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Re: Stupidest match CPU made in GM Mode

This isn't a match or anything cause I like to make my own.

I picked up 2008 again after having a weird need to play a GM mode. I did the trick where you copy your created characters and disable all the superstars for a week so I could get who I wanted (fun, not trying to cheat or anything)

I had Marcus Cor Von as the World Heavyweight Champion at the start and he was unstoppable. Before every superstar on my roster hit 100 popularity I forced almost everyone into the scene with him.

He has the highest win/loss record - he tied with Edge for a while at something like 38-21, but then Edge went on a MASSIVE losing streak

Anyway, he eventually lost the title and it was traded a few more times and Cena got it. Everyone was at 100 popularity then so I made some rivalries (I thought they were seriously necessary...) and Cena would constantly defeat everyone in their matches and put them out of the power 25 so they couldn't have their title match...

This went on for probably 6-8 months game time until I just forced a fatal four-way match because him being champ was pissing me off lol.

A little more on topic, every single elimination chamber or royal rumble, or even cross-brand matches I simulated I lost to a 40-something total stat guy. Every time.

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Re: Stupidest match CPU made in GM Mode

Originally Posted by Daiko View Post
Zack Ryder vs The Undertaker. I simmed it and Ryder fucking won... Rage like that has not been seen since.
Book it for WM 30....
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Re: Stupidest match CPU made in GM Mode

Another few for you on WWE 13.

Triple threat of Undertaker v Santino v Sin Cara. With Sin Cara beating Taker.

Divas title not changing hands for 2 straight years. Held by Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H on a 12 PPV match losing streak. 6 of them to Zack Ryder.

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Re: Stupidest match CPU made in GM Mode

WWE 13 Universe mode with Caws is horrible, they gain points and momentum like crazy and start screwing everything up, so here are a few golden matches I had to play through:

D-Von Dudley vs. Ryback in an Inferno Match
Kane vs. Steve Blackman in a random Hell in a Cell match
Hogan vs. Zack Ryder for the IC Title at SummerSlam
Sting vs. Bubba Ray Dudley in a TLC match
Kevin Nash vs. Big Show in a Ladder Match (that one was great)
Ryback vs. Hogan for the WHC in a Tables match

And they all just keep interfering in each others matches or ambush you afterwards, Goldust is brutal and just laid Goldberg out for 4 months, shortly after that he beat the shit out of Big Show with a steel pipe. D-Von attacks Bubba and they start a feud which ended in Cena and Bubba vs. D-Von and Khali for the tag titles.

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Re: Stupidest match CPU made in GM Mode

Originally Posted by TheGoat View Post
Cena and Bubba vs. D-Von and Khali for the tag titles.
I think that takes the cake for the most bizarre tag team feud possible
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Re: Stupidest match CPU made in GM Mode

in svr 2008 i love when they do 3-1 handicap match with the 1 is a diva against kane king booker and marcus cor von and the diva won is really funny but at the same time stupid
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