guys think will be DLC for WWE 2K14? Of course this is a lot less predictable then the actual roster as they've also put in legends and superstars that have been on the roster for a while as dlc in the past as well but let's see your predictions and once the DLC is announced we can take a look back at this thread and see who got the most right lol
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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

If Bray Wyatt makes it in then fuck everyone else, I'm happy. I got Goldberg, I got 80's Flair, I got Ambrose. I'm good.

Should be in the official thread btw.

I'm not sure if RVD or Axel will be DLC or not since their models can be imported from previous games with only minimal changes needed, but perhaps. Fandango will definitely be DLC. Don't care. Just give me the whole Wyatt Family or just Bray Wyatt himself.

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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

Fandango shouldn't be a DLC. He's been here since freaking march.

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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist


GM Mode
A really good Create a Championship system.

But that won't happen.


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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

Alternate attires for Razor Ramon and Diesel as The Outsiders/nWo. Staple legends like Roddy Piper and Eddie Guerrero. And modern guys like The Wyatt Family. As long as those make it as DLC, I'll be happy.

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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

Wyatt Family
Curtis Axel
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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being this years DLC packs:

DLC Pack 1: Fandango, Curtis Axel, Roddy Piper, and Eddie Guerrero.

DLC Pack 2: Hall and Nash's nWo attires, and updated attires for Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

DLC Pack 3: The Wyatt's, and Rob Van Dam.

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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

For the DLC, I think it's pretty simple. Everybody who debuted after Wrestlemania + some Divas or midcarders who didn't make it + The legends they didn't put like Eddie Guerrero and after, they will probably add some arenas
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Re: WWE 2K14 DLC Predictions/Wishlist

I'd like the Wyatt family to be DLC. They were really hyped up with gives them a chance, but they debuted in July which makes it less likely they will be in.

Tyson Kidd
Eddie Gurrero
Mr Perfect
Too Cool
William Regal
Kassius Ohno
Sami Zayn
Curtis Axel
Curt Hawkins
Kurt Angle

Plus new attires, arenas, moves (if they go down that route again), etc

More of a wishlist, than a prediction.

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